Top 10 Cities In The UK Who Love Anime More Than Anybody Else |
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Top 10 Cities (Or Villages) In The UK Who Love Anime More Than Anybody Else

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The motherland of Anime is Japan. And we all know that. Nobody could possibly love Anime more than the Japanese themselves.

After all, it’s ingrained into their culture and way of life compared to Western society.

But that doesn’t mean the UK doesn’t have hardcore Anime.

After doing some research with Google Trends, these are the top 20 cities in the UK that love Anime the most.

Even though these statistics may not be comprehensive, they’re relevant.

Remember, Google processes billions of searches on a daily basis, and a portion of those searches are for British Anime fans.

With that being said, let’s get to it.

Here’s a list.


1. Burnham, Buckinghamshire

Top 20 Cities In The UK Who Love Anime And Otaku Culture

Burnham comes in at 1st place on the list of top UK Anime fans.

Surprising when you realize Burnham is a village and not a big city.


2. Barking, London

Barking London |


3. Southall, West London

Southall West London |


4. Gillingham, Kent

Gillingham Kent |


5. Rainham, East London

Rainham East London |


6. Walsall, West Midlands

Walsall West Midlands |


7. Harlow, Essex

Harlow |


8. Bromley, South East London

Bromley South East London |


9. Birmingham

birmingham 1 |


10. Glenmavis, Scotland

glenmavis scotland |


sub region uk anime interest cities |

What other Top UK Cities would you add who loves Anime?


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