52 Anime Quotes About Working Hard That Will Change Your Perspective

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Written by Theo J Ellis

You hear it all the time, no matter which part of the world you’re from.

  • Work hard.
  • Hard work pays off.

And any variation of the words above.

I’m not here to debate whether it’s true or not.

I’m just here to share the best anime quotes about working hard.

Many of which tackle the concept of “working hard” from different points of views and perspectives. To give you something to think about.

And maybe some added motivation and purpose to your life.


The Greatest Anime Quotes About Hard Work:


Hachiman Hikigaya Quotes

Hachiman Hikigaya Quotes

“Working hard alone doesn’t assure you that you’ll achieve your dreams. Actually there are more cases where you don’t. Even so, working hard and achieving something is some consolation at least.” – Hachiman Hikigaya


Hachiman Hikigaya Quotes 1

“Marriage, the institution where one’s existence goes to die. All married people prattle on about their so-called marital bliss about how they love saying “I’m home!” to their spouses, or how seeing their sleeping kids motivates them for tomorrow. But think about it: you can say “I’m home!” if you live your parents, you can even buy some mouthwash and say “I’m home!” to the hippos on the label. And if they’re talking about seeing their sleeping kids, that just means they’re working hellish overtime hours. How is that in any way blissful?” – Hachiman Hikigaya


Hachiman Hikigaya Quotes 2

“Food tastes best when you don’t have to work for it.” – Hachiman Hikigaya


Hachiman Hikigaya Quotes 3

“Hard work betrays none, but dreams betray many.” Hachiman Hikigaya


Gaap Quotes (Umineko When They Cry)

Gaap Quotes Umeniko

“‘Slacking off’ sounds bad. However, enjoying more of your day with the time you saved by doing your job in a clever way is definitely not a bad thing. Times like that are what makes a human’s life rich. If you exaggerate, it could be called laziness, surely. However, people only become mature when they are able to balance work with enjoyment. In short, if all you care about is your job, you’re not fully mature.” – Gaap


Dante Quotes (FMA)

Dante Quotes Fma

“People can say there is a balance, a logic that everything happens for a reason… But the truth is far less designed. No matter how hard you work, when you die, you die. Some spend their entire life trying to scratch their way to the top, and still die in poverty. While others are born into wealth without ever working at all. It’s a cruel and random world. And yet the chaos is all so beautiful.” – Dante


Moritaka Mashiro Quotes

Moritaka Mashiro quotes

Manga that’s born from people taking responsibility for their own work, banging their head in frustration, feeling cornered, and like they want to escape, and then using that extreme situation, mental ability, stamina, and panic to create… would never lose to some soul-less manga that’s just made up of other people’s ideas without any kind of resolve!” – Moritaka Mashiro


Yumeko Jabami Quotes

Yumeko Jabami quotes

“If you want to earn something, you need to reach out for it. Pro-athletes give up their teenage years to train. Business owners put up collateral to borrow money. That’s how it always works. To make your ambitions come true, you have to take risks. The larger the ambition the greater the risk. That might involve time or enough work to affect your lifespan… So make your choice. Live in peace as a wannabe or risk losing it all to reach the very top. You’re the one who needs to decide.” – Yumeko Jabami


Kanako Sakurai Quotes

Kanako Sakurai Quotes

“I believe being an author is a lonely line of work that asks you to pass through a narrow gate alone.” – Kanako Sakurai


Kumiko Oumae Quotes

Kumiko Oumae quotes

“People aren’t complicated. We work hard when we know that we’ll get something in return, and we try to work even harder if that something is our own improvement.” – Kumiko Oumae


Koichiro Oota Quotes

Koichiro Oota quotes

“It’s true that you’re lacking in ability. That’s because you don’t work at it.” – Koichiro Oota


Shuuko Murao Quotes

Shuuko Murao Quotes

“The feeling of not wanting to lose, everyone has it. If you find it unfair, you’ll have to work harder yourself.” – Shuuko Murao


Saitama Quotes

Saitama Quotes One Punch Man 4

“You said you worked hard? Well, maybe you need to work a little longer.” – Saitama


Kou Oosaki Quotes

Kou Oosaki quotes

“The way you perceive yourself doesn’t match the way others perceive you. Those who work hard despite that discrepancy shine brighter than anyone else!” – Kou Oosaki


Youji Itami Quotes

Youji Itami Quotes 1

“I work to support my hobby. So if you asked me which I’d choose, my job or my hobby, my hobby takes priority.” – Youji Itami


Alphonse Elric Quotes

Alphonse Elric Quotes 1

“n order to obtain something, there must be something of equal value. It is the Law of Conservation in Alchemy. Back then, we believed that it was the truth of the world. However, the real world isn’t perfect, so there is not just a single law that governs everything that happens within it. It is the same for the Law of Conservation in Alchemy. Even so, I believe that people cannot obtain something without paying a price.” – Alphonse Elric



Kai Quotes (Suicide Island Manga)


“How can you work so hard? There might be something really bad waiting for you ahead. How can you still make yourself move on despite that? The older we get…the number of annoying and troublesome things we have to face only increases- and wonderful things stop happening. In the days ahead of us… we have to bear each painful thing one at a time, conquering them…overcoming them…the power to do that just doesn’t spring out of me. The power to move ahead.” – Kai


Taro Raimon Quotes

Taro Raimon quotes

“A miracle: something like that won’t come if you’re waiting for it. A miracle is something you work for!” – Taro Raimon


Hiroshi Kido Quotes

Hiroshi Kido quotes

“Being able to work hard is the best talent of all.” – Hiroshi Kido


Naruto Uzumaki Quotes

Naruto Uzumaki quotes

“Hard work is worthless for those that don’t believe in themselves.” – Naruto Uzumaki

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Jet Black Quotes

Jet Black Quotes 2

“Humans were meant to work and sweat for their money after all. Those that try to get rich quickly or live at expense of others – all get divine retribution along the way. That is the lesson. But, one thing about humans is that they quickly forget the lesson they have learnt.” – Jet Black


Atsushi Murasakibara Quotes

Atsushi Murasakibara quotes

“Do you think everyone can make their dreams come true through hard work? Hard work isn’t always rewarded.” – Atsushi Murasakibara


Haruhiro Quotes

Haruhiro quotes

“As for me, I have a lot of things that I’m not good at and that I need to work on. My comrades make up for those weaknesses by help me out, and maybe that’s how we’ve found a balance in our party.” – Haruhiro


Kou Kazamatsuri Quotes

Kou Kazamatsuri quotes

“Charging from the front isn’t the only way to cross a wall. If pushing doesn’t work, why not try pulling? Try thinking from the opposite direction, you might be able to find a new way out.” – Kou Kazamatsuri


Kaori Fujimiya Quotes

Kaori Fujimiya quotes

“Math is like a puzzle or a game. There’s a clear answer, and you’re going on a journey to find it. But there are many ways to reach that answer. That’s why it’s so fulfilling when you find the solution. There are ways to find an answer promptly, or more freely. Even roundabout methods can bring you to a definite solution. The method may not be pretty, but when the answer you worked hard to discover is right, it makes you happy.” – Kaori Fujimiya


Vermouth Quotes (Detective Conan)

Vermouth quotes conan

“I wonder if there really is a God… If such an entity really existed, wouldn’t all honest, hard-working people be happy?” – Vermouth


Miho Azuki Quotes

Miho Azuki Quotes

“I think having a dream, working hard, and never giving up couldn’t possibly bring misfortune.” – Miho Azuki


Fujisaki Yusuke Quotes

Fujisaki Yusuke quotes

“I bet it’s not easy to persevere in one’s goal. I never tried, so I wouldn’t know. But to achieve a goal, one must work hard even when no one is looking. Having a dream might not be all that great.” – Fujisaki Yusuke


Tooru Miyagishi Quotes

Tooru Miyagishi quotes

“You may come to a standstill or get irritated because things don’t work out the way you want them to, but what you gain from hard work will never betray you.” – Tooru Miyagishi


Rin Matsuoka Quotes

Rin Matsuoka quotes

“No amount of natural talent trumps hard work.” – Rin Matsuoka


Hyuuga Junpei Quotes

Hyuuga Junpei quotes

“Your hard work will be rewarded.” What kind of idiot came up with that nonsense?” – Hyuuga Junpei


Nanana Ryuugajou Quotes

Nanana Ryuugajou quotes

“If you don’t like how things turned out, then try to change it. And then if it still doesn’t work out, that’s when you can be depressed.” – Nanana Ryuugajou


Teppei Kiyoshi Quotes

Teppei Kiyoshi Quotes

“You keep working HARD in order to win and you get better little by little. To IMMERSE yourself in something you like, that’s what it means to enjoy something fully.” – Teppei Kiyoshi


Satou Tatsuhiro Quotes

Satou Tatsuhiro quotes

“Without the assurance of food, clothing and shelter, unless you’re prepared to die, there’s no other way but to work.” – Satou Tatsuhiro


Sei Quotes (Suicide Island Manga)


“Right now, we’re all really only taking it day by day. Even if we can’t get used to things, even if we can’t win at something, even if we don’t have any excess…In order to live day by day, we work, we fail, and we succeed. Sometimes we laugh. For the blessing before our very eyes, for our friends, we’re thankful. Who knew that people could feel happiness just from living?” – Sei


Ushiromiya Kyrie Quotes

Ushiromiya Kyrie quotes

“I never like to work based on trust. It takes hard work to build up trust, but only an instant to lose it. There’s no less profitable investment.” – Ushiromiya Kyrie


Ushiromiya Kyrie quotes 1

“What if that fruit you’ve worked so hard to nurture gets pulled off the branch the next morning? You’ll regret that you didn’t choose to harvest it the previous day instead of complaining. That regret really hurts. It’ll make you crawl through hell.” – Ushiromiya Kyrie


Yoshi Akihisa Quotes

Yoshii Akihisa quotes

“If she lost because of a difference in ability, it can’t be helped. If she worked hard and didn’t get what she wants, she can just work harder next time. If she gave her all for this, it’s acceptable even if she lost.” – Yoshi Akihisa


Klein Quotes (Sword Art Online)

Klein Quotes Sao

“Just consider hardships as another part of training and keep working hard.” – Klein


Goku Quotes

Dragon Ball Super Quotes 8

“Me personally, I like to work hard and train.” – Goku


Masaru Ofuna Quotes

Masaru Ofuna Quotes

“Coming together and working hard with everyone is a really fun thing!” – Masaru Ofuna


Oz Vessalius Quotes

Oz Vessalius quotes

“The moment a person says he’s working hard without thinking, he’s still being naive. He is not trying at all!” – Oz Vessalius


Rock Lee Quotes

Rock Lee Quotes

“If you believe in your dreams, I will prove to you, that you can achieve your dreams just by working hard.” – Rock Lee


Coach Kamogawa Quotes

Coach Kamogawa Quotes

“There are times when working hard may not be enough. But those who succeed worked hard.” – Coach Kamogawa


Eina Tulle Quotes

Eina Tulle Quotes

“Listen, girls like guys who are strong and can protect them. So if you keep working hard and get stronger, she just might like you back.” – Eina Tulle


Nyanta Quotes

Nyanta Quotes

“Any treasure you attain without anyone ever working for it is no treasure at all.” – Nyanta


Vegeta Quotes

Dragon Ball Super Quotes 10

“While I’m here wasting time, how hard is kakarot training?” – Vegeta


Eli Ayase Quotes

Eli Ayase Quotes 1

“I’m saying that practically nobody feels that they’re talented. That’s what makes us strive to improve. As we strive to improve, we notice the people around us improving too, which makes us work even harder. I guess you could say friends are like rivals, in a way.” – Eli Ayase


Keiko Ayano Quotes (Silica)

Silica Quotes

“It’s impossible to work hard for something you don’t enjoy.” – Keiko Ayano (Silica)


Suoh Tamaki Quotes

Suoh Tamaki quotes

“What good are dreams, if all you do is work? There’s more to life than hitting the books, I hope you know.” – Suoh Tamaki


Haruki Aritomi Quotes

Haruki Aritomi quotes

“The Idealist says, everyone is born equal. We are all of equal worth. The sportsman screams, no effort goes unrewarded. Work hard for your dreams! It’s about how you play the game. Obviously all untrue.” – Haruki Aritomi


Ferrari Akira E Quotes

Ferrari Akira E quotes

“If there are people you would call naturals, because they were gifted with talent, and if my two rivals are such naturals, then I just need to have a talent that exceeds theirs, through hard work. Yes, I just have to become a prodigy.” – Ferrari Akira E


If you have anymore quotes about hard work, share it in the comments.


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