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10 Anime Characters Who Are Intelligent Like Batman

I thought it would be fun to do a post related to Batman, tied in with Anime.

So here we are….

This won’t be your typical post, so don’t expect the obvious, intelligent Anime characters on this list.

You know the ones I’m talking about (Hint – Code Geass, Death Note).


The BEST Anime Characters Who Are Intelligent Like Batman:


1. Bulma (Dragon Ball Z/Super)

bulma db super |

Bulma is the daughter of a genius. It runs in the family.

Just like her father, she builds and invents things for a living. Like spaceships, devices that can detect dragon balls, and everything in between.

All of the outta space adventures in DBZ wouldn’t even be a thing if it weren’t for Bulma, and the capsule corp business.

It would be ridiculous to not put Bulma on this list for her intelligence and smarts.


2. Gai Tsutsugami (Guilty Crown)

Gai Tsutsugami blonde hair |

The main character himself from Guilty Crown. Gai is a great strategist, has the skills of a leader, and more importantly, he approaches challenges with a logical mindset.

Gai shows off his intelligence by manipulating his enemies in one scene, cleverly making it seem like Gai is at a disadvantage, when in reality it’s the other way around.

YouTube video


3. Levy McGarden (Fairy Tail)

levy mcgarden smile |

Fairy Tail fans understand why Levy is on this list.

She’s the type of girl who’s able to look beyond the surface and understand the most complex topics. The types of things most struggle with.

She doesn’t have the strengh to destroy the most Fairy Tail guild wouldn’t be the same without her talents and witty personality.


4. Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

Vegeta saiyan saga |

Some might disagree with Vegeta, but it doesn’t matter. Especially if we’re talking about the early Vegeta before Dragon Ball Z reached the Android Saga.

Vegeta is observant, smart, and is able to outwit his enemies with little effort. Because he thinks ahead and doesn’t act on impulse or petty emotions.

Not to mention he’s one of the best strategists we’ve ever seen in Dragon Ball Z.

Piccolo even mentioned it himself.


5. Kyouko Kirigiri (Danganronpa)

kyouko kirigir anime girl |

Kyouko is one of the lead characters in Anime series – Danganronpa.

You’ll notice throughout the series she’s able to spot and pick up on things nobody else can see. Because she can see patterns under the surface that people can’t see.

She might not be on the level of Batman when it comes to inventions and things of that nature, but there’s no doubt Kyouko Kirigiri is deserving of this list.


6. Dr Gero (Dragon Ball Z)

dr gero dbz |

Dr Gero is the mastermind behind the Red Ribbon Army, Android 17, 18, 20 and the cyborg – Cell.

Cell being the most genius creation because of how “human” Cell is, while simultaneously being a creature that can absorb, grow and adapt to its environment.

Not to mention Dr Gero turned himself into an Android with the power of technology.

The comparison in intelligence with Batman is clear with a guy like Dr Gero, who is a legend in DBZ’S history.


7. Hanbei Takenaka (Oda Nobuna)

hanbei takenaka oda nobuna |

From the historical series – Oda Nobuna.

Hanbei is the greatest strategist within the entire Anime series. People take pleasure in bullying Hanbei because they’re so jealous of her hidden talents at such a young age.

You might see Hanbei as a sweet, innocent girl, and you’d be right.

But beyond that, she’s more intelligent than the average person, and she uses it for war. Even though she’s self aware enough to know it’s not the “best” use of her abilities.

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8. Kazuya Shibuya (Ghost Hunt)

10 Anime Characters Who Are Intelligent Like Batman

Taken from the paranormal Anime series – Ghost Hunt.

Kazuya, nicknamed Naru (for his narcissistic personality), is well ahead of his time as a guy in his late teens. He’s a professional Ghost Hunter with his own company.

He’s able to pick up on things others miss because he’s logical and doesn’t allow emotion to stand in his way.


9. Miho Nishizumi 

10 Anime Characters Who Are Intelligent Like Batman

Miho Nishizumi is a lead character in Anime series – Girls Und Panzer.

She’s a laid back character whose empathetic towards her friends and even strangers.

But beyond that, she has an innovative mind when it comes to strategy, battle, and planning ahead. And is one of the most intelligent characters in the series, proven by her actions and the role she plays.

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10. Koro Sensei

10 Anime Characters Who Are Intelligent Like Batman

Koro Sensei’s level of intelligence is extremely high. More so than your average school teacher.

It doesn’t matter what situation he finds himself in. Or what situation he finds others in. He’ll always have a solution and figure out a way to come out on top.

He’s built like that. Failure isn’t an option. And with intelligence on his side, this makes Koro Sensei even more dangerous if anyone treats him like an enemy.


Who would you add to this list?



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