32 Of The Best Fox Anime Girls Who Are Especially Cute

The Best Fox Anime Girls Who Are Especially Cute
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In Japanese folklore, cute foxes are shown as being smart. They survive for numerous generations. They were using their powers at the same time. That demonstrates that they are quite powerful creatures. Some deities in anime girl kitsune, nevertheless, are genderless.

In anime, Kitsune are represented as “Kemonomimi,” which means “animal ears,” and include characters that are depicted as lovely fox girls (bishojo). Or Kitsune is portrayed as an attractive guy (bishonen).

At Anime Motivation, we will serve you the loveliest, most kawaii fox girls in the world of anime. Here are 32 of the Best Fox Anime Girls you’ll ever see.


1.) Senko (The Helpful Fox Senko-san)

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A demigod from Kitsune Heaven, the adorable little fox from Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san (The Helpful Fox Senko-san), is a fictional character.

Senko-san is a perfect example of how appearances may be deceiving because, despite her youthful appearance, she is actually close to 800 years old. Kuroto, the protagonist, receives assistance from Senko-san to eradicate evil from his life.

Despite having a youthful appearance, she speaks and acts her age and often exhibits her youthful enthusiasm when spending time with Kuroto.



2.) Bonbori & Hozuki (Otome Youkai Zakuro)

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These two kawaii anime lady kitsunes frequently appear together and roll as one. Clinging to someone they find interesting or who they appear to like.

Twin sisters Bonbori and Hozuki constantly wear the same outfits. They have a tendency to only listen to their own ideas and opinions.

Twins who are both attractive and quite childish like to play hide-and-seek. They enjoy mischief-making among others by impersonating one another.


3.) Tamamo (Fate/ Grand Order)

word image 133085 3 e1675293533272

Tamamo, a fox anime lady who served as Emperor Toba’s courtesan during the Heian era, is one of the best anime women with exceptional beauty.

She is referred to in the media as a fox cartoon girl and is credited with overthrowing several strongholds, including the Shang Dynasty.

She is linked to Dakiniten in Genpei Seisuiki, a tantric deity who Taira-no-Kiyomori allegedly called to gain political clout and whom the Japanese thought rode a kitsune youkai.


4.) Shiro (The Helpful Fox Senko-san)

word image 133085 4

There isn’t much debate over Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-status san’s as one of the greatest kitsune anime ever produced. Being on this list, Shiro, the arrogant yet charming literal silver fox, seems logical.

Even though she eventually made friends with Kuroto, the fact that she treated him like a servant rather than a fellow human needing assistance places her at the bottom of the list of the finest anime fox girls.


5.) Yukikaze Panettone (Dog Days)

word image 133085 5

Yukikaze Panettone, a cute and vivacious member of the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad, is the next person on the list.

Yukikaze, which informally means “snowstorm” or “blizzard,” is a cheery persona who shares the same last name as a lovely loaf of bread.

She is dressed in a ninja-inspired white and blue outfit. Yukki is as ferocious with her companions as she is on the battlefield.


6.) Susu Tushan (Fox Spirit Maker)

word image 133085 6

The series’ lead female character is Tushan Susu. She is a fox, and her true love is Bai Yuechu Daoist.

She travels with Bai and is taken aback by Bai’s capacity to instruct her. Susu always carries a selection of sweets and lollipops. Bai Yuechu used to be made to pay. She has no willpower at all.


7.) Chizuru Minamoto (Kanokon)

word image 133085 7

At Kouta’s school, Chizuru is a kitsune female character in her second year with black hair.

Although she seems like a typical anime girl, she is a strong fox goddess. When she transforms into her fox form, her black hair turns into blonde hair.

She has been acting like she doesn’t want to let Kouta go by keeping close to him. She loves him and wants to be with him without a shadow of a doubt, even though it is wrong.

Chizuru is completely fixated on Kouta; she truly has no choice but to pursue him, regardless of their current location or his feelings toward this. When other girls advance toward him, she throws tantrums like a child.


8.) Koto (Yu yu Hakusho)

word image 133085 8

Koto is a supporting figure in the sweeping anime series Yu yu Hakusho. Have you ever forgotten her for those who watched the show? Absolutely not!

Despite her minor position, Koto is the official commentator for the Demon World Tournament and the Dark Tournament. Additionally, she is a bit of an idol in the human Realm!

But I must confess that in the anime, Koto only appears as a fox girl. She largely resembles a cat-human hybrid in the manga. I know she is a monster, but she still counts because of the anime’s fox-like ears and bushy tail.


9.) So Dakki (Senkaiden Houshin Engi)

word image 133085 9

The enemy Empress from Houshin Engi, Dakki, comes next.

She is referred to as “The Genius” in the anime due to her high intelligence level. Dakki is breathtakingly beautiful, with long orange hair and gorgeous fox eyes.

She has created torture devices to subjugate others to her will since she enjoys torturing them.


10.) Kon (Kon Kon)

word image 133085 10

Kon may appear to be a dog from the outside, but she is a well-known fox. She can turn into a human yet still has her foxtail hooked to her ears.

Even though a familiar Fox can change into a human. Kon is not a specialist in this field.

It’s vital to remember that she and Inari are very similar. Inari saved them both, at least in terms of her features.


11.) Susukihotaru (Otome Youkai Zakuro)

word image 133085 11

At the Ministry of Spirit Affairs, Susukihotaru, a lovely kitsune anime girl with lovely fox-like characteristics, is matched with Riken. She is more reserved and cautious than other Hanyuus, unlike Zakuro.

She was raised wary and afraid of people since hanyuus are considered terrible omens in society. Before her boss Riken entered her life, she had never gazed into anybody else’s eyes.

She is very interested in horoscopes and is convinced they impact people’s lives. When she interacts with or touches things or people, she can see what is concealed beneath them.


12.) Kiri (Konohana Kitan)

word image 133085 12

Kiri is the head attendant of Konohanatei and is in charge of all five of her juniors. She is extremely tidy, dependable, and friendly. She may be a beast, yet she appears to understand what would make people content and joyful.

She’s emotionally perceptive, which makes it terrifying every time she’s replicated and cloned by ghost invaders posing as her. Nobody compares to Kiri, everyone’s dependable attendant.


13.) Yoko (Inukami)

word image 133085 13

Inukami, which loosely translates to “Dog Gods,” describes Yoko. She is the initial Inukami for Keita (MC). She enjoys pulling pranks and jokes on Keita, her trainer, and master.

She has a hot tiny physique, light skin, and rich green hair. Keita is the object of Yoko’s intense crush, which is repeatedly shown in the anime.

She is regarded as knowledgeable in her own right, but when she is with Keita, she transforms into a cute and lively fox girl. She can give up anything to be with Keita because she loves him so much.


14.) Haruhime Sanjouno (DanMachi)

word image 133085 14

With long blonde hair, fox ears, and a crimson kimono, Haruhime is a seductive anime fox girl. She is a quiet, sweet, considerate, courteous, and nice young lady.

She was brought up as a young, respectable woman of noble descent. Short version: He was in a brothel after being set up by someone.

The work of Bell Cranel produced Haruhime. She was joining the Hestia Familia by following Bell.


15.) Kogitsune (Natsuma Yuujinchou)

word image 133085 15

To be completely honest, we are unsure of Kogitsune’s gender. However, he/she is a little fox spirit who, in the seventh episode of the first season, befriends Natsume after being saved from other yokai who were making fun of him/her for being weak and reserved.

As a result, Natsume warms up to him or her. He tells Hatori that they are buddies to acquire the name back.

It is hinted that Kogitsune, who occasionally visits him and transforms into a human child, lost his mother because he conversed with a grave he addresses as “mom.”


16.) Sakura (Hyper Police)

word image 133085 16

Sakura has been a kitsune for the previous 191 years beneath her 19-year-old exterior. Despite her apparent age, she does not garner much respect from her own kind.

She wasn’t born with the complete nine-tail because she has human origins. Unfortunately, this means Sakura must locate a strong creature to ingest to completely utilize her strength.

Sakura joined the Police Company after being impressed by Natsuki’s strength and wit and being persuaded that she would be the greatest opponent to defeat so that she could finally grow the final half-tail that would enable her to become a fully grown nine-tail kitsune.


17.) Yuzu (Konohana Kitan)

word image 133085 17

Yuzu, the main character in Konohana Kitan, is a sweet and caring young woman who cherishes everyone around her with her pure heart.

With her naiveté about how the modern world operates, she exudes the charisma of a heroine. She is a young woman with light blonde hair and honey, dewy brown eyes.

Your heart will melt at seeing her pink kimono with delicate flowers. Her awkward and innocent demeanour cheers up everyone watching.

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18.) Zakuro (Otome Youkai Zakuro)

word image 133085 18

Zakuro is a wild, brave half-demon girl who will defend what is important to her. That also applies to her pals.

Her combat prowess is remarkable. She was holding a branch of a cherry blossom tree that could be transformed into a weapon and used in combat.

Even though she was raised in a family and is quite a warrior. With her powers out of control, she has yet to learn how to control the divine power she possesses. She also depended solely on her formidable fighting abilities.

Zakuro was helped by Susukihotaru and Hozuki, her friends. And Bonbori, who will support her in combat.


19.) Kunou (High School DxD Hero)

word image 133085 19

The young ruler of Kyoto and the cartoon fox girl “Kunou” are Yasaka’s children. Additionally, she is a Kuoh Academy first-year middle school student.

Her golden blonde hair is pulled back into a ponytail, and she has some of the most gorgeous anime girl eyes ever. Kunou also has nine bushy, fluffy tails and fox-like ears.

Although young, Kunou can be considered a responsible co-leader who enjoys herself. When she sees anything new or intriguing for the first time, she smiles in amusement because she typically considers new things engaging.


20.) Tamamo no Mae (Omamori Himari)

word image 133085 20

This Nine-Tailed Fox, known only as “Tama,” is one of Japan’s three most potent Ayakashis and appears as a tiny blonde girl.

Don’t be fooled by her cute and innocent appearance; she is incredibly strong and will even eat an entire Ayakashi region to maintain her dominance.

Even though she only plays a supporting role, she nonetheless grabs viewers’ attention.

She is a shy young girl who doesn’t speak much, yet she has frequently observed nibbling and chewing on treats, whether made of demons or ordinary human sweets.


21.) Kuugen Tenko (Our Home’s Fox Deity)

word image 133085 21

The main character of Wagaya no Oinari-sama, Kuugen, is a 1,000-year-old fox demon.

She is exceptionally attractive, and many viewers will be aroused by her blue eyes, luscious blonde hair, scorching hot figure, and black-tipped foxy ears.

She is dressed in a long, white dress with a stunning crimson bow around her trim waist. She is an expert at every type of spell. Despite having great power, she has never used it for bad.


22.) Yozora (Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san)

word image 133085 22

She is Kitsune’s leader and guardian. Shiro must be sent by both Senko and Shiro. Shiro is under the care of Kuruto Nakano.

So that his unkindness can go and be replaced by kindness. You will see her in anime, yet Yozora is also a minor character.

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23.) Kitsunemen no Onna (Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki)

word image 133085 23

One of the sexiest fox anime girls to participate in Kiitarou’s encounter with youkai is Kitsunemen no Onna.

The protagonist of the tale is a regular boy with psychic abilities. He will be expelled from his home, end up lost, but eventually rise to become the head of a youkai household.

His contacts with various Fox Spirits and youkai are featured in this show.


24.) Hishamaru (Tokyo Ravens)

word image 133085 24

Additionally, there is Hishamaru, also known as Kon. This figure is a shinigami in the form of a kitsune or spirit. Initially, she was dressed in an imperial hakama from the Heian era.

Her beauty makes her seem like she has a childlike spirit. In Hishamaru’s form, she can exhibit great maturity.


25.) Jiuer Su (Yaoguai Mingdan)

word image 133085 25

In the anime series “YaoGuai MingDan,” Jiuer Su is Feng Xi’s girlfriend and an immortal fox spirit who has been reborn with Feng numerous times throughout her existence.

In this thrilling tale, the main character Feng Xi is caught between a seductive temptress, a foggy tree demon goddess, and a strong woman. He then sets off on a thrilling mission to save the planet.


26.) Miko (No Game No Life)

word image 133085 26

Miko, a kitsune with orange fur and spectacles, stands in for the Beastmen.

He didn’t trust Shiro or the Sora brothers at first, and she originally refused to assist. But because of a truce, he joins their cause and constantly works to help them. Instead, she sends her assistants Ino and Izuna.


27.) Holo (Ookami to Koushinryou)

word image 133085 27

The harvest god Holo, sometimes known as the fox, is tethered to Pasloe. She guarantees the city a bumper wheat crop by keeping a promise made over several years.

But as the villagers grew more autonomous, Holo was forgotten. Holo is a stunning adult girl.


28.) Mashiro Mito (Tayutama- Kiss on my Deity)

word image 133085 28

She is in love with Yuri Mito but can’t seem to admit it. Despite her shyness and difficulty interacting with others, she has a good heart.

Mashiro is also known as Kikuramikami No Hime, a deity. She desires an aura that encourages goodwill toward Tayutai and people in general.

This waifu is sincere love and pure adoration. I adore her for her distinct personality and adorably cute acting style.


29.) Tsumiki Miniwa (Acchi Kocchi)

word image 133085 29

Tsumiki, a young girl with a delicate appearance who is drawn to Io, goes by the name of Tsumiki.

She exhibits a Tsundere mentality. She has a sarcastic and sharp appearance yet a loving heart.

If Tsumiki brushes her forehead against something she adores, she may grow fox ears. Or Tsumiki discovers something appealing.

Tsumiki is surprisingly strong for someone her size. She releases purple energy when she uses a lot of force (for comic effect). Tsumiki has a lot of experience with arcade games as well.


30.) Lily The Fox Mechanic (Lost Pause)

word image 133085 30

Lily was one of the two sprites for an anime fox girl that Winged Cloud provided. She is a sweet fox girl from anime. Lily immediately gained popularity within the group and became its most significant emblem.

Within the first several months, Lily is depicted in various ways. Not to mention the artistic interpretations of Lily that were created by the fans. That modifies her original sprite, which depicts various emotions and stances.

Around Lily, Noble created a variety of legends. She edits films and manages his Twitch behind the scenes as he goes live frequently.


31.) Ren (Konohana Kitan)

word image 133085 31

Ren plays a significant role in the Konohana Kitan series. She is a girl who takes great pleasure in her appearance but also has a strong devotion to the “beauty” of other things.

Ren is a young woman of normal height and shape. She has mint-green eyes with a few prominent lashes and wavy pink hair that is longest at the waist.

As demonstrated in episode 3, Ren is more of a tsundere (a person who is good on the inside while being mean on the surface). She is a girly lady who despises males who are a little too sexual.

She may appear very calm outside, but she is actually quite violent.

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32.) Ran Yakumo (Anime Tenchou x Touhou Project)

word image 133085 32 e1675293685414

Yakumo and Ran’s names literally translate to “eight clouds” and “indigo,” respectively. Each member of the Yakumo family has a colour-inspired name.

Yukari Yakumo transformed a nine-tailed fox youkai into her shikigami. Even without the assistance of her master, she is nonetheless incredibly strong; among other things, she uses her strength to protect Chen, her own shikigami.

Yukari manages the task throughout her twelve hours of sleep each day.

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