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KissAnime, 9Anime, & 35 Anime Pirate Sites To Be BLOCKED By Disney In India!

I’ve spoke about piracy in the anime industry so many times over the years. Many of the articles are popular for good reason.

Anime piracy exists because the anime industry has a service problem.

Legal sites can’t supply a large number of anime because of licensing issues. And when they do – region blocks stop fans from watching their favorite series.

This is the reason fans turn to pirate sites.


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In Disney’s latest move, they’ve obtained an injunction from the High Court in Delhi to BLOCK 118 pirate sites.

Out of those 118 pirate sites:

  • KissAnime
  • 9Anime
  • GoGoAnime
  • Horriblesubs

And MANY more anime pirate sites will be blocked in India.

This means anime fans in India, a country where anime has little visibility and it’s hard to watch anime legally, will have few sources to enjoy the anime they love.

crunchyroll and funimation logo 1 |

India already. So Indians can’t use it.

And India.

A few years ago – Animax TV was also taken down (same with the UK), and Netflix only has mainstream anime. Or in other words – a small number of anime shows.

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With this latest move from Disney, MORE pirate sites will pop up in response to Dsney’s ban on sites like KissAnime.

After all – India doesn’t have many options as it is, and when you stop someone from doing something, they’ll just find a way around it anyway.


Alternatives for Indian anime fans (legally)

There’s an online resource called AnistreamIN. It lists anime that are available legally from different platforms in India.

Of course – this list is limited to typical sites like:

  • Amazon
  • Netflix

And so on, but it’s a useful resource you should check out either way.

As for pirate sites? We can expect more of them to pop up over the course of the next 12 months.

India has few if any options as it is.



reddit anime banned india disney 2 |

A poster on Reddit came up with 2 reasons why Disney’s doing this:

  1. Either they want the kids to not get exposed to this awesome medium..
  2. Or they are going to launch a legal anime streaming service in India.

I doubt the 2nd point is likely, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they did.

News sources: 

  • TorrentFreak
  • MyAnimeList
  • Facebook (via Anime Motivation’s followers)


The official document: 

Disney Bans Anime India PDF


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