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25 Powerful Quotes From Re Zero That Will Give You A Lot To Think About

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Re Zero is a psychological series I don’t hear many people mention. Even though it was rated a top anime in 2016.

And like most that came before it, Re Zero is dark, packed with emotions, and tells a meaningful story.

It’s this meaningful story where some of the best Re Zero quotes rise to the surface. So If you’ve already watched Re Zero, these quotes will make you a little nostalgic.

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The Best Re Zero Quotes:


1. Natsuki Subaru Quotes

Natsuki Subaru Quotes

“All I do is talk a big game, and make myself sound like a big shot, when I can’t do anything! I never do anything yet I can complain like a pro. Who do I think I am?! It’s amazing that I can live like this and not feel ashamed!” – Natsuki Subaru


Natsuki Subaru Quotes 2

“I have no strength, but I want it all. I have no knowledge, but all I do is dream. There’s nothing I can do, but I struggle in vain!” – Natsuki Subaru


Natsuki Subaru Quotes 11

“I finally remembered why I’m here to begin with. I’ll kill you, you shitbag! I won’t let you play your trump card! I’ll blow you away and get a happy ending.” – Natsuki Subaru


Natsuki Subaru Quotes 3

“All those times I got hurt, all the crying I did, all the pain I felt, all the fighting I did with my life at stake… And my reward was her name and a single smile. Jeez… Talk about unequal compensation.” – Natsuki Subaru


Natsuki Subaru Quotes 4

“I guess, as long as I have life, all I can do is fight with all my might.” – Natsuki Subaru


Natsuki Subaru Quotes 5

“It was rough. It was so painful. I was so scared. I was so sad. It hurt so much, I thought I’d die. I tried so hard… I tired so hard! I was so desperate, so desperate to make everything right! It’s the truth. I’ve honestly never tried so hard at anything in my life! Because I loved this place… Because it was so important to me! I was so desperate to get back. I was scared… I was so scared! I didn’t want those eyes looking at me like that again… And I hated myself so much for feeling that way!” – Natsuki Subaru


Natsuki Subaru Quotes 6

“Listen, where I’m from there’s a saying, “3 heads are better than 1.” Wait, is it 2 heads? Whatever, the point is, 3 heads, thinking together are harder to break than only 1 arrow. It means you should rely on those around you instead of thinking about stuff alone!” – Natsuki Subaru


Natsuki Subaru Quotes 7

“While we talk, look forward to making up for all the time you’ve wasted looking back! We can start by talking about tomorrow. You can say anything like, whether you’ll make Japanese or Western style breakfast tomorrow, or whether you’ll put on your right or left shoe first. It can be something silly like that. No matter how silly it is, you can talk about tomorrow because you have a tomorrow.” – Natsuki Subaru


Natsuki Subaru Quotes 8

“What’s wrong with taking the path that’s easiest, that will let me live longer? I’ll decide how I use my life!” – Natsuki Subaru


Natsuki Subaru Quotes 9

“I wish people who say: “I’d rather die” would actually die before they say it. So that they’ll know how I feel.” – Natsuki Subaru


Natsuki Subaru Quotes 10

“A wound to the back is a warriors greatest shame.” – Natsuki Subaru


Natsuki Subaru Quotes 1

“Emilia, your kindness is the one thing that can heal me.” – Natsuki Subaru


2. Emilia Re Zero Quotes

Emilia Quotes Re Zero 4

“I can’t imagine this will make things any easier, but this is all I can do.” – Emilia


Emilia Quotes Re Zero 1

“You don’t get it, A million sorry’s is not equal to 1 thank you.” – Emilia


Emilia Quotes Re Zero 2

“I understand that my half-elf lineage, and other similarities to the witch, subject me to prejudice. However, I adamantly refuse to let my potential be plucked out simply for that reason.” – Emilia


Emilia Quotes Re Zero 3

“I have only one wish: for all to be equal. I desire to create a nation where all citizens are equal.” – Emilia


3, Wilhelm Van Astrea Quotes

Wilhelm Van Astrea Quotes

“Even if you have regrets, even if you have remorse, you must fight. If you have made the decision for yourself to fight, to struggle, then fight with all you have. Do not give up for one second, one moment, or one instant. Cling greedily to the victory you have within your sight. If you can still stand, if your fingers still move, if all your teeth have not broken, stand and fight. You must fight!” – Wilhelm Van Astrea


4. Rem Quotes

Rem Quotes Re Zero 2

“No matter what happens, even when it looks like you’re gonna lose, when no one else believes in you, when you don’t believe in your self, I will believe!” – Rem


Re Zero Rem Quotes

“You stole my sister’s horn and stole my reason to live but that wasn’t enough? Now you have come here, and stole my reason to die, too?” – Rem


Rem Quotes Re Zero 4

“Ever since that fiery night, my time has been stopped. But it was you who melted my frozen heart and kindly made my stopped time begin to move forward again.” – Rem


Rem Quotes Re Zero 5

“I can always tell when you’re lying. I also know that you cannot tell me why you do so. So there is no need to convince me, or wrap everything in lies, or try to take the blame on yourself like that. Because I have complete faith in you, Subaru-kun.” – Rem


Rem Quotes Re Zero 6

“When you said that you hate yourself, it made me want to tell you all the wonderful things I know about you.” – Rem


Rem Quotes Re Zero 7

“I love it when you stroke my hair. I feel as if we can understand each other through the contact between your hand and my hair. I love your voice. Just hearing you say one word makes my heart feel warmer. I love your eyes. Normally, they look stern, but when you’re being kind to someone, I love the way they soften. I love your fingers. For a boy, you have such lovely fingers. But when they clutch me, I know they are the strong, slender fingers of a man. I love the way you walk. When we walk together, I love the way you occasionally turn, to make sure I keep up. I love the way you look when you sleep. You look unguarded, like an infant, and your eyelashes are on the long side. When I touch your cheek, you calm down… And when I playfully touch your lips, you don’t even notice… And it makes my heart ache terribly. I love you.” – Rem


Rem Quotes Re Zero 1

“I know I mustn’t let my personal feelings interfere, but… I felt a little happy to keep you to myself at crunch-sama’s house.” – Rem


5. Felt Quotes

Re Zero Felt Quotes

“I’m not like the people here in the slums. I have no intention of living out my life in these black alleys. I’m gonna live out my dreams!” – Felt (Re Zero)

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