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Is Your Country Listed As One Of The Biggest Fans Of Manga? Find Out Now!

Manga wallpaper my hero academia compressor
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

There are only 2 reasons you’re here right now:

  • You LOVE Manga.
  • Or you’re curious to see if your country is on the list.

While Manga isn’t as popular as anime, it’s still one of the most old-school methods used to dive into Japanese culture.

And it’s still relevant by far in 2018.

So with that in mind, here are some of the most famous countries who LOVE Manga the most…

Source: Google Trends

google trends manga data

Data is measured from 2004 to 2018.


Top 25 Countries Who Love Manga The Most:


1. South Korea

south korea flag

That’s right – South Korea has a BIGGER fanbase for Manga than Japan itself.

Or at least that’s true for anime fans online!


2. Philippines


Philippines isn’t much of a surprise. They LOVE Manga and anime more than 90% of people on earth.

And that’s no exaggeration.


3. Réunion

flag of Réunion

First time hearing of Réunion, so this comes as a surprise to me personally.


4. Peru

Peru flag.


5. Malaysia 

malaysia flag
Malaysia Flag.


6. Vietnam

Vietnam Flag Thumb

Like Philippines, Vietnam also loves Anime AND Manga more than most.


7. Indonesia


Indonesia is another country I’m not surprised by. They also love anime a LOT too.


8. Singapore

Singapore Flag
Singapore Flag.


9. Chile

Chile Flag
Chile Flag.


10. El Salvador

El Salvador
El Salvador Flag.


11. Panama

Panama is a country considered to be in North/Central America.


12. Bolivia

Bolivia Flag
Bolivia flag.


13. Kazakhstan 

Kazakhstan flag
Kazakhstan flag – a surprising country for Manga fans.


14. Costa Rica

Costa Rica 1
Costa Rica flag.


15. Mexico

Mexico Flag
Mexican Flag.


16. Dominican Republic 

Dominican Republic
Dominican republic comes in at 16th place…


17. France

France flag
French Flag.


18. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Flag.


19. Ecuador 

Ecuador Flag
Ecuador flag.


20. Russia

Hello, Russia!


21. Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia comes in 21st for biggest manga fans!


22. Colombia

Colombia Flag
Colombia Flag.


23. Venezuela

Venezuela comes in at 23…


24. Belarus

Flag of Belarus
Belarus Flag.


25. Guatemala 

Guatemala flag.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Brazil.
  • Thailand.
  • Algeria.
  • Taiwan.
  • Argentina.


Did your country make it to the TOP 25 for Manga fans?

If not – share your country in the comments section and represent where you’re from!


Featured image source: MHA Manga Wallpaper



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