The BEST Anime Shows With Technology Gadgets scaled

15+ BEST Anime Shows With Technology & Gadgets

Do you like using technology or maybe your career is in technology?

Or maybe you’ve seen an anime show that was using technology you enjoyed?

How about watching new or old anime series you haven’t seen yet?

As technology progress, the same goes for anime.

Check out the list!


1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion iconic scene

Violent monsters have attacked Earth and thus the son of the father who is the commander joins a squad to use the robotic machines to drive those monsters away. This is one of the classic technology anime that you should watch.

It became popular after a moment of controversy with the series. It’s one of those anime series that never gets old to watch and is really well-written even with the negative reviews.


2. Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Ghost in the Shell 1995 tech

A city is advanced in cybernetics. So a hacker, called: “puppet master”, leaves a trail for Motoko and others to find the criminal. Just like Neon Genesis, Ghost in the Shell was released at the same time and with controversy.

There are a lot of Ghost in the Shell movies and series for you to watch. You don’t have to watch each one of them, but if you want, start with the 1995 film and you’ll understand the technology and the whatnot that’s going on within the era of Ghost in the Shell.


3. Serial Experiment Lain

Serial Experiment Lain computer

Just like the other girls in her school, Lain receives an email from a dead student. It is there that she is pulled into a virtual realm aka “the wired” where she encounters complex mysteries.

The series is a bit confusing at first but viewers would be able to get it through once progressed.

This series is different as unlike the other series that uses robotics, this uses the computer in technology on what it can do. It’s not for younger audiences to watch this series, as it could get a dark theme later on.


4. Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass male character

Akane Tsunemori is a starting investigator who solves crimes within the Sibyl System government of Japan. Everyone in the public of the government in Japan carries a psycho pass, which reads an individual’s mind, their entire profile.

This anime series has gained popularity since first airing in Japan and even had a new movie again recently called: Psycho Pass Providence.

If you like detective work, this is something that you should look into, but it could get violent within the series as it progresses.


5. The Gene of AI

The Gene of AI series tech

A new anime that is still recently airing! A human doctor is treating both robots and humanoids and it could be illegal, depending on the procedure.

The premise of this story sounds interesting because the humans have something robotic within them.

Of course this anime series is still airing in Japan with a total of twelve episodes. Once you have the chance, check out this new series involving AI!


6. Yu-gi-oh

Yu gi oh card anime

The early part of the Yu-gi-oh series was the duelling arena. They use a holographic generator to make the monster from the cards to become “real” during gameplay. It was KaibaCorp who invented it, and then as the series progressed, they invented the duel disk.

Unlike the arena where you can’t carry around with you, you can hold onto the duel disk on your left forearm and duel anywhere, anytime!

So the duel disk became popular and more advanced in the upcoming series of the Yu-gi-oh franchise.


7. Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories isla chan

An android that looks exactly like a human that has emotions and memories, but there’s always a catch.

There’s an expiration date for these androids, so they become wanderers. This anime is one of the best and a lot of anime fans have recommended it if you look online and see it.

Besides being AI, there will be sadness as the anime progresses from beginning to end.

You might want to be prepared for that when it happens.


8. Inuyashiki

Inuyashiki train scene

Inuyashiki is an old man who is having problems with his family. It wasn’t until he found a dog one day that he encountered a strange, mysterious man. It was at this moment that Inuyashiki became something new and something different.

He became a mechanized weapon, but he is still in his own body. You really have to get into the anime and see that there’s probably more than one story involved even though you don’t know it.

With just 11 episodes of the anime, it will be over as quickly as it is that you realize that it’s the ending.


9. Full Metal Alchemist

Full Metal Alchemist elric brothers

Edward is an alchemist, and he does something forbidden that he loses his leg and arm. He and his brother have brought their mother to life with consequences.

Edward now put his brother’s soul in a suit of armour (robot) after his brother lost his body.

Together, the two brothers are looking for the Philosopher’s Stone to bring back their old bodies.

This series may be old, but it has been quite popular since the beginning with its characteristics and storyline. It’s an awesome series and one that you should binge-watch whenever you can.


10. Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann main cast

To find safety, humans are living underground because of frequent earthquakes. However, two brave orphans went up to the surface to see if it was safe again and to live with the Beastmen and their robots.

This is actually a good anime, and even if it’s a bit hard or slow to understand at first, you will get into it.

They have to survive in this new world, and even though the anime could get weird at times, it is about war now.


11. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop sitting characters

Crime is a hardship nowadays in Cowboy Bebop.

With advanced technology forming with spaceships, warp gates and people now living on planets, it’s hard to keep up with the crime. Thus Black and Spike hunt down criminals as both have troubled pasts.

The two go back to their Bebop spaceships as new members join them to catch more criminals along the way.

This is an interesting anime to watch and a good anime that is filled with action!


12. Robotics Notes

Robotics Notes 2012

It’s about a high school robotics club that has to finish a giant robot, and it is Akiho’s goal to be able to do so while past members weren’t.

Another club member, Kaito, is uninterested in it and is into mecha-fighting games on the Pokecom.

Until he heard a voice one day and realized what it was. It’s a good concept, but it could get confusing and a bit slow at times while watching the series.

If you want to watch something new and like a slice of life anime with something different, this is the series that you should look into.


13. Time of Eve

Time of Eve anime characters

Robots are becoming a thing now, with them being housekeepers.

There’s three laws for the robots but not all seems perfect until Rikuo found something inside a robot called: Sammy. So Rikuo began to investigate, leading him into a cafe where it got something more interesting and intriguing.

If you haven’t seen this short anime series, this is one that you could look into because the animation is aweing and you wouldn’t be bored with the storyline.

If you have seen the Hollywood movie: “I, Robot”, this anime series is a bit like it but somewhat better.


14. Galaxy Angel

galaxy angel anime series

A group of females called: The Angel Brigade has to find these lost technologies for the military as it consists of mysterious powers. It could get serious at times, but the anime is mostly comedy.

Of course, there are mecha’s in the anime, but it is rarely used, and even finding the technologies were forgotten a bit.

If you somewhat like a slice of life with a bit of military and not that much seriousness, this anime is one you might be fond of. It could get cute throughout the episodes that you watch.


15. Azur Lane

azur lane anime

Four countries are formed to go against “The Sirens”, who have surpassed current technology.

More threat has come because of their ideals. Azur Lane seeks to protect the planet and try to gain peace.

There are a lot of technologies that are used against the war in this anime that could get confusing.

It is based on a Chinese shooting game that got developed into an anime series.

If you like games that turn into anime series, it could be that this may be the one for you to watch.

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