Parents Claim Demon Slayer is Too Violent For Children But Some Disagree |
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Parents Claim Demon Slayer is Too Violent For Children, But Some Disagree

Demon Slayer is constantly in the news, either for something good like hitting sales figures never seen before.

Or for something bad like a man who made money off fake Nezuko Figurines.

Japanese Man Arrested For Having 1500+ Fake Nezuko Figurines

This time the conversation is focused on Demon Slayer‘s violence, content, and whether children should be watching it.

Many parents are convinced it’s too much, but not everyone is on board with that opinion.


Mugen Train debate

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According to the Japanese times:

“Theaters have been crowded with parents and their children for the past month or so, but, once the movie is over and they return home, an increasing number of reports have claimed that some kids cry out during the night or say they’re too scared to go to sleep after viewing the film.”

They continue:

“Yaiko Watanabe, a professor of psychology at Hosei University, told Yahoo Japan that “in spite of the fact that ‘Demon Slayer’ has a PG12 rating, which means it’s typically safe for children to watch with parental guidance, the violent nature of the story and visuals may lead to adverse effects on preschool children.”

One thing about anime or any form of violent entertainment, is it all depends on the viewer more than their age.

I played and watched Resident evil as a kid and I’m no mass murderer.

Jokes aside, that was also mentioned in the debate of Demon Slayer being too violent or not.


The other side of the argument

“My kids begged to see it, and I myself had been hankering to go,” he says. “I assumed that a lot of families would be there, but most of the parents were accompanied by kids 10 years or older.

I also discovered that the movie is tailored for a young adult audience. Compared to conventional kids movies, the audio is super-loud, and the movie itself is long. Small children will find it hard to sit still for the 117-minute duration without the distraction of popcorn and drinks. Some theatres don’t allow popcorn in the seats so parents are best advised to check out the situation before going.”

They continue:

“Was the content too violent? Soma claims the movie is actually less gory than the TV anime series, a point his 8-year-old child agrees with.

For all its bloodiness, many parents seem to trust Tanjiro and his team of demon slayers to entertain their offspring.”


It all comes down to perspective

YouTube video


What do you think of Demon Slayer‘s violence? Too much for kids?

I never seen Demon Slayer as a violent series. It has some, yes, but nothing compared to Akame Ga Kill or shows like it.

Kimetsu No Yaiba‘s not the goriest anime, but whether it’s “for kids” comes down to context and their mindset I’d say.


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