What Anime Should I Watch? Here Are 17 Recommendations

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There are at least 10,000+ Anime shows in all kinds of categories and topics. So there’s no way you’d be able to watch all of them in your lifetime.

And that’s where the problem begins.

If there are so many shows, what Anime should you watch?

We’ll dive into 17 recommended Anime shows that I personally think you’ll love and should give a try. Each set of recommended Anime shows in this list will have its own category.

This won’t be your typical list, so don’t expect recommendations like DBZ, Naruto, One Piece… Or anything else that the Anime community is too familiar with already. 😉

That would be boring, after all.


Comedy Anime shows:


1. Amagi Brilliant Park

What Anime Should I Watch? Here Are 17 Recommendations

What do you do when your amusement park is in danger of being shut down?

That’s basically the theme the Amagi Brilliant Park is based on.

The amusement park needs to attract a certain amount of visitors to stay open, and one of the main characters is recruited to help make that happen.

What follows is nothing but comedy, funny scenes, and a strange/weird set of characters who possess magic… And all kinds of craziness as the show progresses.

I had a lot of fun watching this Anime, even though it’s only 13 episodes long.


2. My Bride Is A Mermaid

my bride is a mermaid

Imagine you’re unable to swim. But because your pride gets the better of you, you decide to swim out at sea to prove yourself and end up almost drowning.

That’s basically how the Anime – My Bride Is A Mermaid starts off. And of course, Nagasumi, the main character is saved by a mermaid. Known as – Sun Seto.

Each episode brings something new, crazy, unexpected, surprising, thrilling and even emotional sometimes. On top of WTF moments.

But without a doubt, you’ll be laughing all the way through till the end. The story is done really well from start to finish.


3. The Devil Is A Part-Timer

the devil is a part timer

Imagine being Satan himself, only to end up on planet earth and lose most of your powers. That’s how this Anime show kicks off.

And as the name suggests – the devil ends up becoming a part-time worker like a normal human being.

The Devil Is A Part Timer is one of the most creative Anime shows I’ve seen.

Instead of taking the typical approach (devils, chaos, etc), they made a joke out of it instead. And the entire Anime is full of laughs and hilarious scenes from start to finish.

As well as slice of life type episodes that are fun yet laid back. Sometimes with a drop of action and drama.

Whatever you do, don’t miss out on this if you love Comedy Anime‘s.


Psychological Anime’s:


4. Kokoro Connect

kokoro connect

Kokoro Connect is also a mysterious type of Anime.

As the show begins, the 5 students above are thrown into a strange set of events by an Alien called – Heartseed.

Each event changes each character’s behaviours, impulses, thoughts, experiences, and how they see each other. And with each new mystery, they’re put under pressure emotionally and pushed to their limits.

It’s one of my favourites from the Psychological/mystery categories.

I’d recommend you watch it if you want something new and refreshing.


5. Danganronpa


Imagine signing up for a new school just like any other student. But when you arrive, you realize it was all a set-up.

That’s how Danganronpa starts off. And what follows is pretty messed up, dark, and cruel to say the least.

And the only way out is to beat the set of rules that have been laid out.

It’s not the best Anime I’ve watched, but it is a great Psychological anime series.

And it does make you think about certain things in a way that’s deep as you watch the show. That’s what makes Danganronpa stand out.

The ending is also more than satisfying as far as endings go.


6. Hell Girl

hell girl

What if you could get revenge on anybody who’s done you wrong? And all you had to was go to a website at midnight and type in the name of the person you want revenge against.

That’s basically the theme behind the Anime – Hell Girl.

Of all the Anime I’ve seen, Hell Girl shows the dark side of human nature better than most.

From bullying, spreading false rumours about people, ruining somebody’s reputation, murder, and everything in between.

And in each case, someone gets revenge by summoning the Hell Girl to send them straight to hell.

If you’re looking for sadness, something a little dark, twisted, and psychological, this is it.


Action Anime:


7. Akame Ga Kill

akame ga kill wallpaper

It’s hard to mention action Anime without thinking of Akame Ga Kill. Everything about the whole show is nothing but action.

The story is based on an assassination group called Night Raid. Their purpose is to create a revolution by destroying the corrupt empire and changing the world for the better,

Each member has their own purpose and reasons for choosing this path.

The battle scenes are action-packed and some of the best you’ll ever see from an Anime “without” superpowers or magic.

I won’t say anymore as it might ruin it for you if you haven’t seen it. But I will say this Anime will stir your emotions. And so much more.


8. Gunslinger Girl

gunslinger girl

Gunslinger Girl is an Anime that will make you sad when you realize the story behind each character.

The main story is based on a set of girls who work for the government, and do their “dirty work”.

Each girl is “conditioned” to help them deal with the violence, bloodshed and horrific experiences they go through. Since they’re only kids after all.

It makes you really feel for the characters and want to reach out and give them a helping hand.

You can’t help but be impressed and moved as each character progresses through the series.

The main characters are:

  • Henrietta
  • Triela
  • Claes
  • Angelica
  • Rico


9. Noir


Noir isn’t the most action-packed Anime on this list. But it is a part of that category with a mixture of mystery and violence.

It focuses on the two main characters – Mireille and Kirika. Who are freelance assassins.

They both have a mysterious past and an affiliation with a mysterious group – Noir. Mireille and Kirika’s mission is to find answers while fighting for their survival.

If you prefer lightweight action with a great story thrown in, you’ll enjoy this.


10. D.Gray Man

d gray man wallpaper

D.Gray man is based on two groups – exorcists and Akuma.

When a person is grieving over the dead, the maker called – the Millennium Earl shows up. And uses their grievance against them, which then turns those they love into an Akuma (a demon).

It’s the exorcist’s job to free the trapped human souls from the Akuma by killing them.

Each exorcist comes with their own unique abilities, giving them the power to destroy Akuma.

If you’ve watched Shakugan No Shana or Inuyasha, there are plenty of similarities here.

D.Gray Man is no doubt one of the best Shounen, action Anime out there. With an 8.12/10 rating on MyAnimeList (may have changed).


11. A Certain Scientific Railgun

a certain scientific railgun mikoto and kuroko

Railgun is a nice blend of Action, Superpowers and Slice of Life. All wrapped into one Anime. The two main characters above are Misaka Mikoto and Kuroko Shirai.

The story is based in Academy City. A city full of people who have natural abilities and superpowers.

If you want something a little different with nice visuals, good laughs, and occasional action, then Railgun is worth watching.

It’s nothing like the average action Anime in the slightest. The first few episodes aren’t the best, but it gets good from there.


Slice of Life Anime:


12. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

miss kobayashi's dragon maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a comedy/fantasy/slice of life type Anime. And trust me when I say it’s hilarious.

Each episode is fresh and brings something new and entertaining. As is the case with many Slice Of Life anime shows.

The fact that many characters are dragons makes it that much more unique and fun to watch. And the humour the creators have managed to fit into it is what makes this show a masterpiece.

If like me you love slice of life Anime shows, then you’d be foolish to miss out on this Anime. It’s so fun to watch.


13. Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends


Haganai tackles topics like loneliness, struggling to make friends and socializing.

For the introverts of the world, and some people in general, it’s easy for you to relate to this.

When you have no friends it feels impossible to make even 1 friend. And being nervous, shy, or having people misunderstand you only makes it harder.

This is what Haganai is all about. While there are some dark aspects of this Anime, like bullying for example, it’s refreshing.

It’s different. And you’ll struggle to find an Anime series with all the aspects of Haganai.

It’s the perfect mix of Slice of Life and comedy wrapped into one.


14. Ranma 1/2


Ranma 1/2 was made by the same creators behind Inuyasha. Except that unlike Inuyasha, Ranma is in part a slice of life/comedy Anime.

It’s a fun, relaxed, laid-back Anime to watch. With each episode bringing something new to the table.

And the Anime itself is considered an old-school classic among the Anime community. I think you might agree after watching it!

Gaming Anime:


15. Log Horizon

log horizon wallpaper

Just like SAO, a bunch of gamers find themselves trapped within the game. And unable to log-out. But the big difference between this and Sword Art Online – nobody’s lives are in danger because of it.

The main characters start creating a life of their own in the video game – Elder Tales.

They set up a new society with a new set of rules, laws and regulations. And more importantly, they find a way to make it as fair and helpful as possible to everyone.

Log Horizon does start off a little slow, but if you bare with it this Anime just might surprise you.

Especially if you’re into video games!


16. And you thought there was never a girl online?

YouTube video

You can think of – And you thought there was never a girl online as a “fun” version of Log Horizon. With a touch of romance and Ecchi added to it.

The first main character is Hideki Nishimura, who is surprised to find out that the gamers he plays with online are girls.

From there the Anime takes all sorts of twists and turns. But does a decent job of focusing mostly on the gaming aspect the Anime is based on.

If Ecchi is your thing, then this gamer’s Anime just might be the thing you’re looking for.


17. Selector Infected Wixoss

selector infected wixoss wallpaper

And finally, Selector Infected Wixoss is a gaming Anime similar to SAO and Yu-Gi-Oh! So If you LOVE those, this will be worth trying.

I won’t mention the story because the plot has similarities with an Anime you might have seen, which might spoil it.

But the characters are decent, memorable, and do play a useful role throughout the Anime series.

No character is thrown into the plot without there being a good reason for it.

So what Anime will you be watching first?

Share your thoughts in the comments, and spread the word!


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