This Is Why Anime Will Never Be Politically Correct (Regardless Of Outrage Culture)

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I don’t know or can’t say WHAT they had in mind when anime was first created. But I guess it was like any other art form.

The creators wanted to make something:

  • Genuine
  • Authentic
  • Real

And to do it without restraint, hesitation or sugar-coating the product and their creativity.

Real art can’t be restricted after all. It’s an expression of your thoughts and feelings in its purest form.

That’s what makes anime so gorgeous as an art form.


Anime is politically INCORRECT

gintama youre such a girl funny moment

“You’re such a girl.”

Imagine hearing a line like this in western media more than any other type of media.

Western meaning American.

This kind of thing wouldn’t fly in 2020, or any other year before that. Thanks to:

  • FAKE outrage culture
  • Toxic feminism
  • One sided sexism

And of course – political correctness gone mad.

You’re not allowed to make these kinds of jokes, even if it’s in good taste.

Even Jim Carrey had “backlash” for flirting with a woman in an interview (even though no one complains if it’s the opposite).

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Why Anime Won’t “Bend” To Political Correctness:


1. Creative freedom

Japan is the kind of country that’s:

  • Relaxed
  • Open

And willing when it comes to creative freedom and freedom of expression.

They’re not harsh, oppressive, aggressive or communistic about artists and creators expressing their view points.

That’s why anime is a level playing field with so many different types of content.

Ishuzoku Reviewers is a legit example.

The anime’s about an adventurer who reviews brothels for his own pleasure. And has “fun” with different types of monster girl prozzies.

This kinda thing would be burned at the stake in the US of A.

shimoneta green hair girl

Shimoneta is another anime (Ecchi as well) with plenty of creative freedom.

The show feels like a stab at US SJW culture and the politically correct numbskulls who cry about the pettiest sh*t.

But more than that – it’s a show that highlights:

  • The dangers of SJW culture
  • Dirty jokes
  • Problems with political correctness

And more without even trying.

That’s part of its charm and humor, and that wouldn’t be possible if Japan wasn’t so willing to promote freedom of expression so much.

megumi tadokoro food wars ecchi

And then Food Wars takes “creative freedom” to a NEW level.

It takes the concept of food, and how it makes us FEEL when we’re enjoying it.

The big selling point is expressing that “feeling” so well, and adding some Ecchi or ridiculous fan service scenes to exaggerate the whole thing.

Again – it’s the level of freedom you can’t find in:

  • The USA
  • Or the west in general

Because political correctness limits creative freedom in a way that destroys GREAT ideas from ever making it to the big screen.

Even though the point of creativity is to say what you feel without holding anything back, whether some people like it or dislike it.

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2. Japan doesn’t give two f*cks about the loud minority

This was proven in 2019 (and many other times) when Shield Hero dropped.

Naofumi Iwatani is the main protagonist. And he’s accused of rape and sexual assault, then BANISHED for a false accusation from a vindictive b*tch in the story.

Because it relates to the #metoo movement and how MEN have been falsely accused, and had their careers ruined – Feminist sites cried a river.

They went out of their way to say things like this:

“The first and most important thing worth mentioning is that false rape accusations of this nature aren’t really a thing (think about the social consequences for women even when their accusations are extremely credible; people don’t do this kind of thing for fun).”

Source: This Is Why SJW’S Will NEVER Ruin The Anime Industry

The Shield Hero director had no f*cks to give regardless:


The same thing happened with Uzaki Chan’s bloodrive donation

After seeing the loud minority for what they are, the Japanese red cross brought back Uzaki Chan after “pandering” to feminists.

They still complained even after they made changes, which is why Japan decided to switch back after it put people’s lives at risk over someone’s stupid, irrelevant opinion.

Comiket Bloodrive Donation SUFFERS After Pandering To Feminists In The West


3. Japan is true to their own culture

The problem with the loud minority in the US and UK is the colonist mentality of these people.

They want to FORCE their own ideals, opinions and culture on others. And even erase the opposing culture if they have to.


Japan doesn’t care

That’s why Hentai Censorship may change in the future.

I reported on this last November 2019. Japan’s own censorship laws around Hentai is going through changes.

The KIND of changes the loud minority in the west would HATE to see, because anime is so politically incorrect. Too much for them to bear with.

One of those changes is the removal of censorship with 2D anime girls and boys, and 2D anime characters in general.

Censorship Of Anime Hentai Could Be REMOVED Completely In The Future

Japan is true to their culture, and won’t bow down to fake outrage

shimoneta blue snow funny

And that’s clear from their actions, how they operate within their own country, and how they respond to SJW nonsense on Twitter.

No matter how many times the loud minority cries about “not having things their way”, Japan walks with their head held high and their middle finger to the sky.

And as they should.

Anime is their culture, and no one has any business censoring or controlling it. Especially when there’s no “real” problem to begin with.


4. Japan’s main anime market is NOT the US

It’s easy to forget anime predominantly sells in Japan, followed by Asia.

The west and anywhere else doesn’t even make up their “main” target market. And it doesn’t make up the majority of their sales either.

That’s despite the US being a good market for anime.


The same is true for Manga

manga girl

The majority of anime and manga dominates in Japan, its home turf. No different to how Hip Hop dominates in the US, the same country it started.

It’s part of Japan’s culture and is deeply embedded into that culture. So no amount of:

  • Backlash
  • So called controversies
  • Outrage
  • SJW’S

Will be able to change that fact.

In the coming years they’re gonna have to live with it, knowing their so-called “political correctness” won’t ever affect Japan’s politically incorrect content surrounding anime.


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