Anime Is Deemed Lowest Level Of Child Exploitation, According To Australian Federal Police Guidelines

Anime Is Deemed The Lowest Level Of Child Exploitation, According To Australian Federal Police Guidelines (1)
Written by Theo J Ellis

Australia is known for its censorship with:

  • Video games
  • Anime
  • Media

And especially anything considered “foreign” to Australia rather than local and home-bred. And they’be been on an anime censorship tirade since late 2019, and throughout 2020.

I did some investigating on this end (original news) on Australia’s Federal Police department’s guidelines

They’ve deemed anime to be the lowest level of child exploitation. Meaning even “real” child exploitation is higher on their list and not as bad.

I’ll leave that insanity for you to figure out.


Child Sexual Abuse Research Book (Australia)

child sexual abuse book australia

A book written by India Bryce and Wayne Petherick details issues relating to child sexual abuse.

An obviously serious topic.

What’s curious though is how anime finds itself in the book along the lines of child sexual abuse.

According to Australian Federal Police, AND the book itself (which are both connected) they have a set of guidelines.

It comes under the 6 unlawful CETS categories.

Here’s what it says:

“No sexual activity, but where there is nudity… or virtual, including anime, cartoons, comics, and drawings depicting children engaged in sexual poses or activity.”

australian federal police guidelines book

This section is obviously taken out of context. But only in the sense of anime being “generalized” as something that exploits children, or has children engaged in sexual poses or activity.

Even with this piece of information, it doesn’t change the Australian Federal Police’s guidelines.

And according to those guidelines, anime is the lowest form of child exploitation.

Given this “guideline” has been legit for some years now, it was really only a matter of time before Australia started censoring anime and attacking it on all fronts.

It was just a matter of when that would happen.

Now we’re already here.


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Australia Plans To BAN Child Sexual Abuse Anime & Manga Like Eromanga Sensei

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id Still pirate


do you think the medium can be completely censored, I’m still concerned, plus will pirates continue to operate in Australia and also in Japan

Reply to  Theo J Ellis

I hope America or the uk doesn’t ban anime next

Reply to  Theo J Ellis

Not to mention people will always find a way to obtain it

Reply to  Theo J Ellis

I hope pirates continue to rise especially when most western translations are so inaccurate

Reply to  Theo J Ellis

I feel like I blame Facebook and google for a lot of the nonsense we see from politicians to sjws, I say that because of the Cambridge analytica scandal and how major internet companies are manipulating both elections and societal discourse, I don’t mean to get political but Facebook and google have the private data of more than 2 billion people

Reply to  Theo J Ellis

Man I seriously miss the old internet, no seriously my space was awesome and YouTube was a completely different place back then