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25+ Of The Best LGBTQ Anime Shows That Won’t Disappoint

The first time I seen an LGBTQ anime was in high school and it was shounen ai.

The anime that I’ve watched for shounen ai was Gravitation and back then it was quite popular.

After watching Gravitation, I started to like watching anime within the LGBTQ. The storylines within that category aren’t that bad, and some are great.

Here are 25 anime that are part of the LGBTQ.


1. Junjou Romantica

junjou romantica s1 e1613739600890 |

The popular Junjou Romantica series is about 3 couples. The main couple is about Misaki and Akihiko.

Akihiko is an author and he tutors Misaki after Misaki’s older brother asked him for help to get Misaki into the university.

The anime series is shounen ai while the manga itself is actually yaoi but is BL. The music is great and the storyline is quite an unoriginal plot. There’s a total of 3 seasons so far and the manga is still ongoing.

The series started in 2008 and last season was 2015.


2. Gakuen Heaven

Gakuen e1613739981677 |

The anime is shounen ai and it is based on a computer game.

It’s about a boy named Keita who got a letter to go to a special academy where the students have skills. However Keita doesn’t have any skills and he wonders how he was able to get a letter in a top notch school.

As the anime progresses, Keita is starting to have suspicious feelings about his friend, Kazuki.

It’s a short anime with 13 episodes and there are only 5 manga that have been published but 3 of them were only translated in English.

It’s a continuation from each episode and it’s best if you watch each one to be able to understand the entire series.

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3. Ai no Kusabi

ai no kusabi series |

A computer named Jupiter rules the world of Amoi where society is placed into categories. It is where a high elite blonde named Iason meets a mongrel who goes by the name: Riki the Dark.

Once met, they begin to have a forbidden affair even though Riki keeps denying it.

If you want to watch Ai no Kusabi, I think you should watch the older version first as it is more darker and emotional rather than the remake of 2012.


4. Sweet Blue Flowers

sweet blue flowers e1613740060350 |

Fumi and Akira meet in high school again after being separated for a decade.

It’s in high school where Fumi confesses to Akira.

Sweet Blue Flowers is yuri and it has been out for a decade but the storyline is complex and there is romance between the students besides Fumi and Akira.


5. Revolutionary Girl Utena

revolutionary girl utena 254 1 e1613740712457 |

Utena is a really old anime in the late 90s but it was a bit popular before and the storyline is quite good.

Utena is tomboyish and wants to be a prince, where at the academy she attends, she sword fights and wins the “Rose Bride” name Anthy.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is yuri and the series is long to watch with a total of 39 episodes.

If you want something different, I think this series would be something for you to watch as it has sword fights, romance, school, etc.

The ending of Utena may be a bit emotional so bring some tissues just in case.

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6. Gravitation

Gravitation e1613760132196 |

Shuichi is a singer in a band called “Bad Luck.” He meets a man at a park one day named Eiri Yuki as the song lyrics in Shuichi’s hands have flown out and went to Yuki.

From there, Shuichi has been chasing after Yuki and learning that he has a dark past.

When Gravitation first came out, it was a popular shounen ai series. It has a total of 13 episodes, OVA, manga, novels and even a short manga sequel.

Gravitation was my first shounen ai series.


7. Sasameki Koto

Sasameki Koto anime |

Sumika is a high school girl and is in love with her best friend. However, Sumika’s best friend, Ushio has a different opinion on who she likes in girls.

Sumika tries and tries to get Ushio to notice her but fails every time. The series has 13 episodes plus the manga’s.

if you like school romance drama, I think this series may be the one for you. There’s so much drama between Sumika and Ushio along with their classmates.

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8. No. 6

No 6 e1613760332679 |

Shion meets a boy named Nezumi,

At first the two become fast friends and then friendship blossom into a relationship.

It’s a good storyline and there’s 11 episodes along with the manga. It could be shounen ai as there’s of course a kiss between Shion and Nezumi but nothing more than that.

The ending is a bit sad and if you like emotional anime, I think No. 6 may be something you might want to try.

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9. Hourou Musuko

hourou musuko 3425 1 e1613760392375 |

Shuichi is a young student who wants to be a girl and begins to cross-dress. His friends encourage him to become feminine.

It has pretty good art and animation, and if you want to watch something different, I think this series may do it for you.

It’ only 12 episodes long.


10. YuriKuma Arashi

yuri kuma arashi |

The bears began attacking humans due to an asteroid, then a wall divides between the bears and humans.

Two friends started to fall in love with each other when they started school. This anime looks cute but it has violence and Yuri.

The anime is Sci Fi with about 12 episodes in the series along with the manga and light novel. Not to mention romance between the 2 female characters.

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11. Yuri on Ice

yuri e1613760817548 |

It’s about a figure skater named Yuri who puts his career on hold until he met someone named Victor.

Victor becomes Yuri’s coach after he won a performance. During the grand prix, both Victor and Yuri became close and even have a kiss.

Yuri on Ice became popular when the anime was released. it was something different from other shounen ai series as it has to do with sports.

There’s so many critics out there that have a different opinion on the series due to the fact that it’s shounen ai.

The series is 12 episodes with an OVA and manga, there will be an anime film soon.


12. Citrus

citrus e1613761643135 |

Yuzu goes to an all-girls school after her mother remarries. Eventually Yuzu starts having romantic feelings for her stepsister, Mei.

I think many people are put off from this step sister scenario, even at first after seeing it for the first time.

If you could put off the whole step sister thing, I think you may find this anime enjoyable and the storyline is sort of good.

Citrus has 12 episodes and was released barely three years ago so it is still new. Besides the series, there are manga’s that you can read.

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13. FAKE

FAKE e1613761760122 |

It’s rather too bad that FAKE only has one OVA and it is based off the second volume manga. The OVA itself is rather quite good even if it’s really old and you may not like how the animation or voice acting is.

FAKE is about two NYPD as Dee Laytner is starting to fall in love with his Japanese American, Ryo.

If you watch the OVA and like it, the manga is better with a better storytelling of their relationship and it isn’t obscene until the last volume.


14. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

sekaiichi e1613761856682 |

If you know about the BL anime titled: Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is the spinoff series and is in the same universe as Junjou.

Just like Junjou, Sekaiichi focuses on 3 couples and the main couple is Ritsu and Takano. Ritsu gets a job in Marukawa Publishing in the manga department, he meets his high school love who is also his new boss.

Ritsu must figure out his career and his love. Sekaiichi is a sweet, romance love story with awesome music.


15. Finder Series

finder series e1613762046919 |

It’s rather too bad that the Finder Series anime has 2 OVA’s and barely an hour long each.

Besides only having 2 OVA’s, the anime is yaoi but it has a good storyline for viewers.

A 23-year-old Akihito is a photographer and took pictures of the crime lord, Asami, one day as he was doing business.

It was from that point on that their relationship started even though it was Asami who had r*ped Akihito.

The 2 OVA’s are mature but if you care about the storyline and get passed that, the Finder Series is good and the manga is even better.


16. Kanamemo

the kanamemo crew e1613762174230 |

A girl named Kana loses everything as she lives and works within a newspaper delivery workplace.

The series is mainly about following Kana and her daily life. It was released in 2009 and there’s 13 episodes.

There is Yuri within the series and it’s noticeable.

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17. The Betrayal Knows My Name

betrayal e1613762327789 |

Giou Yuki is an orphan, he finds out that he has abilities of empathy since when he touches someone, he can feel his/her emotion.

Even to the point of purifying them. He meets someone named Luka as Yuki figures out the truth.

The anime is fantasy and It’s hinted that there is shounen ai between Yuki and Luka.

The series has 25 episodes.


18. Mirage of Blaze

mob e1613762551688 |

It’s an old anime and the storyline can get confusing if you don’t pay attention.

It’s about a high school student who is the reincarnation of Lord Kagetora.

Besides finding out about being reincarnated, the high school student named Takaya also finds out that both Naoe and Kagetora have a difficult past together.

Not much really happens between Takaya and Naoe but it’s shounen ai and involves 2 men.

The series has spiritual-like powers between the characters as they’re reincarnation from past selves.


19. Embracing Love

haru e1613762725422 |

Iwaki and Katou are adult film stars. When they were filming a film, they both wanted it to be a success as they were thinking about retirement.

But they need to make love to each other for the film.

It’s right after the film where they began to have romantic feelings for one another as Katou is outgoing while Iwaki isn’t

The anime only has 2 OVA’s with half an hour each episode, it’s also Yaoi and of course not for kids.


20. Love Pistols

sex pistols e1613762940921 |

Love Pistols is about humans being like animal creatures where they fall in love with someone who’s either human or animal.

A high school student named Norio discovered his animal creature and tried to hide it from other people who wanted him.

The story gets confusing a bit but there’s only 2 OVA’s and the running time isn’t that long to watch.


21. Sakura Trick

sakura trick e1613763060952 |

Haruka and Yu have been best friends since junior high school, but the 2 of them are different as they begin to start a relationship.

Haruka is the most romantic one while Yu gets embarrassed at times.

The anime is cute and sweet with a total of 12 episodes, with some nice art by 2021 standards.

The music is fun to listen to and besides Haruka and Yu having romantic feelings, their classmates are having romance troubles as well.


22. Okane Ga Nai

YouTube video

Ayase is a college student, his cousin sells him off to an auction one day as he has debts to repay.

Ayase is bought by Kanou and unknown to Ayase, the 2 have previously met before.

The storyline is good but only has 4 OVA episodes, though the light novel and manga makes up for it.


23. Ouran HighSchool Host Club

host club e1613763413776 |

It’s about high school male students who have a secret club in the school that hosts and entertains female students.

That’s when they meet a student named Harui. The members at first believe Harui’s a boy at first but is actually a girl (TRAP).

They decid to make Harui one of their hosts.

This anime series is well known and was popular when it first released.

It has cross-dressing, comedy, gender-bending, and all things related. With 26+ episodes.

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24. Love Stage

love stage e1613763680372 |

Izumi is a manga artist, he played as a girl in a commercial one day with a boy.

He stays out of being drawn into celebrity status until years later, when they want to do the commercial again.

It’s a short, cute anime with 10 episodes plus an OVA where anyone can binge watch it.


25. Angel’s Feather

angels feather anime |

It is rather too bad that Angel Feather only has 2 OVA episodes as it is based on a video game.

Chou is into Kendo and he transfers to a private school where he believes he has found his younger brother who doesn’t believe him.

The school has a magical world where others have abilities and soon Chou discovers he has abilities as well.

This anime is really short and a bit confusing, but if you have the time to watch it, it’s an anime where something unexpected happens.

I like watching LGBTQ anime because of the forbidden love that the two characters may have.

After watching Gravitation, I began to broaden on what to watch for BL anime.

The LGBTQ doesn’t have to be romance either, it could just be hinted right in the anime as the viewer watches. Like the anime Railgun.


Other LGBTQ Anime:

  • Princess Princess
  • Loveless
  • Level C
  • Sukisho
  • Dakaichi
  • Antique Bakery


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