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16+ Anime Characters Who’s Names Start With The Letter A

There are 32 letters in the alphabet, and there are TONS of anime characters within each letter of the alphabet. And I Intend to cover them all.

That’s part of what people are looking for when they come to Anime Motivation.

So far I’ve covered letters:

  • K.
  • M.

Let’s focus on the first letter of the alphabet today.

Here’s a list of anime character names with the letter A!


1. Aiko Aihara (Owari No Seraph)

Aiko Aihara Owari No Seraph soldier |

She’s one of the squad members from the Moon Demon Company, the main unit and army filled with soldiers who slay vampires. And are trained to do so.

Aiko is a sergeant making her a high-ranking soldier with a 15-man team.

She has a calm personality and comes across as level-headed and not one to let pride or being overly emotional stand in the way of what’s important.

She has a heart of gold and will do whatever it takes to achieve the goals set out before her, for the good of society without all that “justice” BS.


2. Akihiko Kayaba (Sword Art Online)

Akihiko Kayaba Sword Art Online white coat |

Kayaba as he’s called usually is the main antagonist of the SAO series. And he’s one who announces himself within the first or 2nd episode of SAO.

He’s responsible for the 1000’s of deaths, injuries, and more faced by a massive group of VR players who find themselves trapped inside a virtual game. A game where if they die in-game, their headset is programmed to fry their brain, killing them.

Akihiko Kayaba seems nonchalant and hardly cares for the lives he put in danger. He only cares about the research aspect of what he did, the fact that he was able to create this kind of destruction, and “science”.

Even with all that said he’s not the evilest person in nature.


3. Asta (Black Clover)

Asta Black Clover big smile |

The main protagonist of the Black Clover series, and one people love to hate. This was especially true during the beginning of the series back in 2018 onwards when the anime was disrespected.

Asta is a loud character who shouts a lot, screams a lot, and this is partly why some may dislike him at first. Similar to Naruto it takes some time to get used to him and the anime grows on you.

Though I’m not too far in myself.


4. August (Fairy Tail)

August Fairy Tail wizard king |

The wizard king. August is known as the most powerful mage in the continent. He’s learned all the magic there is to learn and there’s no exception when talking about August.

Even among the Spriggan 12 members of which he’s a member of, there’s no one on his level or even near it except Irene Belserion, who’s also powerful.

August is one of the more reasonable members of the Spriggan 12 who’s actually willing to listen but only when Brandish who he has a a “grandaughter” relationship intervenes.


5. Ai Enma (Hell Girl)

Ai Enma Hell Girl black hair |

She’s the hell girl. The girl who if you follow a set of conditions after 12 AM midnight she’ll show up and grant your wish. A wish to kill and banish the person you hate the most.

It’s a form of revenge.

Ai Enma has a dead personality. She’s been a slave to the hell master for 100’s and 100’s of years. Forced to do his work forever. She was once human which plays into the breakdown of her personality and humanity.

If we’re talking about sad anime characters or depressing, she’s high on the list.


6. Accelerator (A Certain Magical Index)

accelerator anime villain character |

The strongest esper in Academy City ranked #1 out of all the 7 level 5 espers. He’s on a whole other level because of his ability to manipulate vectors.

This makes him impossible to defeat.

Featured in the anime’s A Certain Magical Index, A Certain Scientific Railgun, A Certain Scientific Accelerator, he either plays the role of villain or protagonist, and his character development takes place in some variety.

He’s one of the more likeable villains and characters in anime as a whole.


7. Ajeel Rami (Fairy Tail)

Ajeel Raml Fairy Tail spriggan 12 |

This guy is the one the whole Fairy Tail squad (team Natsu) does a runner from while escaping with Makarov during the Spriggan 12 arc. They’re leaving the Alvarez Empire.

Ajeel’s personality is aggressive, ruthless, and he’s the type to show no mercy or “play with his food” so to speak.

Being a magic user who uses the power of sand, Ajeel has the immense power to bring about a Tsunami of sand without even feeling drained after using the attack.

He’s also capable of sinking towns and cities with his ability, making him one of the most dangerous Spriggan 12 members. And one that took a few FT wizards to fight off despite him being by his lonesome.


8. Ami Mizuno (Sailor Moon)

Ami Mizuno Sailor Moon sailor mercury |

Known more commonly as Sailor Mercury, Ami is the smart girl of the group. The geek of sorts. The one who studies hard takes formal education seriously and gets good grades as a result.

She’s also the least rebel-like member of the Sailor Moon characters. She likes to use her brain to win a fight and that makes her adept in certain situations.

Ami’s most attractive trait is her mindset and intelligence aside from being a grounded, disciplined person.


9. Akane Tsunemori (Psycho Pass)

Ami Mizuno Sailor Moon psycho pass 4 |

The “novice” in the police force, and the new member who’s introduced in the first episode of Psycho Pass. She has short hair, is a good listener, and isn’t one to get carried away with conversation.

Akane has potential in the police force because she’s a bit of a rebel, but more importantly – she thinks about problems in a logical way. And communicates her arguments in a way that’s not too confrontational.

This is how she’s able to have influence in The Sybel System of Psycho Pass, which is a system that runs the police force and more across the city. It has certain laws have their own problems and flaws.


10. Asuma Sarutobi (Naruto)

Asuma Sarutobi Naruto sensei |

The man himself. Asuma is the Sensei of characters like Ino and especially Shikamaru in the Naruto series. A lot of Shikamaru’s characteristics and style come from Asuma in a way.

As a Jonin-level fighter and ninja, Asuma was notably strong and has become one of the sources of one of Naruto’s emotional memories people still talk about to this day. And won’t forget.


11. Acnologia (Fairy Tail)

Acnologia blast tenrou island |

The black dragon and king of dragons Acnologia. The name by itself strikes fear into wizard guilds across the continent in FT. Even the so-called strongest guild in the Alvarez Empire the spriggan 12 knew not to mess with Acnologia.

He obliterated an island with one blast when he first showed up, and is immune to magic and most regular attacks. In fact, only other dragons can cause any harm to him, and to a lesser degree – dragon slayers like Natsu.

He doesn’t seem to care about others much and is extremely introverted and savage.


12. Alibaba (Magi: Labyrinth Of Magic)

Alibaba Magi Labyrinth Of Magic serious face e1661940011373 |

The blonde male character and one of the trio protagonists of Magi. Alibaba finds himself in a lot of trouble throughout the series in various ways, and it’s all related to his lineage of being a prince.

Alibaba isn’t the stereotypical character or prince either. More like a normal guy who knows how to fight, survive, and is still figuring it out as he goes along.

Alibaba’s relevance in Magi makes him too important to be without. His best friend is Aladdin.


13. Asahi Kobe (Happy Sugar Life)

Asahi Kobe Happy Sugar Life dark eyes |

The older brother of Shio Kobe, she’s a little girl who suffers a lot in life from a young age and is later saved from her suffering by a stroke of luck. Asahi though is probably the character who suffers more than anyone.

He fights for his sister, constantly. And even goes out of his way to search for her when she goes missing. This is despite him starving, being hungry, and not having any money or food to eat most of the time.

Shio is his lifeline in a world where his own family is disturbed, home life is hell, and he really has no one to turn to because he understands the nature of many adults who are fake, snakes, and can be cruel.

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14. Anpu (The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K)

Anpu The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K |

The cat in the Saiki K series who appears in the first season. Anpu can actually talk and communicates with Kusuo Saiki himself. The name is related to an Egyptian God that was a jackal.

After a run-in with Saiki who refuses to help the cat squeeze out of a tight space (a narrow gap in the wall), Anpu decides to walk onto Saiki’s doorstep where his parents welcome the cat.

He does it for revenge and to be petty.


15. Aladdin (Magi: Labyrinth Of Magic)

Aladdin Magi Labyrinth Of Magic chess |

A perverted kid who can take things a bit too far and a kid whose kindness can hardly be compared. Aladdin is a strange kid in the series and is one of the so-called “special” characters who’s blessed with tons of Magoi (magic).

He’s wise beyond his years and understands people well. He reads into things and has sharp intuition and instinct about things he doesn’t understand, but knows what to do or how to act.

He’s the main reason for the anime’s comedy and some of its best moments between other characters who play a relevant role.


16. Anzu (Hinamatsuri)

Anzu Hinamatsuri cute kawaii |

As cliche as it is, Anzu is angelic because she’s so pure and innocent. She puts on a front at first for necessary reasons.

Like other characters in the anime, she has supernatural abilities but the anime doesn’t focus too much on this side of things and chooses to tell stories and focus on comedy.

Anzu ends up homeless and is taken in by other homeless people who are elderly. She learns how to fend for herself, which means stealing, mugging, and finding ways to get away with it to survive.

She learns a hard lesson and is later lucky enough to escape this life. Her gratitude, attitude, and emotional growth are a sight to see.


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