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7 Anime Cliches You’ll Never Get Tired Of Seeing

Life is a cliché in itself. There’s always things we get into the habit of doing, and at some point you wanna slap yourself because it’s gotten so boring.

But not all cliches are like that.

Some manage to live on and keep going strong, no matter how many times you see it happen.

Anime is the same way. Here are some cliches that never seem to go out of style…


7 Anime Cliches You’ll Always Love:


1. The Main Protagonist Who Starts Out WEAK

izuku midoriya mha smile |

The latest, most popular version of this? My Hero Academia.

How is it that even after 20 years of seeing main protagonists start out “weak” only to grow strong… that we’re still endorsing it?

What makes a character like Izuku Midoriya so good you can’t even turn away from the screen? Raw Emotions.

Shounen anime like MHA have always grabbed our emotions and squeezed every last drop it.

That’s why these types of anime continue to succeed. It’s the reason you helplessly buy into the characters story.

After all – everyone starts out weak, and seeing that person drastically change reminds you of what’s possible in real life. If you give it your all.

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2. Two Protagonists Who Fall In Love

inuyasha and kagome in love |

Love. Romance. We’ve been promoting it for so many centuries that you’d wonder why we’re not tired of it.

But the reason is obvious: watching a person fall in love is a relatable, emotional experience. And that’s true, even when the love is bittersweet.

When 2 anime characters, childhood friends (or not) end up falling in love, it’s a reminder of real life.

Call it biology or psychology. Romance and love is a part of what makes us human.


3. The Hero Of Justice

shirou emiya hero of justice e1546542553246 |

When I picture a hero of justice – I think of Shirou Emiya from the Fate Stay Night series.

He starts out weak and useless when it comes to physical combat. But even still, his unwavering belief of wanting to help others, even if it costs him his own life is what carries him forward.

And that’s a running theme we see in anime all the time with “the hero of justice”.

  • They dedicate their life to being the example of a “good” human being.
  • They’re criticized for their beliefs, and yet they never let it get in the way.
  • And of course – they show up to save the day, doing the impossible. Despite their own fears and insecurities.

All Might is another example of a “hero of justice”. And even though it’s a cliché, we still love it as fans of anime.

It’s a cliché that will never die, as long as there’s a new way to tell the hero’s story.


4. Beach Episodes With “Acceptable” Fan Service

anime girls beach episode |

Beach episodes are one of the most common, almost laughable cliches in the anime industry.

It’s the kind of cliché you expect to see, even If the anime itself has nothing to do with fan service at all.

But that doesn’t stop the cliché from standing tall, even in 2019.

And that’s because it’s a cliché that’s “acceptable”.

It’s like getting a massage after a long day at work or school.

Beach episodes give you a chance to “kick back” and step away from all the seriousness, with some fan service, a little harem, and everything else we’ve come to expect from it.


5. Japanese Summer Festivals And Kimono’s

free anime summer festival screenshot |

Japanese summer festivals, Kimono’s, fish catching and everything you see in an anime series… This is a legendary cliché in its own right (if you can call it that).

It’s something you tend to see in slice of life shows like K-On. Or supernatural shows like Shakugan No Shana.

This is the kind of cliché that’s hard to hate, because the beautiful Kimono’s, scenery and the relaxation that comes with it is priceless.

Not to mention – comedy.

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6. That Moment When The Protagonist Uses Their ULTIMATE Technique

izuku midoriya smash gif |

That moment All Might uses the “SMASH” technique…

Or that moment when Goku charges up to use the Ka-me-ha-me-ha.

On the surface it seems childish, over the top and maybe a little too much. But that’s exactly the point.

That’s why iconic moments like this in a supernatural series are so famous and memorable.

It’s that one moment your favorite character is about to do something out of this world, and as the hype builds… you get pulled into it against your own will.

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7. The Talking Cat (Or Animal Mascot)

squid girl mascot anime |

Nowadays it’s common to see an anime where a CAT of all things is able to talk. Like Yoruichi in the anime: Bleach.

Or characters like Happy from Fairy Tail.

I can’t see Fairy Tail being as hilarious as it is WITHOUT Happy being a part of it.

Happy defines comedy in the Fairy Tail series, and it wouldn’t be half as funny without him. Because he’s one hell of an animal mascot.

The same is true for some other animal mascots in anime, like Squid Girl.


Honmorable Mentions:

  • Love heart eyes.
  • Overly energetic anime character.
  • Over exaggerated tears when a character cries (Aqua in Konosuba).


What cliché would you add to this list?

Every fan’s different and some cliches bother some more than others.

But if there are anymore “bearable” cliches you know of, leave it in the comments.



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