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17+ GREAT Anime Characters With Fire Powers, Magic, And Abilities

Anime characters who use:

  • Fire magic.
  • Fire powers.
  • Fire-based abilities.

And everything related are a unique set of characters in the anime industry. The reason is there are not too many of them compared to let’s say, characters are just physically strong at the bare minimum.

So let’s talk about anime characters who fit the bill, with some more obscure than others you may have never heard of.

Let’s get started.


Anime characters with fire abilities:


1. Julis Alexia Van Riessfeld (Asterisk War)

Julis Alexia Von Riessfeld Fire

Julis Alexia is the main character and heroine in the Asterisk War series, which is an Ecchi/harem with action, romance, and pure fantasy elements of course.

Julis’s main ability is fire based. She’s a Genestella, an enhanced human capable of generating abilities of some kind, and a type of person who certain people hate in the series.

“Burst into bloom” is one of her famous chants before launching an attack from her sword, a weapon she can also fight with without the use of magic or magically enhanced abilities.


2. Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Mars Fire Magic

Rei is her human name, but her sailor name is Sailor Mars. She represents fire out of all the sailor scouts, and it matches her personality in a stereotypical kind of way based on her mood and attitude.

Rei is a character who can’t stand BS and tells it straight, but she has a soft side. More importantly, all her magic is fire based but she can go beyond that and is a confirmed planet buster.

This is true of all sailor scouts pretty much.


3. Lina Inverse (Slayers)

Lina Inverse Fireball Gif

Still one of anime’s strongest mages and characters in 2022. 99% of the BIG 3 characters can challenge Lina Inverse.

This old-school character can use all types of magic, with fire being one of them in different variations. And she’s fairly powerful given that fire isn’t even her main or strongest form of magic.

Black magic is one of Lina’s most OP spells.


4. Alibaba Saluja (Magi: Kingdom Of Magic)

Alibaba Saluja Kingdom Of Magic

Alibaba starts out in the first season called Magi: Labyrinth Of Magic. In this series he trains, has hardships, especially relating to his friend Kaseem, and he grows stronger. Slowly but surely.

By the time Kingdom Of Magic comes around, Alibaba is much more powerful in a visible way, and he leans into his fire capabilities. And even gains a lot of speed in the process.

He’s not the most recognized fire-based anime character, but he’s one of the best there is.


5. Hikaru Shidou (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Hikaru Shidou Fire

Hikaru’s a swordswoman who’s main and only element is fire. It’s the color of parts of her outfit, it resembles her hair, her personality, and her magic all in one.

Different to Sailor Mars, Hikaru Shidou is more compassionate, gentle, a little silly, and has no problem sharing her emotions with others she cares for.

She has a burning passion for justice, true righteousness, and doing the right thing without being held back by fear like the average person.

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6. Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

main qimg 67d58c9898dce2c7195c9f1ad00971ae |

Being the son of satan and having blue flames he’s a bit different to the average fire user. And the anime needs more material to show it off more.

Rin grows up dealing with bullies and people targeting him, distancing themselves from him, and treating him differently to the point of frustration.

This hardens his personality and makes him the man he is in the story.

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7. Shana (Shakugan No Shana)

Shana Fire

Still one of the best-looking fire users in anime. Her whole presence is covered in glittering flames, similar to Byakuya’s “petals” in Bleach.

Shana is contracted to the most powerful demon called Alastor, a fire-based demon, and one who’s capable of challenging the god of creation.

She’s easily in the top 10 for fire-based anime characters because of the demon she’s contracted to.

Even by herself she’s highly skilled in martial arts, swordsmanship, and is immortal as a flame haze. She can also freeze time at will without any effort.


8. Shinra Kusakabe (Fire Force)

Shinra Kusakabe Fire User

The main character of the fire force series, and the one who can shoot flames from his feet similar to Natsu from Fairy Tail but different. They share a lot of traits.

Shinra is a naive character who believes in concepts like playing the hero, justice, and things of that nature. And he learns a hard lesson about these concepts down the line.

He has a good heart and the right intentions and is easily one of the fastest fire users in anime when he maxes out.


9. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

YouTube video

All of the Uchiha in the Naruto franchise is capable of using fire elements on some level. Even if it’s not the most flashy or destructive.

Itachi is one of the more powerful Uchiha in this area of fire-based abilities. The famous technique Amaterasu is capable of burning its target to dust with the flame being impossible to put out in general.

It’s a savage technique.


10. Style Magnus (A Certain Magical Index)

Style Magnus Fire Magic

In a similar way to Shana, Magnus is also contracted and uses fire magic. It can reach over 3000 degrees celsius hot, which isn’t the hottest example (no pun intended) but still hot.

He likes to smoke a lot and despite his looks, he’s actually a teenager. This isn’t as surprising when you see the ages and designs of characters from the series A Certain Magical Index.

It’s a meme in itself.

11. Genryusai Yamamoto (Bleach)


Clearly a beast when it comes to the use of fire because of his Zanpakuto. He’s a feared man no soul reaper will mess with unless they have some sort of plan because he’s that dangerous.

He doesn’t even need to use his flame Zanpakuto in most cases, as shown when he defeated Aizen’s creation wonderweiss.

12. Natsu and Igneel (Fairy Tail)

Igneel And Natsu

Natsu’s a powerhouse in his own right as a fire user, but Igneel’s flames can reach over 100,000 degrees celsius with ease. No fire user in anime has flames that reach this hot with the possible exception of Alastor from Shakugan No Shana.

That makes Igneel a threat to a lot of “strong” characters if he was able to land a hit.

No chance of survival.


13. Bakugo Katsuki (My Hero Academia)

Bakugo Katsuki Fire Heat

Another unique fire user on this list. Bakugo generates not fire necessarily, but explosives from his sweat which produces heat and is able to severely hurt whoever his target is.

He can shoot flames from his body because of this ability as well.

Bakugo’s anatomy is completely different to the average fire-based character as it goes beyond just being “magical” and has a logical explanation.

14. Inca (Fire Force)

Inca Fire Force Tragic Fire

One of the more unique fire users from Fire Force which has some of the best characters in anime that wield fire. She’s also a tragic character who goes rogue and is forced down the path of darkness and destruction.

Inca (the character above) is a bit of a crackpot as a result of her experiences and has a sadistic way of using her abilities after what takes place.

It’s more like a curse since it’s the backbone of her tragic story.

15. Roy Mustang (FMA)

Roy Mustang Fire Fire

One of the cooler characters with fire powers, but not the strongest necessarily.

Roy Mustang is a favorite to this day and there’s a good reason for it whether it’s his fighting style, the militant background that adds to his style, or his interactions with others in the anime.

Or some of his sad moments with characters like Riza Hawkeye.

16. Endeavor (MHA)

Endeavor Mha Fire

One of the newer characters in recent years with a lot of fire-power. That’s how his whole body works and he has technologically designed armour to fit his quirk.

He’s even more extreme than someone like Natsu or Shinra from fire force given his flames can’t be “turned off”.

Endeavor is known to be a bastard but he’s a lot more likeable in later seasons.


17. Megumin (Konosuba)

Megumin Explosion

One of the most powerful fire users in anime without a doubt, but only if she can hit the target since she needs time to enchant.

If Megumin, despite being a parody character somewhat, was able to cast spells in a flash she’d be a dangerous opponent among anime characters with supernatural abilities.



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