Anime Characters Who Ride Bicycles (recommended)
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15+ Anime Characters Who Ride Bicycles (Recommended)

How many of you wondered who rides bicycles in anime?

There are quite a few of them that really are riding bikes. However, is the character riding a bike for sport or forgetting to go somewhere?

Here are the characters that ride bikes in different anime.

Check the list below!


1. Momoshiro Takeshi (Prince of Tennis)

Momoshiro Takeshi Prince of Tennis |

One of Seigaku’s regulars and a 2nd year. You would see him biking in some episodes to either school or wherever he needs to go.

Momoshiro becomes fast friends with Echizen Ryoma at the beginning of the anime where they played an unofficial match.

He even stole a bike once to pursue a stolen purse but didn’t know that the bike he stole was one of his rivals from another school!

Momoshiro could be either serious or funny depending on the situation that he is in, but he is a good tennis player even if he got cut off from the team once.


2. Joey Wheeler (Yu-gi-oh)

Joey Wheeler Yu gi oh |

Joey Wheeler is a duelist in Yu-gi-oh and he attends Domino High School. There are some episodes where viewers will see Joey riding a bicycle to school as he is usually late and riding his bike fast.

Joey is a good duelist despite what Seto Kaiba says about him being underrated and a 3rd rate duelist. Though there are some episodes in which you’ll see Joey driving a car under certain circumstances, but yet still rides a bicycle right after.

Joey is a good friend to Yugi Muto.


3. Hiromi Maiharu (Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club)

Hiromi Maiharu Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club |

A new girl in the new city of Kamakura and she goes to the Minami Kamakura Girls High School.

Hiromi didn’t like bicycling at first, but after learning to bike after not doing it for years, she began biking so much that she met many of her friends by doing so.

She eventually joined the cycling club and that was where everything started. Hiromi tries her best at cycling and at school as she makes good friends along the way, being a good student as well.


4. Hayato Shinkai (Yowamushi Pedal)

Hayato Shinkai Yowamushi Pedal |

Hayato is a college student and he goes to Meiso University and has joined a club called: Bicycle Racing Club. Before that, he went to school in Hakone Academy and even there, he joined the same club: the Bicycle Racing Club.

You may not see it in Hayato, but he is very caring. He ran over a rabbit once with his bicycle and thus took care of the orphans. Thanks to this incident, he didn’t want to bike anymore until high school.

He may be caring, but while biking, he is quiet and doesn’t stand out while with friends. He becomes another person if he is racing another opponent in cycling!


5. Mikoto Shinozaki (Overdrive)

Mikoto Shinozaki Overdrive scaled |

Students who are in high school should know how to bike by then, right? Wrong!

A classmate wants Mikoto to join the cycling club, but it was due to an incident and trauma that Mikoto forgot how to bike! However, Mikoto wants to impress a girl and thus joins the cycling club.

It was during that time that Mikoto began to learn to bike again and even joined a race! He has impressed many other people besides Yuki with his cycling since joining the cycling club.


6. Towa Higurashi (Yashahime)

Towa Higurashi Yashahime |

Her last name comes from her aunt’s family, who is Kagome Higurashi from the anime: Inuyasha. Just like her aunt, she uses a bike more in the feudal era after she was thrown into the modern era when she was young.

Unlike Kagome, she doesn’t go back to the modern world and Towa stays in the feudal era with the bike. Just like her aunt’s bike, the colour of it is almost the same exact thing.


7. Aoi Niigaki (Long Riders!)

Aoi Niigaki Long Riders |

Aoi is a member of Team Fortuna and is going to a university. While studying at the university, it was thanks to her childhood friend that she met friends and started biking.

She’s more introverted than her friend and thus has trouble making friends.

Aoi and her childhood friend have a close bond where the both of them are inseparable. Everyone knows this even when Aoi has started to bike again.


8. Pepe (Nasu: Summer in Andalusia)

Pepe Nasu Summer in Andalusia scaled e1695749774240 |

Pepe left his hometown of Andalusia because of his older brother and ex-girlfriend.

He started to cycle and thus he became part of the Iberian cycling race. However, the race also went to Pepe’s hometown: Andalusia where he left because of his brother and ex. But under circumstances within the race, Pepe started to race until the very end.


9. Suzuha Amane (Steins Gate)

Suzuha Amane Steins Gate |

Suzuha is a part-time worker at Braun Tubes Workshop, but once she started working, she started hanging out with the Future Gadget Laboratory. She loves to go biking and thus tries to go and bike everywhere.

Suzuha is not really one of the main characters but a supporting character and a future daughter of one of the characters.

She’s somewhat private and tries to be cautious of her surroundings.


10. Chiaki Ohgaki (Laid-Back Camp)

Chiaki Oogaki Laid Back Camp |

Chiaki is the co-founder of the outdoor activities club in Motosu High School. Years later, she started to work for Yamanashi Prefecture for tourism as she likes camping and outdoors.

Viewers who like the anime would see Chiaki biking at certain times throughout the series but mostly she likes camping more.

Even though she bikes, she takes the train to school with her classmate Aoi.


11. Tai Kamiya (Digimon)

Tai Kamiya Digimon |

In one of the episodes of Digimon, the viewers would see a young Tai Kamiya learning to ride a bicycle. Since Tai is mostly in the digital world, you don’t see Tai riding a bike. It isn’t until Digimon Tri that in the opening you’ll see Tai riding a bike to school.

Viewers would notice how far the apartment building is from the school that Tai goes to as he rides his bike. Not much is shown with Tai riding a bicycle but he has been riding one since a young age and before he was a DigiDestined.


12. Kagome Higurashi (Inuyasha)

Kagome Higurashi Inuyasha |

In the very beginning of the series, viewers see the main character: Kagome Higurashi riding a red bike to school. That red bike would be in most episodes of the Inuyasha series as Kagome would bring it to either the feudal era or the modern world.

There was even one point when Inuyasha breaks Kagome’s bike while visiting the modern world and he tries to repair it!

But the sad thing is, that was a new bike that Kagome’s mom gave her after the original was destroyed in the feudal era. So yes, the bike is always around in the Inuyasha series.


13. Sho Yamato (Idaten Jump)

Sho Yamato Idaten Jump |

Sho has an MTB bike but it is no ordinary bike. The bike has abilities and attacks, only the owners of the bikes can handle it as there are six of them.

Sho isn’t the only one who has one of these powerful bikes, his classmate, Makoto Shido has one as well. He doesn’t put his friends in danger and he protects them while being serious during a race. Sho is in class 5 and has a little brother.


14. Misty (Pokemon)

Misty Pokemon e1695749265694 |

Who doesn’t remember the first episode where we see Ash borrowing Misty’s bike and in the end, it got destroyed by Pikachu’s attack? Not only that, but it took 5 seasons for Misty to have a new bike returned to her.

Even though the bike was only a ploy to get Ash to meet with Misty, it was able to bring them closer together since their first meeting. Misty is a good water Pokemon trainer and was able to catch several water Pokemon before leaving Ash on her new bike.


15. Umetarou Nozaki (Monthly girls’ Nozaki-Kun)

Umetarou Nozaki Monthly girls Nozaki Kun |

Nozaki goes to the same high school as one of his classmates, Chiyo Sakura. The two meet at the entrance exam and Nozaki is oblivious to Sakura’s feelings for him.

He is so oblivious that when Nozaki invites her to bike with him, Sakura starts thinking how she is going to sit with him on the bike! And then found out that it was a 2-seater bike, much to Sakura’s disappointment. So Nozaki rides his bike to school as he lives on his own.

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