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30+ Anime Characters Who are Gun Wielders You Should Get To Know!

In anime, characters use different kinds of weapons like a katana, swords, magic staffs, some weird, unusual-looking weapons, and guns. It is normal in the Anime world to put a character in a new diverse world that fights to live.

In anime, many marksmen, gun users, and snipers can put a bead on a target and kill it. While some simply use a handgun to take care of business, others employ a particular gun to slaughter their enemies.

It makes no difference if it’s a pistol, sniper rifle, or anything else – as long as they’re carrying a firearm as their primary weapon, they’re fine.

So here are 30+ Anime Characters who are Gun Wielders.


1.) Yasopp (One Piece)

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Red Hair Pirates is filled with incredibly competent and powerful Haki users, with no gaps in the team. Yasopp, one of its members, is known for never missing a shot.

Yasopp, the crew’s senior executive and marksman, has quite a reputation and goes by the alias “Chaser.”

Even better, it is discovered that Yasopp’s Observation Haki is significantly more powerful than Katakuri’s. While he can see the future for more extended periods, Katakuri only sees it for a short time.

According to his records, he once handily overcame Daddy Masterson, a highly proficient Marine sniper known as one of the greatest.


2.) Usopp (One Piece)

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He’s a Straw Hat pirate, and his sharp aim and vision makes him the crew’s legitimate top gunner. At first, Usopp appears to be a buffoon, but with his skills and his slingshot he can load it with all types of specialty munitions.

On the other hand, Usopp is adaptable and can reasonably aim ship cannons. Finally, he’s an unrivaled sniper, and his near-superhuman eyesight is an ideal fit for this skill.

Unsurprisingly, he eventually earns the title of Sniper King, taking the same path as his father, Yasopp!


3.) Alucard (Hellsing)

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Hellsing is set in an alternate version of present times and stars the original vampire Alucard, infamous for his bloodlust and love of murder. He’s so powerful that only the most formidable opponent could scratch him.

His menacing aura and diverse talents contribute to him being considered one of the most excellent gun users in anime as an immortal vampire. Alucard has mastered guns to the point where he can combine them with his hyper-regenerative abilities to create an invincible opponent.

He kills with abandon for absurd motives such as food, enjoyment, and avenging insults. His firearms skills and supernatural abilities allow him complete control over his opponents, making him the supreme leader of the Hellsing universe.


4.) Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)

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Lieutenant Riz Hawkeye isn’t an alchemist like Roy Mustang or Edward Elric, but she’s still a valuable soldier. As the name implies, she possesses deadly aim and can lock her crosshairs on any target, no matter how far or fast it moves.

She is an essential ally to Roy and the others, and Riza isn’t scared to confront homunculi. Furthermore, she learned to maintain complete emotional detachment during combat, allowing her to fire without hesitation.


5.) Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

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Spike Spiegel, the lead protagonist of the iconic sci-fi anime series Cowboy Bebop, is a bounty hunter who prefers napping and being a lazy bum over seeking the next target.

But don’t underestimate him just on that premise; he’s not to be taken lightly. In truth, he’s a versatile and innovative marksman with excellent aim.

As fans of the series may know, he was a Red Dragon Crime Syndicate member prior to his role as a bounty hunter. He has plenty of skills and abilities, like proficiency in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts fighting.

He’s also a bit of a con artist, especially at casinos, and he might compel you to lose your entire wallet!


6.) Revy (Black Lagoon)

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Revy, also known by her full name Rebecca, is the series’ female heroine. She is responsible for the majority of the gun fights and fights in general for the Lagoon Company.

Little is disclosed about her past. However, bits and pieces can be pulled together during the series.

Revy is a Chinese-American who was born and raised in Chinatown, Manhattan, near Mott Street, and spent most of her childhood as a thief and murderer.

Revy may have polished her weapons skills by shooting at cans, and her first murder may have entailed murdering an unknown man using a pillow, according to flashbacks throughout the series.

It’s unclear whether the cushion was used to muffle the sounds or to keep her from gazing at her first victim.


7.) Daisuke Jigen (Lupin III)

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Daisuke Jigen, like Riza Hawkeye, is a sidekick who occasionally takes center stage. He isn’t always a committed shooter like Hawkeye, but someone is bound to fall when this grouchy, beardless man takes aim.

He prefers revolvers and other pistols, and while he isn’t a thug or violent, he is quick to draw those guns if someone threatens him or the Lupin gang. Jigen’s excellent marksmanship had previously gotten him and Lupin out of a jam.


8.) Vash the Stampede (Trigun)

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Vash the Stampede is the primary protagonist of the Trigun anime and manga series. Vash is also nicknamed The Humanoid Typhoon because he frequently surrounds himself with damage and mayhem.

Wielding a big nickel revolver, Vash moves around from town to town to learn more and safeguard what his adopted mother, Rem, cherished most: love and tranquility.

He was initially discovered by Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, two Bernardelli Insurance Society officials examining claims filed owing to damages caused by the strange Humanoid Typhoon.


9.) Death The Kid (Soul Eater)

death the kid guns

Death the Kid is a prodigy in his own realm, capable of capturing anyone’s attention with his heinous attitude. Death the Kid, created from a portion of Death himself, is recognized as one of the top three EAT students in the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

He is a compelling character that prefers to fight with guns.

Kid carries a gun-type meister, and with his demon twin weapons, he can make deadly short- and long-range shots.

He does, however, suffer from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and as a result, he goes to great lengths to ensure that everything is precisely aligned so order not to disrupt symmetry even in the middle of a conflict.

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10.) Shino Asada (Sword Art Online)

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Shino Asada appears to be your usual shy student in real life, yet she is a badass in games like Gun Gale Online or ALfheim Online.

She becomes the ideal member of your long-range party when Shino transforms into Sinon. She could be the cutest gunslinger in anime with her signature blue hair and fitted military jacket.

Sinon didn’t just play GGO because she felt like it.

Sinon’s true motivation was to heal from the trauma caused by her gun use. Sinon wasn’t wrong for using self-defense against an armed robber. But a teenager shouldn’t have to witness murder or death. Therefore, every time I see Sinon using her sniper rifle, I see bravery and a drive to grow.


11.) Ryo Saeba (City Hunter)

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The series’ title character, Ryo Saeba, is a sweeper, mercenary, and its primary protagonist. Outside work, Ryo comes across as silly, slothful, and stupid most of the time, but when necessary (usually in a perilous circumstance), he will appear serious and vigilant.

He is a really talented shooter.

Ryo is renowned for his ability to execute the “one-hole shot,” a succession of strokes that continually land in the same position on the target.

He practically never misses his target. The Colt Python.357 Magnum with metal jacket bullets is Ryo’s undefinable weapon. He appears to have additional secret weaponry.


12.) Dante (Devil May Cry)

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The primary protagonist of the Devil May Cry series and the main character.

He is Vergil’s younger twin brother, Nero’s uncle, and the second child of the demon Sparda and human Eva. Dante is a vigilante Devil Hunter, private eye, and paranormal mercenary on the hunt for the people who killed his mother and defiled his sibling.

He also works as a private investigator and paranormal mercenary.


13.) Angelo Lagusa (91 Days)

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Shino Asada and Angelo Lagusa both experienced gun-related trauma.

On the other hand, Angelo made it his life’s goal to exact revenge on those who killed his younger brother and his parents, while Sinon decided to use gaming to cope with her pain. So it seems logical that Angelo grew up cynical, somber, and boring.

He stopped enjoying his childhood.

Angelo is now prepared to kill everyone in his way, thanks to his flawless manipulation talents and other intellectual advantages. All he needs to be a terrifying enemy is an M1911 pistol (and a knife).


14.) Watari (Deathnote)

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L’s handler and the Japanese Task Force’s logistical provider is Watari. Additionally, he founded Wammy’s House, an orphanage that has turned forth some of the world’s top investigators.

Watari is a peaceful and composed individual. During the car chase against Higuchi, he displayed considerable rifle striking skill. Watari was riding in a moving helicopter when he shot a tire in Higuchi’s car.

He then shoots Higuchi without killing him, taking the gun from his hand. That unquestionably requires a steady hand.


15.) Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

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Former sought bounty head Faye Valentine eventually joined the crew of the Bebop, which hunts down ransom money. Faye looks no older than 23, yet her actual age is closer to 77.

This is because she spent 54 years in suspended animation before being put into a cryogenic freeze following a space shuttle crash.

Faye meets Spike Spiegel and Jet Black twice during her adventures on the Bebop and settles in on their ship the second time, much to the chagrin and disgust of the two men, who each have their own misgivings about women in general.

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16.) Coyote Starrk (Bleach)

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Because Coyote Starrk is a supernatural character from a well-known shounen series, he differs from your typical assailant.

You don’t want to mess with him because he’s an Arrancar and the highest-ranking Espada.

His hair appears to need proper attention, and he tends to sleep more than he leads. However, Coyote Starrk will use his analytical skills to identify the most effective strategy to deploy against his rivals when he is required to be on the battlefield.

He can be defeated by an entire gang at once. He can, however, fire his guns precisely, unleashing Ceros with what appears to be no end in sight.


17.) Re-L Mayer (Ergo Proxy)

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Re-L Mayer is the female titular protagonist of Ergo Proxy. As an investigator for the Intelligence Bureau in Romdo As a person, she is not very sociable and extremely haughty.

Re-L feigns disinterest and superiority towards others, perhaps derived from her social position as the granddaughter of the Regent.

Re-L Mayer exudes mystery from her blue (or violet-ish) eyeshadow to her black hair and an outfit with a vibe of Gothic Lolitas. Furthermore, her intense training and passion give her an edge in gun use.

There is no doubt that she is the most beautiful and coolest gunslinger in the anime world.


18.) Yoko Littner (Guren Lagann)

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The series’ primary protagonist is Yoko Littner. She is a fourteen-year-old girl from Littner, a village next to Giha, who was pursuing the gunmen when they crashed into Giha Village in Episode 1.

She uses a wide variety of weapons, but she mainly employs a long-range Superconducting Rifle based on the Barrett M82 and Railguns.


19.) Kino (Kino’s Journey)

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Kino is hardly an unrelenting killer. But her proficiency with her arsenal of survival weapons merits her position.

I can’t help but respect Kino in the context of Kino’s Journey or at least acknowledge him.

She’s this young, stoic teen who wishes to gain knowledge of other sociopolitical systems and cultures by traveling to various nations.


20.) Train Heartnet (Black cat)

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The lead character in both Black Cat, the manga, and the anime is Train Heartnet. Train has demonstrated fantastic speed and agility when running and the ability to sneak up on his prey by weaving through an immense throng.

As a sweeper, Train has additionally demonstrated his ability to use his rifle as a melee weapon, striking targets instead of firing them.

He is also a master marksman who can hit a target with a bullet that has ricocheted off several objects, precisely shoot down rounds from other firearms, and simultaneously fire numerous bullets.


21.) Guido Mista (JoJo’s Bizarre)

word image 127227 21

Guido Mista is a supporting character in Purple Haze Feedback and a key ally in Vento Aureo.

Mista, a member of Passione and hence Bucciarati’s crew, goes with Giorno and Bucciarati to protect Trish Una. He uses his Sex Pistols to dispatch his enemies. He is a gunslinger and Stand User.


22.) Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/stay night)

word image 127227 22

Kiritsugu Emiya can appear to be living life with the least effort possible, as though his soul has long since left his body. However, who could blame him?

Even if it motivated his adopted son Shirou to become a better person, he has already lost faith in being a hero to everyone.

I’m grateful for Fate/Zero since it gave Kiritsugu the prominence he rightly deserves.

In a similar spirit, I adore that he kills magi with a rifle. Everyone else continues to use their magical abilities and mythical magic, but Kiritsugu made use of advanced technologies.


23.) Van Augur (One Piece)

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Van Augur, also known as “The Supersonic,” is the sniper for the Blackbeard Pirates, one of the ten Titanic Captains, and the commander of the third ship in the crew.

One of the best master marksmen in the One Piece series is probably Van Augur. Augur can shoot bullets with astounding accuracy and across great distances with his favorite rifle, the Senriku.

This is demonstrated when Chopper tells Usopp that the seagulls circling their ship were shot at from a great distance.


24.) Yukio Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

word image 127227 24

Rin’s younger twin brother Yukio Okumura is a fraternal twin. He is the youngest lnown person to pass the Exorcist qualification exam, earning a Meister in Doctor and Dragoon.

He is a straight shooter and good-natured by nature.

He later works as a teacher at True Cross Academy, where ironically, he ends up teaching his older brother the ways of the Exorcist.


25.) Brandon Heat/ Beyond the Grave (Gungrave)

word image 127227 25

Although past posts (including Brandon’s) of personal gun-related tragedies have become a trend, this is only a coincidence. Brandon was aware of his superior capacity for killing.

This implies that he may have become the boss of the mafia syndicate, but he decided against it.

He cares more for his pals (and his love, Maria Asagi). He would gladly comply if it meant they wouldn’t bite the hand providing food. But Gungrave soon demonstrates that life doesn’t always go as planned.

People change with time, and treachery and love are never far away.


26.) Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

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The protagonist of the anime and manga series “Ghost in the Shell” is a cyborg named Motoko Kusanagi, who serves as a squad leader for Japan’s National Public Safety Commission.

As part of her service, she is skilled in light, medium, and heavy weapons. In the anime series, we’ve seen her wield various weapons skillfully, and she’s amazing at using each one.

She carried the Mauser Kompromisslos sniper rifle, the Mauser Kompromisslos revolver, the Mateba Revolver, the Jericho 941, the Micro-Uzi, the Steyr SPP, and the Steyr TMP. She deserves to be on our list as a result.


27.) Kenny Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

word image 127227 27

Kenny Ackerman was the captain of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad, plus a member of the Military Police Brigade’s First Interior Squad.

He was also a notorious serial killer who sliced the throats of his victims and was so good at escaping capture that he earned the nickname Kenny the Ripper.

After becoming friends with Uri Reiss, he worked for the crown but secretly yearned for the “God-like authority” that the Reiss family held.


28.) Golgo 13 (Golgo 13)

word image 127227 28

Golgo is a well-known mercenary killer known to law enforcement authorities, criminals, terrorists, and other groups around the globe.

He is infamous worldwide because a variety of people employ him for assignments, from ordinary people who can afford to do so to foreign governments and covert groups.

The excellent gunslinger Golgo 13 is skilled with snipers and rifles. The weapon of choice for Golgo 13 is a modified M16 assault rifle. He carries a snub-nose revolver as a backup.


29.) Marian Cross (D. Gray-man)

word image 127227 29

Golgo is a well-known mercenary killer known to law enforcement authorities, criminals, terrorists, and other groups around the globe.

He is infamous worldwide because a variety of people employ him for assignments, from ordinary people who can afford to do so to foreign governments and covert groups.

The excellent gunslinger Golgo 13 is skilled with snipers and rifles. The weapon of choice for Golgo 13 is a modified M16 assault rifle. He carries a snub-nose revolver as a backup.


30.) Gene Starwind (Outlaw Star)

word image 127227 30

Gene Starwind is a bandit, pilot, shooter, and general handyman. Gene runs a semi-legitimate business called “Starwind and Hawking” on Sentinel III with eleven-year-old computer prodigy Jim Hawking.

Gene lost his father when he was 14 in what appeared to be a vicious Space pirate raid and has always been terrified of space.

At the age of 20, he is given the opportunity of a lifetime when he meets the outlaw “Hot Ice” Hilda and obtains the XGP 15A-II, a cutting-edge ship, and Melfina, a biological android with the power to locate and unlock the Galactic Leyline, the galaxy’s greatest treasure.


31.) Genya Shinazugawa (Demon Slayer)

word image 127227 31

A relevant supporting character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is Genya Shinazugawa. He’s the younger brother of the Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, and a member of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Genya has a western double-barreled shotgun that he uses to significant effect in close-quarters and long-range combat.

He kills demons without a weapon thanks to using bullets made of scarlet ore and scarlet, crimson iron sand.


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