20 Anime Series About Disabilities That Deserve Attention

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The main characters (or relevant characters) of these anime are disabled. And the anime highlights this as a relevant theme throughout.

They may be deaf, blind, mute, unable to walk or suffer from other illnesses. Some people are impaired from birth, while others become disabled due to a disease or injury.

Mental illness is starting to be shown in Anime as Anime evolves throughout the decades. It is great for us to be aware that Mental Illness is a thing that shouldn’t be taken as a joke.

This also goes for people with a physical disability. it is hard for them to live like a normal human being, and they shouldn’t be belittled but appreciated.


Stick around as we go through 20 Anime about Disabilities:


1.) A Silent Voice

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Shouko Nishimiya, a deaf girl, is bullied by the popular Shouya Ishida after she transfers to a new school. The class turns its back on Shouya as he continues to harass Shouko.

Shouko moves away, and Shouya grows up to be an outcast. Shouya, alone and depressed, seek for Shouko to make atonement.


2.) Breakers

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The anime will revolve around a para-athlete group meeting an outcast sports scientist named Ren Narita.

The anime will have four stories centred on four distinct sports: wheelchair basketball, track and field, goalball, and paralympic swimming.


3.) Anime Himitsu no Hanazono

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Mary Lennox recently became an orphan after her parents died in a cholera epidemic in India, so she was sent to live with her uncle in England.

On the other hand, her uncle is a distant man who never speaks to anyone, so she is left alone in the mansion with no one to play with. Soon after, she meets Dicon, a friendly servant boy, and his older sister Martha, and they become fast friends.

Later, she discovers a secret garden and hopes it will bring happiness to her new family, including her disabled cousin Collin.


4.) 5-tou ni Naritai

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Due to the disease, Ritsuko could not walk until she was four. She couldn’t walk as well as other children when she started elementary school, so her classmates teased her.

Ritsuko had been severely injured, but her regular masseur, Dr. Ishibashi, taught her the true meaning of kindness and strength.

Ritsuko’s spirits rose again thanks to Dr. Ishibashi, and she set a goal of finishing LAST BUT ONE in a footrace, an activity she was typically expected to finish last.


5.) The First Step

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All of the world’s masters are those who overcame their handicaps.

The First Step tells the story of young people overcoming their disabilities through street basketball.


6.) Ashita no Kibou: Kanashimi yo Arigatou

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Takae Tsuneo, seventeen, is electrocuted while working on power lines and has both arms amputated. However, he decides to devote his life to poetry and literature, and he begins to write by holding a pen in his mouth.

He eventually gets a job as a newspaper reporter and focuses on other people with disabilities.


7.) My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer

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An adventurer’s life is not always glamorous. Belgrieve can no longer pursue his dreams after losing his leg not long after embarking on his quest for fame and fortune. But fate hasn’t given up on this retired adventurer!

He discovers an abandoned baby girl while gathering herbs in the wilderness and gives her the name Angeline. He then decides to raise her.

Angeline matures into a top-tier adventurer in her own right, and despite the power, fame, and experience she gains, her heartfelt wish is to see her father again.


8.) Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish

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Tsuneo gets a job as an assistant to Josee, an artist but no regular artist. Her imagination takes her far beyond the bounds of her wheelchair.

When the tide turns against them, they help each other to reach new heights and inspire a love fit for a fairy tale.


9.) Ranking of Kings

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Prince Bojji doesn’t exhibit any signs of hearing anything at all. He reads lips and uses sign language exclusively, indicating severe hearing loss. Many people initially feel uneasy around him because his attempts at speech only manage to convey his most basic emotions.

Prince Bojji is quickly regarded as a burden because he requires others to learn sign language to communicate, but he dramatically appreciates those willing to do so.


10.) Yuri on Ice

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Many examples in Yuri Katsuki’s behaviour point to his level of social anxiety. Yuri clearly suffers from this and often feels ashamed of letting his feelings get to him.

One example is how Yuri hides in a bathroom stall to cry alone with no one around to see it.

Yuri also enjoys having safe spaces or places to return to get that sense of familiarity. This is the local ice rink for Yuri.

Consistent habits — like listening to music or performing the same motion are signs he’s dealing with anxiety throughout the anime.


11.) Blue Period

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Painfully accurate depictions of depression can be found in Blue Period. Ryuji Ayukawa suffers from severe depression.

She displays typical depression symptoms, including drastic changes in behaviour, loss of interest in hobbies, and not bothering to pursue the future, effectively giving up.

It’s mainly because she doesn’t see one for herself.

When Yatora Yaguchi asks Ryuji to explain, she responds that it is pointless to do so because Yatora would never jump into the ocean but would throw a life preserver to someone drowning.

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12.) The Anthem of the Heart

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The life of chatterbox Jun Naruse is infused with fairy tales and happy conclusions.

She is, however, overly trusting and naive as a result of her strong belief in those stories. When she unintentionally reveals her father’s extramarital affair, her words quickly sever the bond between her family members.

After being held responsible for her parent’s divorce, Naruse is permanently scarred, and her regrets soon materialize into a fairy egg that seals her mouth to preserve everyone’s happy ending.

Even in high school, the fairy egg still prevents Naruse from speaking. Her stomach twists even as she tries to talk. She is unexpectedly allowed to perform in a musical with three other students despite her inability to express herself verbally.


13.) Gangsta

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Chatterbox Jun Naruse’s life is filled with happy endings and fairy tales. However, because of her strong belief in those tales, she is overly trusting and naive.

When she unintentionally reveals her father’s extramarital affair, her words quickly sever the relationship between her family members.

Naruse is left with permanent scars after being blamed for her parent’s separation, and her regrets soon manifest into a fairy egg that seals her mouth to ensure that everyone has a happy ending.

The fairy egg still prevents Naruse from speaking, even in high school. Even as she tries to talk, her stomach is turning.

Despite her inability to communicate verbally, she is unexpectedly given a chance to perform in a musical with three other students.


14.) Momoko, Kaeru no Uta ga Kikoeru yo

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Momoko is physically and mentally disabled and attends a special school. Because she can’t accompany her twin brother Riki to the regular school, she gets irritable every morning.

The Song of Frogs, Momoko’s favourite song, is sung by her family to comfort her.


15.) Morita-san wa Mukuchi

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A senior in high school, Morita Mayu. She is incredibly reserved, and occasionally her silence and propensity for straight-ahead eye contact with others lead to misunderstandings.

It’s not that she doesn’t like to talk or that she has nothing to say. That’s the cause. She overthinks before speaking, which prevents her from speaking at the appropriate time, which is why she rarely speaks.

Despite this, she enjoys her time at school with her friends.


16.) A Tale of Memories

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Yuuki Hase, 16, finally musters up the courage to approach his crush and inquire about their potential friendship.

His love interest, Kaori Fujimiya, is a quiet, reserved girl who isolates herself from everyone and treats him with the same scathing rejection she does the rest of them.

Yuuki sees Kaori eating lunch on the roof alone, a place she isolates herself during a break later.

To get to know Kaori better, he starts seeing her every day. She starts to open up to him more as they spend more time together. But as the week draws closer, she starts to push him away again.

The cause of Kaori’s cold front is then made clear to him: every Monday, her memories of those close to her, except for her family, are reset, and at the end of the week, they are forgotten.

The once-popular and kind Kaori can now not make friends out of concern for hurting the people she holds dear due to an accident in middle school.

Every Monday, Yuuki asks Kaori the same question because he knows she wants nothing more than to be friends, and he is determined to make it more than just a one-week friendship.


17.) Makasete Iruka

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Meet Umi, Sora, and Ao, three of Japan’s most diligent schoolgirls. They will take on any task and guarantee the outcome because they are the owners of the best odd-jobs service in the area!

The girls take on the task of persuading someone else to return to school, but since they spend their entire day doing other people’s homework and cleaning sewers, it may end up being their most challenging task yet!

Have these young Jacks and Jills of all trades found their match? Grrl Power has the answers.


18.) Shin no Ou

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Shion Yasuoka, a middle school student, defies the odds and rises to the top of the professional shogi world.

Even though she lost her family when she was a young child and was speechless due to the trauma, she has found the emotional support she needs from her compassionate adoptive family.

Satoru Hani, a successful businessman and the brother of the reigning “Meijin”, notices her talent.

He plans a contest that is open to both men and women, amateur and professional players, and he encourages Shion to participate. Shion’s friend

Ayumi Saitou and the police, who are still looking into the deaths of Shion’s loved ones, are suspicious of Satoru because he appears to know much about Shion’s troubled past.

Shion begins to recall details from the night she lost everything as the tournament’s conclusion draws near. She will need to demonstrate her mental toughness to triumph over her opponents and thwart the schemes of the people who caused her life’s ruin.


19.) Mushishi

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“Mushi”: the world’s most primitive life forms. Mushi can exist in countless forms and mimic natural things, such as plants, diseases, and even phenomena like rainbows.

They exist without any goals or purposes aside from simply “being” and are beyond the bounds of the words “good” and “evil.”

This is only a general description of the beings living in the dynamic world of Mushishi, as it would be oversimplified even to call them a form of life. Because most people need to be aware of Mushi’s existence, detailed information on them is complex.


20.) Yuki Yuna is a Hero

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Yuuna Yuuki excels in her daily life and is a heroine.

She is a member of the Hero Club at her middle school, where she demonstrates this by doing her best to assist others and make everyone smile. But Yuuna is always up for the challenge and is about to achieve even more extraordinary heroism.

An odd phone app requests the Hero Club to save the world she loves from mysterious destructive forces known as Vertexes.

They must change into magical girls to fight the Vertexes, along with her best friend Mimori Tougou and the Inubouzaki sisters Fuu and Itsuki.

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