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Why So Called #Feminists Have FAILED To Influence The Anime Industry

Why Feminists Have Failed To Control Or Cancel The Anime Industry
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

When I came into the industry back in 2016 I had no idea what I was getting into as far as:

  • The eventual politics I’d see in the industry.
  • The attempt to cancel anime by western Twitter nut jobs.
  • The rise of toxic feminism and how it would try to infect the industry.
  • Dealing with misandrists calling themselves feminists who want “equality”.

And the dozens of other things that have started to creep into the industry over the years. Culture Vultures being one of them.

It’s as if the anime Shimoneta, also known as A Boring World Where The Concept Of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Existit’s as if this anime predicted everything back in 2016 without the extremes.

The concepts in that anime are playing out in real life.

  • From female fans in Japan defending themselves against feminism.
  • Female fans outside the west pushing back.
  • A LOUD minority trying to tell everyone what to do and acting holier than thou.

And just like Shimoneta’s final conclusion, feminists, feminism, the gaslighting over the years, and attempts made from platforms like Twitter or Mary Sue have fallen on deaf ears and continue to fail in general.


There’s a GOOD reason feminism failed to strong arm anime

YouTube video

Before that, I mean think about it – what is feminism? And I don’t mean what it’s SUPPOSED to be, I’m talking about what the modern version of it has become.

Feminism is:

  • Demonizing anything that Men enjoy.
  • Uplifting women at Men’s expense.
  • Blatant double standards.

Or in the case of anime – getting mad at Men AND Women who enjoy TV shows with attractive fictional women with certain sized tiddies.

This is usually what gets feminists riled up, angry, and strangely jealous and insecure about anime. Leading to the obvious outward projection towards female characters (while simultaneously thirsting over male or Yaoi characters).

Let’s talk about it.




1. Fans LOVE the controversial material

keyaru laugh evil gif anime

Remember Redo Of Healer? Yes there’s some who weren’t too fond of it within the community (genuinely), but in general most fans voted with their money, time, and attention.

Redo Of Healer was suppressed in Germany for example and still went on to become a best seller on Amazon’s platform in that country.

Elsewhere around the world the story was the same: anime fans LOVED it and that fed into the anime’s insane popularity and fame. Surpassing even popular Shounen anime though anyone with an ego will deny it.

And best of all – feminists hated it with a passion. The part they “hate” the most is their lack of control, and the fact none of their pressure tactics worked.

goblin slayer episode 1 savagery

This is true for many controversial anime series including Goblin Slayer, which is another one people lost their minds about back in 2018.

This continues to play out over and over again and it happened when they finally discovered Berserk on Twitter through Elden Ring, a story I covered that blew up on social media.

As long as anime fans continue to ENJOY the controversial anime material regardless of opinions, and as long as they continue to FUND it, there’s nothing the west can really do about it.

Especially not the loud minority who screams, shouts, bullies, and pressures their way into cancelling people (and TV shows) they don’t approve of.


2. Japanese women are TURNING AWAY from feminists

tweet feminism japan rejected

This is a Japanese account that we’ve all been aware of since the controversy with The Rising Of The Shield Hero. This account shares a lot about what’s going on in Japan relating to anime or otherwise.

It’s a good source for info.

The other week (June 2022) there was something going around about Japanese women turning away from feminism, and tons of people covered it already (I was aware of the news).

Here’s some points taken from Twitter and Datosjam ….

It starts with (edited for grammar):

“The writer “Raiden Bell (らいとのべる)” published a personal article describing that the feminism movement in Japan is losing the support of young women. Especially since they attacked groups of their own sex, such as women with large breasts, and attacked anime’s “moe culture“, which other women also consume.”

This compliments the main point of the first Tweet I shared.

Remember what I said earlier about feminists having a problem with big tiddies? The proof is in the pudding. The jokes write themselves.

The QUOTES continue from Takahashi’s point of view (one of many voices):

First of all, I am part of the “big breasted women group” and a “lover of moe culture”. At the very least, self-described feminists on social media have actively targeted previous groups for bashing and eventual cancellation.”

Further in the article it goes even deeper:

“Some of the Twitter posts were nothing more than discrimination against women with large breasts and malicious accusations such as “You can even have your breasts reduced surgically, but not doing so is selling your sex.”

As you can clearly see – THIS is a couple of reasons why Japanese women, young Japanese women are turning away from western feminism in particular.

Why wouldn’t they? They’re being attacked by WOMEN, the same women claiming to support women. But who get mad at other women who appear to be more:

  • Attractive.
  • Have bigger breasts,

And whatever other physical features feminists like to get mad about, play mental gymnastics, and demonize women for having. Or Men for liking as a preference (anime related or not).

It’s not as if all western women are this way, only the loud minority who are heavily influenced by mainstream media’s bullshit, and the toxic narratives being pushed constantly like “I don’t need no man” and nonsense like it.

Related: Anime Cancel Culture Is Dying Out Slowly But Surely, Here’s Why


3. Gatekeeping

Gatekeeping Anime Community To Kick Sjw’s Out

Was the year 2020 when the big gatekeeping controversy started? That’s right it was after KissAnime shutdown in August 2020 if I’m not mistaken.

The textbook sites like Mary Sue, CBR, Comicbook, and the rest of the bandwagon riders tried preaching about how gatekeeping is supposed to be bad.

This is a common trick used by people who want inclusion so they can practice “exclusion” down the line.

Right after that (or before) there was a gatekeeping controversy that started out on Twitter, and I somehow ended up in the conversation because I have the same skin color (as the guy who sparked it).

In truth I’ve spoken about gatekeeping in the anime industry and why it’s necessary when you ignore the toxic side of gatekeeping. And feminism is ONE stunning example of why it’s needed and why it works.

From the controversies to the outrage, to the attempts to cancel, and so much more.

Feminists continue to fail in the anime industry no matter how hard they try, and GATEKEEPING is a prime example of why.


4. Male fans want what they want, and vice versa

shounen anime manga

A LOT of controversy in the anime industry comes down to anime shows that:

  • Cater to men/boys.
  • Feature sexy women and female characters.
  • Include female characters with big breasts (like Ecchi).

Or the anime has some type of fanservice with women, even if the anime has fanservice for both genders (Fairy Tail).

This is where the double standards I mentioned earlier on comes into the picture. And why the manufactured gender war and “equality” war feminists started with anime will never succeed.

Men want what they want, whether with fiction or in the real world.

free eternal summer female fans favorite

And women want what they want, whether in the fictional world with Yaoi, male characters, or real life.

You’re NOT gonna change that by screaming, shouting, getting angry, insulting, name calling, bullying, or trying to pressure people into catering to your every insecurity. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot.

That might work with some American companies or people who are spineless, but it’s not gonna work with anyone else who’s simple pleasures they’re trying to ruin for unprovoked reasons.

In future they’ll obviously try to infiltrate the industry, but it’ll never become the thing they so desperately want it to be.



Why “Woke” Culture Will Never Infect The Anime Industry

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