The Appeal Of Cute Girls Doing Cute Things Why Anime Fans Love It |
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The Appeal Of “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things”: Why Anime Fans Love It

There are a LOT of appealing aspects of anime and its tropes, niches, and everything else.

One of them is dandere or even Tsundere characters, which I’ve covered already.

Though the ONE appeal that is absolutely undeniable is the appeal of cute girls doing cute things.

This is almost a type of genre at this stage in 2024 and beyond, because there are so many anime that have taken the lead of these shows that first started back in the 2000s with K-On and Azumanga Daioh to a degree.

Let’s talk about WHY anime fans love it.


1. Nonsensical entertainment


When you don’t care for any serious sort of entertainment, there are always the “cute girls doing cute things” types of anime shows.

It’s nonsensical, has no rhyme or reason, it’s dumb, stupid, foolish, but funny as F and entertaining as it can get.

The aesthetics play a big role in why people watch in spite of this. But the nonsense does play a key part.


2. A plot without a plot

K On cute girls doing cute things |

K-On famously had no plot. It’s just the main female characters sitting around upstairs in college, drinking tea, eating cakes, talking shit, and playing music together.

There was no “find out in the next episode of DBZ” types of vibes because there is no plot to begin with.

There is a progression with its characters and even emotional episodes, but cute girls doing cute things anime are famous for not having or focusing too much on a plot.


3. Wholesomeness at its finest

Tamako Market cute girls |

Anime shows like Tamako Market is the definition of wholesomeness, and it shows cute girls doing cute things as well.

Tamako is the daughter of a Mochi shop owner, as is her younger sister Anko. The visuals, the quality, the chillax episodes, and the relaxation this anime brings makes the point loud and too clear.

In a way, you could also say that Lycoris Recoil is this type of series, except it does have more action-orientated scenes and some violence.


4. Shits and giggles

giggling anime gif |

A lot of the time people and fans watch these types of anime shows for shits and giggles, meaning for the fun of it (or the f*ck of it).

I mean you can’t expect too much out of these anime as far as masterpiece kinds of quality, though it can happen.

The whole point is to entertain, and these types of anime do this very well.

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5. Visually appealing

A Place Further Than The Universe cute girls doing cute things |

As a general rule, any anime that focuses on the cute girls doing cute things aspect tends to have SOME level of visual appeal. It’s never an anime series that’s ugly to look at, or that has weird visuals, or that doesn’t focus on visual quality.

They might not be at the levels of a Demon Slayer or FATE Zero, but it’s close enough for what it is and the fact that simpler visuals are all it needs since it’s not action-packed.

Comic Girls’ is a good example. So is K-On despite its release in the 2000s, and the same is true for Tamako Market or A Place Further Than The Universe.


6. Surprisingly funny

YouTube video

Anime shows like Is The Order A Rabbit? Is a perfect example of this element. It’s a cute girls doing cute things anime no doubt, and parts of it do have some good comedy despite leaning more towards wholesomeness.

The anime series Love Live School Idol Project has more comedy despite the “cute girls” aspect. A lot of it comes from the MC, Honoka Kousaka, along with others like Umi Sonoda, Maki Nishikino, Nico Yazawa, etc.

Nico’s signature “Nico Nico Nii” became so famous that memes were made from it and you could argue it made the cute girls doing cute things more appealing as well.


7. It’s unrealistically cute

too cute crisis cute girl cat e1706181406397 |

Let’s keep it real. The real-life equivalent of these things isn’t so cute at all. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about daughters, nieces, or girls in general.

Anime makes it so unrealistically cute that it can’t be compared with or competed with. But that goes without saying.

This is why the cute girls doing cute things trope is so appealing, popular, and the kind of cliche that will never get old and somehow seems to get better with time, new characters, and new anime to support it.

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8. Perfect content for memes and posts on social media

anime kawaii meme |

Can’t ever forget about the social media value of things when it comes to cute girls doing cute things. It’s a fact that many fans turn a lot of this content into memes on social media.

REDDIT is one of the main platforms where these anime memes are made and even memes in general.

It also spreads to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube when it comes to accounts like Lost Pause.

Plus, a lot of more wholesome posts are specially made from the “cute girls doing cute things” appeal.


9. Good way to wind down without thinking too much

anime girl |

Sometimes you wanna watch some anime shows where you don’t have to think too hard about what’s happening.

You don’t always want something where analysis, observation, and deciphering are the norm because it doesn’t always apply.

That’s what cute girls doing cute things is all about and what it can do for anime fans who need something more simplistic to wind down to.

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