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The TOP 30 Anime YouTubers Online, Ranked By Views & Subs (2020)

In the last post – I focused on the top anime influencers online.

That included:

  • Websites.
  • YouTubers.

And bloggers combined.

In this post we’ll focus only on anime YouTubers and channels, based on:

  • Views.
  • Subscribers.

The view count in particular is taken from January 2019 to January 2020 (12 month period).

Anime YouTube channels are English speaking only.

You’ll be as surprised as I was based on what the public data shows, regardless of some channels being smaller than other anime channels that are bigger.

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Let’s get started.


Top 30 Anime YouTubers Ranked by views (Jan 2019-2020)


  1. TeamFourStar (275.9M+)
  2. Funimation (245.9M+).
  3. MaSTAR Media (199.8M+).
  4. Misty Chronexia (126.8M+).
  5. Akidearest (104.8M+).
  6. Gigguk (103.5M+).
  7. The Anime Man (92.5M+).
  8. Nuxtaku (82.5M+).
  9. Lost Pause (70.1M+).
  10. Anime Uproar (66.7M+).
  11. Tekking 101 (62.2M+).
  12. Swagkage (61.1M+).
  13. ViniiTube (56.2M+).
  14. Anime Balls Deep (54.1M+).
  15. Mothers Basement (43.9M+).
  16. RogerBase (27.8M+).
  17. Foxen Anime (26.5M+).
  18. SuperMechaFrieza (23.8M+).
  19. Fornever World (21.2M+).
  20. Chibi Reviews (17.2M+).
  21. Aleczandxr (14M+).
  22. Crunchyroll (12.9M+).
  23. Joy_Boy Theories (11.3M+).
  24. Glass Reflection (11M+).
  25. King Of Lightning (8M+).
  26. Viz Media (7.8M+).
  27. Digibro (7.6M+).
  28. Sage’s Rain (6.8M+).
  29. Otaku-Vs (6.4M+).
  30. AllonaShareeTV (5.6M+).

top 30 anime youtubers by views 2019 2020 ink

Honorable Mentions:

  • Anime America (4.4M+).
  • Sawyer7mage (4.3M+).
  • Under The Scope (3.8M+).
  • Hiding In Public (3.4M+).

The data is analysed with Social Blade

If you ask me – Misty Chronexia, Nuxtaku, Anime Uproar, Anime Balls Deep and Tekking101 are some of the most impressive.

All of them have LESS subscribers than accounts like Lost Pause, and yet their average view count is stellar.

And every single anime youtuber is in the millions of views over the course of 2019-2020 January.


Top 30 Anime YouTubers (ranked by subscribers):


  1. TeamFourStar (3.5M+).
  2. MaSTAR Media (3.1M+).
  3. Funimation (2.7M+).
  4. Akidearest (2.2M+).
  5. Gigguk (2.1M+).
  6. The Anime Man (2M+).
  7. Lost Pause (1.3M+).
  8. Misty Chronexia (1.2M+).
  9. Nuxtaku (1M+).
  10. Mothers Basement (936K+).
  11. Swagkage (791K+).
  12. ViniiTube (582K+).
  13. Glass Reflection (558K+).
  14. Fornever World (540K+).
  15. Anime America (497K+).
  16. Anime Balls Deep (474K+).
  17. Tekking 101 (463K+).
  18. Crunchyroll (395K+).
  19. Otaku-Vs (395K+).
  20. Chibi Reviews (380K+).
  21. Digibro (357K+).
  22. Foxen Anime (356K+).
  23. Sawyer7mage (260K+).
  24. SuperMechaFrieza (222K+).
  25. Rogerbase (219K+).
  26. Joy_Boy Theories (199K+).
  27. Aleczandxr (163K+).
  28. King Of Lightning (147K+).
  29. Black Leg Vinsmoke (126K+).
  30. Under The Scope (112K+).

top 30 anime youtube subscribers 2020 2 ink

Crunchyroll is lower than most people would think in comparison to anime youtubers and channels in general.

Aside from that – a lot of names that aren’t as “famous” have strong followings.

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