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30 Idol Anime Series That Are Cute, Fun, And Entertaining

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Anime idols are similar to real-world idols but in a more wonderful context. Anime idol spends all of their time training, rehearsing, competing, and improving their image to succeed.

They work hard to become professional musicians, heartthrobs, and lovely ladies who will sweep fans off their feet, just like real-life idols and musicians.

Music is undoubtedly a crucial component, but sometimes it is the romantic aspect that keeps people wanting more.

Stay with me as we go through 30 Idol and Anime series that are cute, fun, entertaining, and wholesome!


1.) Sekkou Boys

See the source image

If you want something more daring, this anime is for you! Miki Ishimoto is appointed manager of the upcoming boy idol group of Greek and Roman stone busts!

But does she give up because her idols must be wheeled around on carts everywhere? No! She will go to any length to showcase their unrivalled talent.

This idol anime is hilarious and endearing, and it’s a lot of fun to watch.


2.) Miss Monochrome: The Animation

See the source image

The surprise in this idol anime is that the main heroine, Miss Monochrome, is an android who aspires to be an idol rather than a girl. To top it all off, she despises all colours and wishes to transform everything into her favourite monochrome style!

This is a short anime with only 4 minutes between episodes, but it includes a lot of humour and unique moments that are pretty amusing.

It’s also an uncommon scenario in the idol world, and it makes you wonder whether an android will be able to become an idol better than a person.

We earn a commission from vetted partners and affiliates if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


3.) Futsuu no Joshikousei ga (Locodol) Yattemita.

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Idols must begin somewhere. Sometimes they start right in their towns. The world is flipped upside down in Locodol when her uncle urges her to become a locodol or local idol.

Nanako gives it a go, first collaborating with her senior Yukari Kohinata to form Nagarekawa Girls. They’ve begun playing in their hometown of Nagarekawa to spread the word worldwide.

Locodol keeps its story and setting relatively local, unlike idol anime with larger narratives.

The anime provides a unique perspective on the small-scale local idol industry and a glimpse into the difficulties and tribulations these idol groups undergo on their path to success.


4.) Wake Up, Girls!

See the source image

A production company is on the verge of quitting business because it can no longer attract the necessary skills. To overcome this, the president decides to take one last shot and form a new idol group from the ground up!

This idol anime is also a realistic depiction of an idol’s growth, made even more so because each of the seven characters is directly related to their voice actresses! At the end of each episode, you can even witness clips of the actual voice actresses.

Through the slice-of-life genre, this idol anime keeps things realistic and cute and establishes a camaraderie among the characters, with whom you will undoubtedly bond as you continue to watch it.

There is no ecchi in this anime, unlike most idol anime that focuses on girls, and the girls are presented as regular girls who aspire to make it in this profession.


5.) PriPara

See the source image

Bubble gum pop, charming clothes, and all-around glitter define this idol anime’s first impression. However, it is much more than that, especially for those who can identify with Laala Manaka, the girl who couldn’t find her voice in a mundane world.

Cute, uplifting music and choreographies that you can easily replicate if you’re up for the challenge.


6.) Kirarin Revolution

See the source image

What happens when you can’t decide between delectable food and attractive idols?

If you’re Kirari “Kirarin” Tsukishima, you can have the best of both worlds! When becoming an idol strikes her, she must also fight for fame and Love and decide whose advice is trustworthy and who isn’t.


7.) Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%

See the source image

This is not the first idol anime of its kind, but it reached a high level of popularity rapidly when it was released in 2011. It tells the narrative of Haruka Nanami, who enrolls in a prominent institution with the aspiration of becoming a great composer one day.

She has a lot of talent, but so does everyone else. From students to teachers to the principal! Everyone is either an aspiring idol or an accomplished idol.

Haruka’s character bridges the gap between a more realistic world of individuals who don’t want to get too deep into entertainment and those who have been entirely consumed by it.

Sure, this anime has many attractive individuals (as one would anticipate). Still, the more exciting aspect of the plot is how much effort they must put in and how much of their personal life they must sacrifice to achieve their goals.


8.) AKB0048

See the source image

After a world war destroys planets and forbids them from listening to music, the girl idol group AKB0048 assembles girls from various planets to reintroduce music throughout the galaxy.

It’s a cute idol anime with catchy songs intimately linked to the official AKB48 idol group, which has become a massive hit in Japan.


9.) Love Live! School Idol Project

See the source image

The Love Girls Are Alive! The School Idol Project has a very intriguing purpose: to keep their school open! As fewer pupils enroll in their cherished school, it is practically destined to close unless drastic measures are taken.

What better way to entice new students than to house the country’s top idol group? This is the primary purpose of the nine pupils who have taken it upon themselves to cast a brighter light on their classrooms and keep them from disappearing.

The fact that an idol group was founded because of the school itself is a charming aspect of this idol anime. Schools and education generally do not usually take center stage in tale settings. So it is pleasant to see education portrayed positively.

Sure, it’s done with pretty costumes and appealing melodies, but the result is what matters! This entirely new perspective on idol anime has earned overwhelmingly positive reviews thus far.



See the source image

Although it follows the same basic concept of reaching the top of the charts and becoming an idol, this idol anime offers a far different perspective than the dreamy-eyed version of Uta no prince-sama.

Things are sure to be different when girls are involved, and they certainly are. The competition is considerably more vital, image is everything, and fans’ reactions to them are frequently very different.

How do you become an idol when you always appear cute and innocent, and yet there are many difficulties to overcome among your friends, who also happen to be your rivals!?


11.) Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live

See the source image

Naru Ayase can see the music‘s colours! With such talent, she should have no trouble becoming a successful idol! However, when you can see the colours of music, you can also see the characters behind those colours, which are all distinct.

This anime contains a lot of humour, but the music is excellent, and the dancing is catchy and makes you want to imitate it—a fantastic and one-of-a-kind contribution to idol anime.


12.) Aikatsu!

See the source image

The Starlight Academy may be one of the most prestigious idol academies on this planet, but what separates an idol from the crowd isn’t simply talent and practice but, more importantly, friendship.

With the typical music and dance of the genre, this anime also depicts Aoi Kiriya and Ichigo Hoshimiya’s friendship journey and the difficulties they must endure together to reach the top.


13.) Full Moon wo Sagashite

See the source image

This idol anime is more emotional than others, following the narrative of a young girl facing throat cancer while also attempting to fulfil her idol goal in her final year of life.

Mitsuki “Full Moon” Kouyama will fight for her dreams with the assistance of some fascinating companions, and she will face her fate with bravery and a whole heart.


14.) Skip Beat!

See the source image

No idol anime discussion is complete without mentioning Skip Beat! This anime is not your average idol story but depicts the genuine issue of being labelled “boring” and left behind by someone who receives 15 minutes of fame.

It tells the narrative of Kyouko Mogami, who moves to Tokyo with her childhood friend Shoutarou Fuwa and devotes all of her spare time to assist him in his quest to become an idol.

Instead of grieving when he dismisses her attempts and finds more sparkly companions to spend his time with, she takes matters into her own hands and vows vengeance! Instead of feeling sorry for herself for wasting so much time on him, she uses her skills to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Skip Beat is an art form! may be unappealing to those accustomed to more modern painting styles, but the plot is gripping and will quickly make you want to reach through your screen and kill “the ungrateful one.”

Somewhat of rooting for the gorgeous individual, this novel will make you root for hard work and fairness!


15.) Macross Delta

See the source image

This would be a better fit for this list because it was the first Macross anime to use an idol unit rather than an individual idol.

True, the overall quality of the series was relatively low compared to classic Macross titles. However, it did introduce viewers to some highly excellent themes and music.

Combined with its environment and cast of characters, it can get to the 15th spot.


16.) Zombieland Saga

See the source image

Being an idol unit is classified as entertainment in the technical business. With its somewhat unique perspective on the popular genre, the word becomes an entirely distinct entity for this anime.

Each attempt by the females to sell themselves and the prefecture that their idol unit represents would either make you laugh or cringe.

Ironically, because the series presents the girls with a comedic atmosphere, it becomes a relatively simple introduction to the idol type.


17.) Million Doll

Million Doll (TV Series 2015-2015) — The Movie Database (TMDB)

Sko is an idol-obsessed shut-in who uses the internet’s capabilities to popularize relatively unknown idols. On the other hand, Ry-san is an avid otaku idol who never misses a performance by his favourite artist.

Sko uses her talent to promote the local idol group Itorio, while Ry-san concentrates on the underground idol, Mariko. The desire of these two otakus to boost their respective idols to success forever alters their careers.


18.) Idol Incidents

word image 104675 18

Japan is beset with social problems in a parallel universe similar to ours, but its government can do little or nothing about it. Seven Idols collaborate and join the Diet to save the nation from collapsing on itself.

Also, through singing and dancing, they save Japanese civilization from stagnation.


19.) K-ON!

Goomba Reviews: K-ON [review in English]

K-ON! The plot centers around four (and eventually five) Japanese high school friends who join their school’s Light Music Club.

The show chronicles each member’s daily life and their relationships with one another, their teachers, friends, and families.

Despite sparing the group from collapse initially, each member brings their own set of issues to prohibit strict and regulated training.


20.) Show By Rock!

Show by Rock!! - streaming tv show online

Join Cyan, our protagonist, as she journeys to an uncharted planet where music is everything. It’s a world where her hidden skills can blossom and dazzle everyone with their musical splendor. But wait, there’s more. Darker forces are at work.

With their wicked plots, they intend to wreak havoc on the musical city. Participate in this beautiful adventure as Cyan strives to become the top musical idol while keeping evil at bay.

This Anime is a superb, silly, and hilarious series you will remember for a long time.


21.) Lapis Re:LiGHTs

Lapis Re:LiGHTs: Episode 1 - Mini Review

For many viewers, watching idol anime series can be a beautiful experience, especially with all of the brilliant graphics’ lighting effects, animation styles, designs, and other features. However, in this situation, Lapis Re: LiGHTs does bring magic to life because the idols are witches.

Observe cute chicks performing magical performances and singing songs. And everything comes together in a magnificent musical symphony. There are also many characters to satisfy your loli fantasies.

It is worth a look, especially if you enjoy idol anime series. And become addicted to it as it enchants you with its magical, attractive performances.


22.) Idol Jihen

In First Unanimous Decision, Japanese Diet Declares 'Idol Jihen' is Terrible - Anime MaruAnime Maru

Have you ever imagined a planet ruled by adorable girls and idols? Have you ever longed to see them in gorgeous attire while taking over a country, taking over the old, crooked government forms?

The concept itself appears strange. But everything works out when the proper idols are at the wheel. A corrupt government with vested interests in a country racked by apparently insoluble challenges.

It is now up to individual idols and bands to take on the government. It is up to them to steer the Land of the Rising Sun into brighter days. Strange, cute, hilarious, and intriguing, with many attractive costumes, kawaii idols, and a distinctive plot.


23.) D4DJ First Mix

D4DJ First Mix – Episode 1 - Anime Feminist

Rinku Aimot returns from living overseas to begin high school at Yoba Girls‘ Academy, a school known for DJing.

Rinku had no desire to do so until she met Maho Akashi, the school’s broadcaster and DJ. Rinku has a new interest in DJing after witnessing the school’s DJ unit, Peaky P-key, perform.

Rinku and Maho started their band Happy Around! and quickly enlisted with the help of renowned artist Muni Ohnaruto and piano prodigy Rei Togetsu.


24.) If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die

Episodes 1-2 - If My Favorite Pop Idol Made it to the Budokan, I Would Die - Anime News Network

Eripiyo has always been a typical 20-year-old who gets introduced to the world of idols by the idol group ChamJam. She develops a crush on them! Maina Ichii, to be exact! Maina, unfortunately, is the least popular member of her idol group.

Despite this, Eripiyo spends all of her money on Maina goods and attends ChamJam performances regularly.

Eripiyo is passionate about supporting Maina no matter what, and Maina begins to worry that her fan has sacrificed too much for her.


25.) The iDOLMASTER Cinderella Girls

See the source image

When the themes introduced by the first iDOLM@STER and Cinderella Girls are directly contrasted, they are quantifiably the same. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing so. However, if other viewers anticipate a different flavor this time, they may be disappointed.

Thankfully, the genuinely engaging characters and a healthy dose of pretty memorable songs that will endear you to their distinct peculiarities make up for the apparent monotony.


26.) Idoly Pride

Idoly Pride | Anime-Planet

Mana Nagase was an inspiring figure with unmatched talent and appeal. Her aspirations and goals, however, are crushed when she is killed in a horrific accident.

Kouhei Makino, her previous manager, is still looking for new talent and forming a new idol group.

Kotono Nagase, Mana’s younger sister, and Sakura Kawasaki, whose voice is identical to Mana’s, are two of the ten never members.


27.) IDOLiSH7

See the source image

IDOLiSH7 is an adaption of a mobile game published by Bandai Namco Online that follows Tsumugi Takanashi, a teenager who is put in charge of managing a male idol group.

Tsumugi, although overwhelmed at first, quickly falls in love with her group, even though their future isn’t all sunshine and sweet tunes. IDOLiSH7 is evident in that it concentrates on the group’s climb to prominence, which isn’t groundbreaking for an idol anime.

With that said, IDOLiSH7 distinguishes itself via the strength of its characters and story, as the anime’s screenplay is excellent.


28.) Ensemble Stars!

Ensemble Stars Season 2: Release Date, Characters, English Dub

Yumenosaki Private Academy is a male idol academy atop a hill with a sea view. For whatever reason, the sole female transfer student is chosen to be the first student in the “producer course,” a special department at the school dedicated to forming a new idol group.

This anime is an adaptation of a video game with the same name; in fact, some of the game’s voice actors also voiced the characters in the anime version. Ensemble StarsI is a lighthearted animation about idols.

In this series, you will see a variety of idols from diverse genres starting on their journey.


29.) Back Street Girls: Gokudolls

word image 104675 29

Unlike other idol anime series that are more dreamy, sweet, and feminine, the idol group Goku Dolls comprises three former Yakuza members who switched genders to become girls.

Kimanjirou Inugane, their boss and producer, forces the three characters, Chika Sugihara, Airi Yamamoto, and Mari Tachibana, to generate money as idols. Despite their feminine appearance, they behave impolitely due to their natural male temperament.

You will follow the daily lives of the Goku Dolls, who must perform on stage while also being members of the Yakuza.


30.) BanG Dream!

BanG Dream! (TV) - Anime News Network

It depicts the narrative of Kasumi Toyama, who is always on the lookout for the Star Beat, a relaxing music that sparkles in the night sky. She has been looking for something to cheer her up ever since.

She goes to a pawnshop with one of her friends one day after school. There, she discovers a star-shaped guitar covered in sparkling stickers. Kasumi is inspired to join a band after seeing a concert by a band called “GlitterGreen” without knowing it.

Saya Yamabuki, Tae Hanazono, Rimi Ushigome, and Arisa Ichigaya are among her classmates she invites. Despite their reservations, they eventually agree to form the band “Poppin’Party.”

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