The BEST Anime Characters Who Are Elves Recommended

25+ Of The BEST Anime Characters Who Are Elves (Recommended)

Elves are employed as incredibly flexible characters in anime.

From a gorgeous elf love interest to a warrior who will cut off your limbs without hesitation to altruistic heroes who desire peace and harmony.

So, here’s to all 25+ Anime elves you may or may not be aware of.


1.) Juana (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere)

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Juana is a perfect half-elven top-ranking student.

Despite the constant and frequent reprimands, she continues to defend her superior, who does not listen to anything she says.


2.) Yousei Yunde (Goblin Slayer)

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Don’t try to pick a fight with her or irritate her! Please! It’s for your benefit! She’s a 2000-year-old elf who will make you regret everything you’ve ever said.

Also, be cautious when she consumes alcohol. Do you know how sure folks a minefield becomes after a few drinks? When she drinks, she becomes a TNT field. But that’s not all there is to her.

She has her views about what constitutes an adventure. She prefers to maintain her innocence and remain positive.


3.) Lyrule (CHOYOYU: High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World!)

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This elf’s personality is defined by her tendency to bow down and allow others to step on her. She believes in people’s abilities and works hard to develop them.

Her kind and loving personality and excessive altruism lead her into trouble, but her magic helps her escape it.


4.) Emilia (Re: Zero)

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Emilia, a half-elf contender for King of Lugnica and the rumoured daughter of the Witch of Envy, rose to prominence for a purpose.

Emilia is kind, never turns her back on others in need, and is trusting, strong, and brave. A typically religious, peaceful, and soft-spoken character who can raise her voice when necessary.

Emilia is immensely likeable because of her demeanour, ice-based magic skills, ability to communicate with spirits, deep connections with other characters, and resolve to sacrifice for them.

Not to mention her gorgeous silver hair, sharp ears, and adorable giggle.


5.) Licht (Black Clover)

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Licht has gone through hell even though he’s a peaceful and nonviolent character.

Licht is the type of character who wishes for tranquillity with those he cares about while tending to his plants, reading books, sword fighting with his pals, testing and perfecting his magical abilities, and without bothering others.

Happy smiles and laughs gave way to laboured breaths and blood baths, but Licht and his pals continued to fight for what they believed in. Regardless of what others thought, Licht did not blame anyone for his circumstances.

He remained calm and sacrificed himself for the sake of others.


6.) Ruu (Elf 17)

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Ruu effortlessly acrobats into the third slot on this list, sporting a headband, superhuman strength, and the ability to fly. Her strong sense of justice, free-spirited personality, and likeability make her the ideal companion for an expedition.

Though she appears to be a strong simpleton, Ruu is much more. She is intelligent and forgiving and knows precisely where to strike to bring her opponents to their knees.


7.) Yousei Hime Ren (Elf Princess Rane)

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Understanding the comedy is the only hindrance to this animation that will surely crack you up in seconds. This animation is primarily based on Japanese dialect-based humour, slightly perverted humour, and more punny humour.

The series will have you laughing throughout if you can catch the gags.

This is a flurry of comedy, action, and mid-90s anime flair that no one will want to miss!

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8.) Puck (Berserk)

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Puck is a humorous and joyful character who stands out in his gloomy and merciless surroundings.

As so, he stands in stark contrast to his travelling companion, Guts, who is moody, cynical, and secretive. Puck does not take people’s actions at face value, preferring to look for the inherent good in those he meets rather than discard them for what he immediately sees.

As a result, Puck is patient when dealing with less-than-savoury personalities, most notably in his early travelling days with Guts, during which he was subjected to Gut’s constant verbal (and sometimes physical) abuse.

The Puck eventually discovers they have some morality and a cause for their reckless actions.


9.) Annette (Elf wo Karu Mono-tachi)

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Until you realize she was operating as a spy in the opposing organization on her own, and she tried to use solid magic to kill them from the inside, but the gateway didn’t work correctly and instead backfired on accident.

This Priestly elf, on the other hand, was quick to recognize her error and repair her ways, granting her flexibility.


10.) Marielle (The Log Horizon)

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Her upbeat, vibrant, and happy nature shone brightly on everyone who received the blessing of her smile. She also gets pouty when something terrible happens and tends to moan and throw tantrums.

She’s a slacker and also a little. How could I call it? She is careless or upfront about her body, asking others if they want to touch her chest or anything. Despite this, she is a changeable leader who cares deeply about others.

She is caring, gentle, and helpful to others, but she is also a little too interested, which typically leads to probing, problematic with all of her interfering in other people’s affairs, and winkle jumps to the wrong conclusions.


11.) Marie (Mariabelle) (Welcome To Japan, Ms. Elf!)

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Mariabelle, often known as Marie, has practically always despised humans for their ways and has never left her elf woodland. Unless this time. She is now determined to immerse herself in modern Japanese life and culture.

She is a spirit sorceress adventurer that arrives fully equipped for her adventures. Incantation of numerous magical spells, memorization of all notable locations, precision in all actions she undertakes, and has insight into people and difficulties,

Fortify mind (also known as encouragement), and, most significantly, cookery!


12.) Kokoro Natsume (Princess Connect! Re:Dive)

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An elf that has dedicated her entire life to serving her Master! Kokoro has been waiting since she was young to do her Master, who has now arrived. In your mind, she is unmistakably the image of a natural elf.

Light green clothing, loyal and kind, uses the honorific ‘-sama’ for everyone, and enjoys caring for animals and plants and meditating. Make the mistake of underestimating her battle abilities.

She handles a lance as if it were a part of her body. Once she gets serious in a fight, you won’t even notice you’ve been defeated.

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13.) Fil Nilvalen (No Game, No Life)

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This elf is much more than what he appears to be on the surface. She is controlled, quiet, and, most of the time, in control of her emotions. She is very affectionate but sometimes very hateful.

Despite her elf pride, she is willing to give it up for the ones she cares about. She doesn’t mind gleefully asking people she claims to despise to blow themselves up, licking her shoes, apologizing, and forcing characters to be her chairs.


14.) Deedlit (Record of Lodoss War)

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Would you rather have a short and pleasant life or an immortal life in which you are continuously on the lookout for a wizard who wants to kidnap and use you as a sacrifice in a ritual? Deedlit had little choice.

She’s a noble elf. As a result, she was automatically given the second option. Though she has had a long life, it has certain advantages. She is frequently the one with the most information, being able to predict future hazards and warn her teammates about them.

Her attacks are fast and accurate, and she can often defeat formidable opponents like her dark elf rivals. She does, however, have the propensity to be snobbish and cocky.


15.) Aura Bella Fiora (Overload)

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She is very loyal and has a strong sense of duty. She frequently orders her brother about, eventually directing him to “take care of yourself in case we become separated.”

Her upbeat and tomboyish nature complements her combat abilities, primarily involving taming animals and specializing in gorilla combat.

Surprisingly, a character like her is afraid of insects and insect-like traits such as antennae and appendages.


16.) Schnee Raizar (The New Gate)

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If you even lift a finger to harm someone she holds dear, be prepared to face the fury of hell she will unleash on you! However, this is only one of her personality’s essential or apparent aspects.

Her steadfast dedication to neutrality is her distinguishing feature. She helps others out of a sense of duty.

Her detachment has frequently revealed itself in her instruction as strictness. Her diverse skill set, which includes Blade Breaker, Mind’s eyes, Wide heal, and many others, gives her an excellent femme fatale profile.


17.) Echidna (Queen’s Blade)

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A badass freelance mercenary wild elf with a black complexion and hardly clad.

Her perverse and sadistic nature makes her stand out. She has the power to destroy the entire planet but refuses to do it because she is lazy.

One can easily overlook her heart of gold, which is buried deep inside her outer shell of her harsh, cruel, and rude behaviour brought on by 500 years of battle experience.

With more clothes and a better understanding of personal space and limits, this character will be the best elf warrior you’ve ever met.


18.) Tiffania Westwood (Zero no Tsukaima)

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Tiffania starts as a somewhat naïve character who doesn’t understand anything about others. She can barely notice people prying on her in a perverted way, never mind noticing people’s hidden tendencies.

That being said, throughout the series, she becomes skilled enough to sense people’s motives, problems, and sufferings a lot better than before.

She becomes tuned in with the ‘Tsun-Tsun’ tendencies of characters and doesn’t take advantage of them.


19.) Eina Tulle (DanMachi)

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With all of the elves being violent, incredibly brilliant, or superhuman, here’s someone you can relate to on a much more personal level. She is solemn, serene, and composed. She is dedicated to her work and does not want anyone to perish.

She’s frequently flirted with, and why shouldn’t she be? Eina has emerald eyes, cocoa hair, and pointy ears; she works as a receptionist and cares about most people.

Everything about this woman exudes perfection.


20.) Tuka Luna Marceau (Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite)

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For anime elves, tragedy and trauma are not unusual.

Tuka Luna Marceau saw her forest town destroyed and also lost her father to a dragon attack. She is ordinarily upbeat but panics when danger approaches.


21.) Genius Sage (Tales of Symphonia The Animation: Sylvarant-hen)

Genius Sage

It would be a travesty if an anime based on one of the most popular fantasy JRPGs did not have at least one elf character.

To be sure, Genius Sage is only a half-elf, and as such, he faces racial discrimination when visiting

Tethe’alla, where half-elves are at the bottom of the social hierarchy. This is unfortunate because this cartoon elf is multi-talented, with cooking abilities and the ability to perform tremendous elemental magic.


22.) Aura Shurifon (Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar)

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Aura Shurifon’s personality frequently fluctuates, giving the impression that she has bipolar disorder.

On the other hand, this dark elf princess is inclined to a feature of her tribe, which is tasked with delivering stability to the planet. And it is because of this that her mood varies throughout the day.

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23.) Myucel Foaran (Outbreak Company)

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Myucel Foaran, despite her current status as a maid, is a powerful and quick-learning wizard who served in the Eldant military for two years.

Unfortunately, she is half-human and half-elf, and both races despise her. Myucel was acclaimed for her magical powers while serving in the Eldant military, particularly in offensive magic.

She is also a skilled fighter. Even though she doesn’t use her skills in her new role as a maid, she has no trouble using them if the situation calls for it, especially if it’s for Shinichi Kanou, Myucel’s Master who has been transported to the Eldant Empire.


24.) Ryuu Lion (Danmachi)

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Ryuu Lion works as a waitress. The place is called the Hostess of Fertility. It’s a popular tavern many adventures visit in Danmachi.

She’s s a member of the Astraea Familia in particular. Unfortunately, it’s a tragic Familia since everyone within it was slain. This is why Ryuu gives up being an adventurer.

Like some other characters in Danmachi,  Ryu has a soft spot for Bell Cranel, who’s a member of the Hestia Familia. They both fight together on several of his missions.

Before this horrible tragedy, Ryuu was trained to preserve their forest’s sacred tree, which required her to become a proficient combatant with both the sword and the bow.

She can also use offensive magic like Luminous Wind, which summons green stardust to harm her adversaries.

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25.) Shera Greenwood (How Not to Call a Demon Lord)

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She has long golden blonde hair, some braided, and a grass ornament was placed on her head. As an Elf, she has long ears that taper to a point. Her torso, neck, and limbs were all long and narrow.

She has enormous breasts, unlike most female Elves.

Shera is dressed in a green tunic dubbed “Coat of Princess,” and because it is only knotted in a few places, her skin can be seen through the fluttering of it.

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