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The 14+ Best Ping Pong The Animation Quotes Fans Will Love

Ping Pong The Animation quotes taken from characters:

  • Sakuma Manabu.
  • Ryuichi Kazama.
  • Tamura Obaba.
  • Hoshino Yutaka.
  • Koizumi Jou.
  • Makoto Tsukimoto.

Ping Pong The Animation is a unique series among the Seinen genre. With animation and art unlike what you’re used to.

That’s part of its charm. And the concepts and ideas it explores is what gives life to the quotes.

This is partly a sports anime too so the quotes can be inspirational.

Here’s the best lines from Ping Pong The Animation!


1. Sakuma Manabu Quotes

Sakuma Manabu quotes 1 |

“With enough time, talent and environment aren’t the only things that matter. Eventually, hard work gets its time to shine!” – Sakuma Manabu


Sakuma Manabu quotes |

“You used to mock me. But you know what? Sometimes that effort pays off.” – Sakuma Manabu


2. Ryuichi Kazama Quotes

Ryuichi Kazama quotes 2 |

“There’s no shortcut to victory. You have to climb that steep mountain one step at a time. There’s an abyss down below and it never ends. Your only choice is to keep climbing!” – Ryuichi Kazama


Ryuichi Kazama quotes 1 |

“You know, some fish actually choose to live in stagnant water, Tsukimoto. It’s their nature, they won’t ever change.” – Ryuichi Kazama


Ryuichi Kazama quotes |

“This was a heart-breaking quote honestly.” – Ryuichi Kazama


3. Peco Hoshino Yutaka Quotes

Hoshino Yutaka quotes 2 |

“You’re a cool guy. I like that. But don’t think you can stay up there and look down on everyone forever.” – Hoshino Yutaka


Hoshino Yutaka quotes 1 |

“Hot damn is he intimidating. Guess that’s a world champ for ya. No, if I let him get to me, it’s over. Flinch and I’ll lose! Fear him and I’ll die! Here I go!” – Hoshin Yutaka


Hoshino Yutaka quotes |

“My name is Hoshino Yutaka And don’t you forget it!” – Hoshino Yutaka


4. Tamura Obaba Quotes

Tamura Obaba quotes 1 |

“Nobody aims for the top without running into monsters eventually.” – Tamura Obaba


Tamura Obaba quotes |

“The winners write history, and the losers are history’… I’ve seen that mentality wreck a lot of people.” – Tamura Obaba


5. Koizumi Jou (Butterfly Joe) Quotes:

Koizumi Jou quotes 2 |

“Accepting defeat so easily makes you naive! You cannot fly across the ocean on wings so thin.” – Koizumi Jou


Koizumi Jou quotes 1 |

“There’s always someone better than you.” – Koizumi Jou


Koizumi Jou quotes |

“It’s not uncommon. Talented people who know themselves never seek anything. People who don’t know themselves are always the ones who struggle hard to win, because they want to prove something.” – Koizumi Jou


6. Smile Makoto Tsukimoto Quotes

Makoto Tsukimoto quotes |

“Whenever you played table tennis, you had such a good time you’d forget any injury. Your knee will be fine. It’s like you always said. The strongest players let you fly the highest.” – Makoto Tsukimoto


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