26+ Of The Best Seinen Anime That Are Too Good To Ignore

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People often mention that some anime series are not meant for teenagers. While it is true, there is also a genre only meant for the mature audience.

Yes, we’re referring to the ‘Seinen’ genre.

Even if you have seen countless thriller, dark, and psychological-themed anime, these Seinen anime series stand apart from those.

In this article, we’ll present you with 26 Seinen titles that cover:

  • action
  • sci-fi
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • comedy
  • mystery

and a lot more genres.

So, grab your popcorn along with a few tissues just in case, and here we go!


1. Monster


If ‘Monster’ isn’t the best seinen anime out there, I don’t know what is.

It is a keen mix of thrill and psychological genres. Once in a while, people need to consider watching these underrated masterpieces!

Dr Kenzo Tenma is a renowned neurosurgeon and respected well by his superiors and colleagues. When he prioritizes a boy’s life over the mayor’s, resulting in his death, his life shatters. 


2. Parasyte


In my opinion, Parasyte is still underrated even though it gets a lot of recognition. With such an captivating concept, it executes every aspect flawlessly.

It also helps you learn a few life lessons (which we appreciate a lot) such as Mother’s love. 

When Parasytes (worm-like aliens) invade earth and take over humans as their hosts, one of them fails and ends up taking over Izumi Shinichi’s right hand.

Now he has to confront these parasites in his daily life while he prefers to lead a normal life.


3. Ping Pong The Animation

ping pong the animation

There are a few anime series out there that teach us real-life values and Ping Pong The Animation is one of them.

It shows what an anime can achieve in just 13 episodes and never lets you take a break-even in the middle of the episodes. 

The story follows two childhood friends “Peco” and “Smile” who play table tennis in their inter-high school and eventually find out what drives them to love this game so much. 


4. Grand Blue

Grand Blue

Grand Blue is one of the best comedy anime out there but with a mature storyline.

With tons of hilarious moments, it takes you on a whimsical journey. You can try watching this if you’re into seinen anime with a comedy approach.

Iori Kitahara moves to a coast town to enter a university and stays at his uncle’s diving shop known as “Grand Blue.”

Although he has high hopes for his college life, he gets a new taste of life when he meets his seniors and a few other people.

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5. March Comes in Like a Lion

March Comes in Like a Lion

We rarely see ‘Slice of Life’ and ‘Seinen’ genres mixed, and this anime displays a strong emotional resonance.

While the first season has been delightful, the second season is one of the most highly rated in MyAnimeList. 

17-year-old Rei Kiriyama is a professional Shogi player who moved to Tokyo to seek freedom from his tense life.

When Rei visits his grandfathers’ wagashi shop, there he meets a trio of sisters.

Watch how this precious bond makes Rei a better person in his life as he learns more about how to interact with people. 

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6. Vinland Saga

vinland saga

After Wit studio’s incredible work with Attack on Titan, we thought it might be hard to get a similar one (animation-wise).

But… with Vinland Saga, we got one amazing piece of work with a perfect blend of action, adventure, and historical themes. 

Thorfinn grew up listening to the stories about Vinland, a place where there is no need for wars.

When he witnessed a mercenary named Askeladd kill his father, he loses the meaning of his life and gets on a journey to avenge his father while a war between England and the Danes broke out.  

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7. Space Brothers

Space Brothers

If you haven’t watched Space Brothers yet, then you’re missing a lot. This anime is a hidden masterpiece with a conventional plot.

It sure is lengthy, but you get as much entertainment. 

Mutta Nanba and his younger brother Hibito witness a UFO flying towards space and decides to become astronauts.

After a few years, Mutta has become an astronaut, and Hibito quits his job to catch up with his brother. 


8. Kaguya-sama Love is War

Kaguya sama Love is War e1612611152669

Do you have a crush on someone? And can’t confess to them no matter what? Then you must watch this anime.

Kaguya-sama Love is War is one phenomenal anime with surprising humour and brilliant execution. 

Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya are the members of the student council president and to our surprise, they both like each other.

However, due to pride, they don’t want to confess to each other, but they plot various schemes to make the other confess.


9. Mushi-Shi

Mushi Shi

If you’re thinking of watching this anime in one go, you might as well skip it.

It is a slow burn yet refreshing story that can brighten up your mood. Every episode brings the inner-beauty of the anime, and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Mushi, the mysterious entities that exist in various forms, and the majority of humans don’t even know they exist.

Enter Ginko, a Mushishi who constantly chases after them and tries to uncover the mystery behind their existence. 


10. Erased


Erased is a thriller-seinen anime with a controversial ending. It has a good plot, characters, and entertains you a lot with plot twists.

Also, it is a short anime and gives you one more reason to try it out.

Satoru Fujinuma is 29 years old when he suddenly discovers strange phenomena, and later on, he travels 18 years past in time.

Now, life has given him a second chance to change the past and stop the tragedy that he couldn’t before. 


11. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon e1612611215330

There are some anime series that you can only watch in the English dub instead of sub.

Black Lagoon is one of them, and if you’re looking for an action anime with a western approach, this one will be your best choice. 

The story is set in Thailand, Roanapur, where corruption and crime rule over authority.

In this crime city, a businessman decides to join the Black Lagoon, a mercenary group after the betrayal of his former employee.

Watch how he adapts to this new environment and takes you on an incredible action journey. 

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12. Dorohedoro


Dorohedoro is like a pearl in an ocean for the people who love violent anime series.

It is one kind of anime that we rarely get to see by bringing out an engaging story. It’s a perfect adaptation of its manga

It follows an amnesiac reptile man named Kaiman who fights against the sorcerors that use people as guinea pigs for their experiments. But he isn’t alone,

His female companion Nikaidou helps him chase the mystery behind everything.

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13. Rainbow


Make sure to take some deep breaths in the middle of every episode because the one we have here is the anime Rainbow.

The animation is terrific, and the concept is flawless. To Seinen fans, not-watching Rainbow is a serious crime. 

Rainbow follows the story of seven boys who have been arrested for criminal charges and were brought to a reform school in Shio. 

While everyone has a different past, they bond together and promise each other that they’ll meet once their sentences are over.

Unfortunately, a grudge-holding guard and sadist doctor are not going to let that happen. 

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14. Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri e1612611299436

Hinamatsuri is a unique piece of comedy anime with quite a mature premise. The story is brilliantly written and the execution was perfect.

The interactions between the characters can also be a considerable aspect of this amazing anime. 

The story follows Yoshifumi Nitta, a Yakuza member with quite an influence.

Somehow, he ends up taking care of a girl with telekinetic powers who mysteriously appeared in his apartment.


15. Run with the Wind

run with the wind

Run with the Wind is a sports anime with some impeccable visuals and a standard storyline. I’d say it is unique from the ones we’ve watched so far and one of the best seinen anime shows out there. 

Kakeru Kurahara, an ace runner, ends up joining the Kansei University Track club. Haiji, a fellow runner, makes him stay in his dormitory along with the other 8 members. 

Unfortunately, their teammates are in no shape to compete in the Hakone Ekiden race.

Within a few months, they need to pull this impossible stunt.


16. Berserk


Berserk is one of the greatest manga of all time, and so is this anime. While manga is a lot better and I prefer it over anime, I’d still say it is a pretty good adaptation apart from the 2nd season. 

A young mercenary born from the corpse of his mother enters the battlefield at a very young age and puts his life on the line to survive.

Later on, he joins “White Hawk,” and slowly climbs up the ranks only to find out that the world isn’t as good as he thought. 


17. Saint Young Man

Saint Young Man

Saint Young Man is a seinen anime consisting of only 2 OVA episodes but you can enjoy every minute of it.

It could’ve been better with more episodes with its on-point humour and some ethics. Still, it is a pretty good anime to watch if you’re into light-hearted seinen stories. 

Gautam Buddha and Jesus Christ, the founders of Buddhism and Christianity visit Tokyo while on their vacation and are leaving together as roommates.

To experience this modern society of Japan, they attempt to hide their identities and you know what to expect next. 


18. Land of The Lustrous (Houseki no Kuni)

Land of Lustrous e1612611394480

Land of The Lustrous is a mystery anime with some good laughs in it. But don’t let your guard down because it might devastate you with its deep message.

Keeping its entertainment aside, you’ll find all the answers you need about human personality. 

The story follows mysterious and immortal beings called “Lustrous,” gems inhabited in a destroyed world.

The youngest one of them is 300-year-old Phos who couldn’t fight because of her delicate condition.

She’s assigned to compile an encyclopedia, and Phos eventually discovers something that can ensure their survival.

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19. Inuyashiki: The Last Hero

Inuyashiki The Last Hero

If you’re here to find a good and short seinen anime that can make your day, then “Inuyashiki” is for you.

With an amazing premise, it fills you in with an action-packed entertainment along with some life values. If you haven’t watched this yet, make sure you do, at least for its ending. 

Inuyashiki follows the story of an old man with an unloving family and a teenager, who only cares about himself.

When they both encounter each other in a park, a bright light from the sky turns them into mechanized weapons. While the teenager goes on killing people, the old man has to save the world. 


20. Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko)

wandering son e1612611512645

Gender-bender anime shows are rather normal these days, but what if they introduce a new approach with a similar concept?

Well, you get Wandering Son anime. Surprisingly, it is a good seinen anime with every aspect being shaped into perfection. 

The story follows two childhood friends Shuichi Nitori and Yoshino Takatsuki who are trans girls but are considered as the prettiest girls in their school.

However, their lives became harder when they both had to adapt to a new school. 


21. Non Non Biyori

Non Non Biyori

Are you stressed? Need something to put your mind at ease? Sit in front of your screen and play this anime for a while.

Although it is a simple story, with a great blend of seinen and slice of life genres, it keeps you occupied. 

It follows the cute little adventures of not-so-normal girls and how they pass their time by doing playful things in the countryside.

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22. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate e1612611549870

I’m just going to say one word for you. Hellsing is awesome! Unlike any of the vampire anime or tv shows you’ve seen until now. 

Hellsing is an organization formed to hunt down the creatures that devour human beings at night.

This organization has an ultimate weapon named Alucard, who can even the odds in any situation. 


23. Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs is proof that even supernatural fiction can be worked in a fashionable way.

The story sets up everything right from the beginning, and it is also not meant for everybody. 

The series follows a group of individuals known as the Armed Detective Agency.

They possess various types of supernatural powers and deal with the dangerous cases that are too hard for police. 


24. Drifters

drifters anime series

What would be more exciting than watching a seinen anime with samurais and fantasy setting? Well, Drifters carries out a dark premise in the most unique way by bringing out a good outcome. 

Toyohisa Shimazu gets transported into a distinctive world along with his troops at a battle.

This land is filled with all types of creatures and they have been summoned to fight against “Ends” who desire to annihilate “Drifters.” 


25. Ajin: Demi-Human


Ajin: Demi-Human is more of horror than a seinen. It explores the concept of horror fiction in the most surprising way.

While it has its flaws, the anime fairly tells the story to make the viewer surprised every time. 

The story follows a high school student who survives an accident in which he should’ve died.

Later on, he discovers that he is an Ajin, a demi-human that the whole world despises. Sooner, he realizes the other demi-humans are closer to him than he imagined. 


26. Prison School

Prison School e1612611611206

Prison School is not just a good seinen anime but also one of the best comedy anime only suitable for mature audiences.

It has incredibly hilarious scenes along with some lewd moments. 

The story follows five boys who just enrolled in all-girls high school which has become co-ed.

When they visit the girls‘ dormitory at night for fun, the Underground Student Council arrests them and sends them to the school’s prison. 

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