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Here’s The Top 15 Anime Influencers On The Internet, Ranked By “Views” (December 2019)

For whatever reason – this type of “top anime influencers” post has never been done before.

This is the first OFFICIAL list on the internet. So let’s do it the right way.

By the way “influencer” means anyone who has any “influence” in the anime community. That includes companies, websites, bloggers, YouTubers and so on, rather than just people on social media.


How will anime influencers be measured?

I’m sure some fans will measure anime influencers differently, but in this post we’ll measure:

  • Views.
  • Visitors.

Based on “monthly” statistics between:

  • Websites.
  • Bloggers.
  • YouTubers.

And anime influencers connected to those categories.

I’ll also measure:

  • Subscribers (YouTube).
  • Followers (social media).

And I’ll create a “final” result based on these 2 measurements.

Influencers means anyone who creates, publishes original content. And anything along those lines.

Merchandise sites like Good Smile (who only talk about figurines) aren’t included. And the stats are from December 2019 in particular.

One more thing: this list is for “English” speaking websites and YouTube channels.

Location is irrelevant as long as it’s an English speaking site or YouTube channel to simplify things.

Let’s get started.


Top 15 Anime Influencers by YouTube views (UPDATED):


  1. TeamFourStar (22.9M+).
  2. Funimation (20M+ Views).
  3. MaSTAR Media (16M+ Views).
  4. Misty Chronexia (8.9M+ Views).
  5. Gigguk (8.8M+ Views).
  6. Akidearest (8.3M+ Views).
  7. The Anime Man (7.4M+ Views).
  8. Nuxtaku (6.7M+ Views).
  9. Lost Pause (5.8M+ Views).
  10. Anime Uproar (5.5M+).
  11. Tekking 101 (5.1M+).
  12. Swagkage (5M+).
  13. ViniiTube (4.6M+).
  14. Anime Balls Deep (4.5M+).
  15. Mothers Basement (3.5M+ Views).

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Honorable Mentions:

  • Chibi Reviews (1.4M+).
  • Crunchyroll (1M+).
  • Joy_Boy Theories (944K+).
  • Glass Reflection (923K+).
  • Viz Media (650K+).
  • Digibro (637K+).
  • Otaku-Vs (535K+).

The data is analysed with Social Blade The stats are from the month of December 2019.

I ignored Anime Sensei, KHORnime (and channels like it) because it’s not original content.

It’s just re-uploaded anime videos.


Top 15 Anime Influencers by visitors (websites):


  1. Crunchyroll (40M+ Visitors).
  2. MyAnimeList (37M+ Visitors).
  3. Sankaku Complex (15.7M+ Visitors).
  4. Anime Planet (9M+ Visitors).
  5. Funimation (7.6M+ Visitors).
  6. Anime News Network (5M+ Visitors).
  7. Viz Media (4M+ Visitors).
  8. Honeys Anime (2.8M+ Visitors).
  9. Otaku Kart (1.4M+ Views).
  10. Otaku Mode (1.1M+ Visitors).
  11. Anime (1M+ Visitors).
  12. Ani Database (870K+ Visitors).
  13. Anime Motivation (780K+ Visitors).
  14. J-List (640K+ Visitors).
  15. Manga Tokyo (469K+ Visitors).

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Honorable Mentions:

  • Random Curiosity (366K+).
  • Goboiano (363K+).
  • Otaku USA Magazine (242K+).

The data’s analysed with SimilarWeb (December 2019 stats).

For obvious reasons – anime pirates were ignored in this list.

Plus anime pirates are SO big, that every anime site and YouTuber combined still doesn’t add up.

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Next we’ll do Anime YouTubers VS websites.

That way – we can break down the top 15 based on views between both.

We’ll also take the total view count based on social networks like Pinterest and YouTube, on top of other relevant platforms with public view counts.


Top 15 Anime Influencers by total public views (ALL platforms):


  1. Crunchyroll (40M+).
  2. MyAnimeList (37M+).
  3. Funimation (27.6M+).
  4. TeamFourStar (22.9M+).
  5. MaSTAR Media (16M+).
  6. Sankaku Complex (15.7M+).
  7. Anime Planet (9M+).
  8. Misty Chronexia (8.9M+ Views).
  9. Gigguk (8.8M+ Views).
  10. Akidearest (8.3M+ Views).
  11. The Anime Man (7.4M+ Views).
  12. Nuxtaku (6.7M+ Views).
  13. Lost Pause (5.8M+).
  14. Anime Uproar (5.5M+).
  15. Tekking 1010 (5.1M+).


15 Anime Influencers total public views ink |

Honorable Mentions:

  • Swagkage (5M+).
  • Anime News Network (5M+).
  • ViniiTube (4.6M+).
  • Anime Balls Deep (4.5M+).
  • Viz Media (4.6M+).
  • Anime Motivation (3.6M+).
  • Mothers Basement (3.5M+).

And to end this post – we’ll compare follower/subscriber counts between YouTubers and websites.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and more are used.


Top 15 Anime Influencers by total followers (social media):


  1. Tokyo Otaku Mode  (21M+).
  2. Funimation (6M+).
  3. Crunchyroll (5M+).
  4. TeamFourStar (4M+).
  5. Manga Tokyo (3.5M+).
  6. MaSTAR Media (3.1M+).
  7. Akidearest (2.2M+).
  8. Gigguk (2M+).
  9. The Anime Man (2M+).
  10. J-List (1.7M+).
  11. Lost Pause (1.3M+).
  12. Anime News Network (1.2M+).
  13. Misty Chronexia (1.2M+).
  14. Nuxtaku (1M+).
  15. Viz Media (1M+).

15 Anime Influencers total followers social media 2 ink |

Honorable Mentions:

  • AnimeUproar (610K+).
  • ViniiTube (580K+).
  • Glass Reflection (550K+).

The interesting thing about the “follower” list is the story it tells.

Despite some of these MASSIVE numbers:

  • Sankaku Complex.
  • Anime Motivation.
  • Mothers Basement.
  • Honeys Anime.
  • Anime Balls Deep.
  • Anime News Network.
  • Viz Media.

These outliers did a good job for monthly views. Even though none of these websites made it into the top 15 for total number of followers.

Followers have their relevance, but they’re not anywhere near as important as people think.

Even with that said though – YouTubers show you the power of a personal brand.


And there you have it!

That’s a full breakdown of the top 15 anime influencers by visitors, views, and social media followers in total.

Make sure you share this list with everyone in this post. And anyone you personally support.

The last thing I’ll say is – as an anime community, we can do better to make these numbers higher.



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