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#VicMignogna FACTS The Loud Minority Doesn’t Wanna Admit

2020 has been such a mad year, and it’s been a while since I wrote about Vic Mignogna.

MONTHS in fact.

The #coronavirus lockdown naturally delayed that “me too” situation and the drama with Vic’s sexual allegations.

At least back in February 2020 and so on.

With the facts I’ve already mentioned ages ago and some other facts of the situation, I wanna focus on just that.

I’ll make some relevant comparisons as well and the insane level of bias that surrounds Vic Mignogna.

Let’s get to it.


Vic Mignogna Facts:


1. Funimation NEVER accused Vic of sexual harassment

Read the Tweets for yourself. You can’t make this sh*t up. It’s there in black and white.

It’s well documented and Scott, a VP at Funimation is the one who said it himself.

There are legal documents on it as well.

Scott said this back in February 2019 (through Funi’s Twitter account):

“I am aware of the purpose of Funimation’s tweets because I drafted them for the company in my role of Senior Director of Public Relations.” – Scott (Funimation)

He then said:

“No statement by Funimation in its February 11, 2019, tweets is intended to defame Mignogna in any way, nor do the statements imply that Mignogna engaged in any harassing or threatening behaviour.”

vic case funi documents |

If that isn’t enough: Funimation spent $170,000 in legal fees, and sweared under oath they never “accused” Vic Mignogna.

That’s a BIG move on Funimation’s part and the money talks loud and clear. Not to mention their “proof” and documents.

So the loud minority of:

  • Toxic feminists.
  • Monica Rial.
  • Ron Toye.
  • Jamie Marchi.

And whoever else needs to accept the truth and stop holding onto false narratives they’ve pushed on Twitter. The only place anyone would bother to take it seriously.

Especially given Funimation has ALSO said Jamie, Monica (and whoever else) don’t speak for Funimation as a whole.


2. ZERO Police Investigations

Just like Deep Humor says, no one said that victims should stand by and do nothing.


But the fact remains – if this situation was for real and had any clout, the police would be at Vic Mignogna’s door faster than the postman.

That would be followed by:

  • Questioning.
  • Investigations.
  • Holding Vic in custody.

And everything involving and relating to those things.

At least ONE person would have got the police involved or at least “reported” Vic Mignogna to the police… If it was true.

After all – the loud minority claims Vic has sexually assaulted MANY women over the years. As far back as 10+ years.

There’s no way Vic Mignogna would be walking free this long if that were genuine.

Harvey Weinstein, a man who was many times more influential than Vic Mignogna was jailed in a matter of years.

Never mind 10+ years.

Victims contacted the police from the beginning, and eventually his influence crumbled and the scum bag got what he deserved.

In Vic Mignogna’s case though, there’s not a shred of evidence or police investigations.

It’s a load of baloney.

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3. Vic Mignogna is not a known predator (and has no official record)

Continuing from my last point, Vic Mignogna doesn’t have:

  • A criminal record.
  • A police record pointing to being a “predator”.
  • ZERO charges.
  • And has no sexual offences to his name.

That is a well known FACT. A fact is something written in stone but people seem to think opinions can overwrite it.

All you’ve gotta do is look it up for yourself. Or if you’re in the USA – ask the police directly and they’ll prove it after digging into their database.

Anyone pushing this narrative is obviously a couple of things:

  • Someone who uses Twitter.
  • Someone who does anything for likes and retweets.
  • Is a toxic person .
  • Uses others as a scapegoat to justify their insecurities.

The blessing and the curse of social media is anyone has an opinion, so anyone can push a false narrative.

Even if that person has no real world influence, power, clout, relevance or truth to their message.

People have been riding the bandwagon and it hasn’t crashed yet, hence why the conversation is still a thing.


4. Guilty until proven innocent bullsh*t

vic mignogna and monica |

This WHOLE shebang started because of Monica Rial (she wasn’t the first person, but a major turning point).

Ever since Monica, Jamie, Ronny Boy and whoever else jumped on the #metoo bandwagon, the ship continues to sail.

In this hostile environment we’re in and the bollocks they call a “gender” war, Men are guilty until proven innocent.

A toxic double standard.

On the other hand – women are innocent until proven guilty.


Sound familiar?

That’s right, Jonny Depp dealt with the SAME thing. In fact it’s similar to Vic Mignogna’s case, but different.

Johnny Depp was bashed by the media for years and years, and Twitter-trigger feminists blasted him for being a so called “abuser”.

And then 2020 happened and it turns out that Amber Heard was the culprit. With full on recordings and Amber admitting it in court.

Now they’re all playing mental gymnastics and showing their sexism.

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The #metoo crowd has been silent ever since

I say all that to say THIS is what’s happening with Vic Mignogna, and who knows how many more men out there.

Men are deemed guilty until proven innocent, so either:

  • You can’t defend yourself because it never happened.
  • Or when you are proven innocent, NO ONE GIVES A F.
  • And the culprits (women) don’t even get a jail sentence or any form of punishment for spreading lies.
    • Not in the USA at least.

If there’s any fact about Vic Mignogna the loud minority won’t ever admit to, it’s the double standards they take advantage of.

That’s the centre of everything else.

Any more Vic Mignogna facts worth pointing out?



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