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These 25 Countries Is Where Funimation Is The Most Popular

Funimation started in 1994, and has since been the most successful anime distributor still around in 2019.

Many others are out of business.

Anime shows like Dragon Ball Z, not to mention the “dubs” produced for them are responsible for anime’s growth on a worldwide scale.

So there’s a lot to thank Funimation for.

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But that aside – the question remains: which countries use Funimation the most?

And where is it the most popular online?

That’s what we’ll be sharing today.

If your country doesn’t show up, leave it in the comments.



1. United States

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This shouldn’t be surprising, considering Funimation operates out the USA. And a majority of the US has “the best” coverage of anime shows.

Especially when it comes to licensing restrictions.


2. Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is #2 for the top 25 countries where Funimation is popular. Which might surprise.


3. Canada

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Canada is up 3rd, which makes a lot of sense.


4. Austria

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5. Philippines

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For the first time – Philippines isn’t #1, and in this case it makes sense since Funimation is predominantly American for anime coverage.


6. Croatia

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7. Australia

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8. New Zealand

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9. Slovenia

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10. United Kingdom

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The UK comes in at 10th. Making it more popular than Crunchyroll.


11. Ireland

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Ireland, naturally next to the UK.


12. Pakistan

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13. Singapore

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14. South Africa

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15. Malaysia

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16. Norway

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17. United Arab Emirates

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18. Sweden

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19. Germany

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20. Denmark

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21. Netherlands

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22. Belgium

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23. Czechia

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24. Finland

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25. Hungary

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And last – Hungary!

Source: Funimation – Google Trends


Did your country make it in the top 25 for Funimation?

If not – leave it in the comments for everyone else to see!


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