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I’ll Stop Watching Anime Only If Or When THIS Happens!

Avatar of Theo J Ellis

You always see it. People asking questions like:

  • When will you stop watching anime?
  • When should I stop watching anime?
  • At what age should you stop watching anime?
  • Is there an age limit for anime?

And so on. The list goes on for a while.

People mistake anime for cartoons, and judge it by the same standards by asking similar questions.

But this post is NOT about that angle.

This is about a good justification to stop watching anime. Or at least “my” justification.

As far as I see it at this point in time, there’s only a few reasons I’d stop watching anime…


1. If anime gets completely ruined by political correctness

YouTube video

The likelihood of anime being ruined by political correctness is low.

In fact it’s next to impossible.

I’ve talked about how WOKE culture is dying out, and how cancel culture will be on its way out the door before too long.

Anime is created and run by the Japanese, the birthplace of anime. And that’s the way it should stay.

The creators should maintain control and never give it away for short term gains (like a fat wad of money).

Not unless they’re ready to ruin the product by giving it to people who don’t know how to create it.

You’ve already seen how so many Netflix “original” anime have turned out.

Crunchyroll isn’t doing much better either, which makes my point loud and clear.

That all being said, look at these screenshots. It’s of films and products owned by Disney.

The point is a LOT of Disney’s assets have been ruined by political correctness. It’s part of the reason people are being pulled over to the anime industry.

Anime is the only place you can find shows without:

  • Political correctness
  • Sugar coating
  • Agenda’s

And all the typical bullsh*t the west has been pumping out to “please” the WOKE crowd.

This is the same crowd who doesn’t even buy their products, pay for their films, or give 2 sh*ts about supporting what they do.

That makes it more ironic that Disney is pandering to this loud minority and continues to pay the price for it.

It only doesn’t seem like a heavy price because Disney has stacks and stacks of money to “take” the left and right hooks.

As long as anime doesn’t get ruined by political correctness to this extreme, I have no problem with it.

That doesn’t mean I’ll always agree with some of the lengths anime goes to, but it means I respect the creative freedom and will support it regardless.

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2. If anime becomes sugarcoated at the expense of creative expression

anime kid warmth meme

Anime is one of the only pure media outlets in this day and age. Especially if you judge it by western standards.

I mean pure in the sense that it’s unfiltered, raw and uncut. Direct and without any f*cks given.


Basically, the way creativity and art is intended to be.

It’s no longer art if you’re being limited by what you can and can’t say, outside of obvious things like blatant racism or other extremes.

That’s what makes art so attractive, and why its been around forever.

We need art to express truths, perspectives, and touch on things people are normally too afraid of doing without it.

As consumers, people love seeing that as well. People demand it.

Compared to western media or modern Disney, anime does this flawlessly.


shimoneta panties ayame okuma

One example I always like to go back to is Shimoneta.

The long title for this anime is: A Boring World Where The Concept Of Dirty Hokes Doesn’t Exist.

It’s about a politically correct society where you’re not even allowed to make “sex” jokes, or talk about sexuality.

In fact all of these topics are taboo and will even land you in jail if caught.

To make a point, people are forced to wear a collar that will “detect” a person talking about these things.

Then the “decency” squad, an equivalent of SJW’S, rushes to your location and puts you under arrest.

ayame kajou smiling dirty mind

The purpose of this show is to show the hypocrisy of society at large when it comes to these topics. Or at least that’s one takeaway from this series.

The main takeaway is how the main character Ayame Kajou, believes there’s nothing wrong with discussing or joking about these things.

For saying what everyone else is already thinking anyway (but won’t say), her alter ego is branded a terrorist by the government.

cute little gift box.

In a world like that:

  • Anime loses its entertainment value.
  • Anime loses its appeal.
  • Everything will be too politically correct.
  • Creativity will be strangled to death, and constricted.
  • Everything will follow a typical pattern, without ever being unconventional.

And that’s why I wouldn’t and couldn’t support anime in an environment like that.

It won’t be happening anytime soon but if it did, It wouldn’t be worth the time anymore because it would lose its creative appeal.

At that point it would longer be “art” in its truest form.

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