20 Interesting Anime Girls Who Wear Hair Clips And Accessories

cute anime girl hair clip wallpaper art

Have you ever wondered what kind of accessories girls are wearing in anime? Or maybe you want your hair to be like the character that you like?

There are some girls that actually change their hair accessories throughout the series that you probably noticed and there are some that don’t.

Check out the list to see who has hair accessories in an anime series.


1. Hitomi (Idol Time PriPara)

Hitomi Idol Time PriPara cute

Hitomi is a young girl who is a minor character in the anime: Idol Time PriPara. She wears a hair clip on the left side of her head that looks like a purple grape.

Not much is known about Hitomi as she’s only been seen a few times within the series. The purple grape hair clip makes her stand out among others.


2. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

Lucy Heartfilia hairclip hairstyle

Lucy is one of the major characters in the anime: Fairy Tail. Her hair accessories include either a ponytail or wearing buns for her hair to look like pigtails. Her hair design is varied as she would change it from time to time.

Even as she changes her style, she would look different from the other characters and would pop out from among them.


3. Yuri Oshimoto (Teekyuu)

Yuri Oshimoto cute

Yuri is a starting high school student who is part of the tennis club. While mostly in school, she wears her hair in a ponytail and at other times her hair is straight down.

She loves playing tennis but is the only one who knows how to play! She’s a young student but she enjoys her friends and classmates.


4. Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live)

Kurumi Tokisaki date a live

One of the antagonists in the anime: Date A Live is Kurumi Tokisaki who’s a high school student with her age. She wears her long hair in pigtails most of the time but sometimes if her hair is tied up, her right or left hair is either longer or shorter than the other.

Besides her hair being pigtails, she wears a bow to hold her hair. She is one of the most dangerous spirits in the anime series as she uses time and controls the shadows.

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5. Nino Nakano (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

Nino Nakano hairclip

A high school student who has long pink hair in the anime is named Nino Nakano. She wears a butterfly blue / black ribbon on her hair that goes down.

Even as Nino cuts her hair later on in the series, she wears a green ribbon on her hair to be like her sister. However, it was just a small ruse that she returned to wearing her blue/black ribbon right after.


6. Goddess Aqua (Konosuba)

Goddess Aqua hairclip

Her name, Aqua in the anime series is based that she is the goddess of water. Her hair is tied up like a bun as she wears a blue circular ribbon to tie her hair.

The navy blue ribbon matches her outfit and hair colour due to the namesake of her name. She was a goddess before heading into the fantasy world.


7. Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Sakura Kinomoto hairclip e1675426214361

Sakura Kinomoto starts out as an Elementary School student in the Cardcaptor Sakura anime series. When viewers see her for the first time, she’ll have her hair in pigtails.

Since her hair is short, her pigtails are short and thus it is tied with a red cherry-like ponytail on each side. Most of the time its pigtails but there’s a time that she’s wearing a pink ribbon tied behind her hair as she wears a kimono.

Sometimes instead of the red cherries, it would be a pink hair-tie on her pigtails. Sakura changes her hairstyle but it is mostly pigtail style.


8. Naruto Uzumaki (Female version)

Naruto Uzumaki female jutsu

Naruto’s female version is due to the harem jutsu that he pranks on old men. You can see that Naruto’s female form has yellow hair and is with two pigtails.

The colour of her ponytail in each of her pigtails varies as it is a regular ponytail and sometimes it could be red or blue. You don’t see Naruto’s female hair any other way.

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9. Kari Kamiya (Digimon Adventure 02)

Kari Kamiya digimon

Kari Kamiya is the younger sister of Tai Kamiya and the one who has the Crest of Light. In Digimon 02, she was wearing a small red hair clip on the left side of her head. However, in Digimon Tri, she wore a greyish hair clip on the same side as her red one before.

There was even one once she wore a ponytail when she was older and she grew her hair out. Kari is outgoing later on and still looks up to her older brother.


10. Misty (Pokemon)

Misty Pokemon future

Misty is the young Cerulean Gym leader whom Ash befriended one day early in his journey.

When Ash meets Misty, she was wearing a small blue ponytail that is on the left side of her head. Throughout her journey with Ash, her ponytail remains the same.


11. May (Pokemon)

May Pokemon green bandana

When you first see May in the Pokemon series, you’ll see that she’ll be wearing a red beanie hat that has a target design on it on top of her hair. That changes when May is in a contest and she is wearing a pink ribbon tied to a small portion of her hair. Later on in the series,

May’s red beanie hat is gone and is replaced with a green one that has a small white design on it to look like her game counterpart.

She even wore a peach-pink veil that has an emerald on top one time for a contest.


12. Kikyo (Inuyasha)

Kikyo Inuyasha long hair

Kikyo, who was once the lover of Inuyasha, wears a white tie ribbon to tie her hair at the back as her hair is long.

Her hair accessory is like how it is throughout the series but there are times that her white ribbon would become untied if she is either fighting or injured.

At the end of the series, her reincarnation, Kagome Higurashi, has done the same thing to her hair once.

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13. Kristina Kuroda (Beyblade Burst)

Kristina Kuroda beyblade cute

Kristina is a young girl who is the club director and used to play Beyblade. She wears a black headband on top of her hair that has the Beyblade logo.

She’s a good referee to the teams who play Beyblade.

She’s one of the minor characters and you don’t see Kristina changing her hairstyle accessories as her headband is her signature.


14. Kaoru Kamiya (Rurouni Kenshin)

Kaoru Kamiya ruruouni kenshin

Kaoru is the heiress of a dojo in Tokyo as she is an instructor there who teaches her student’s swordsmanship. Her hair is usually in a tied high ponytail (that looks like a bun with small scarves at the edges)l that is either blue or purple.

She doesn’t change her hairstyle throughout the series and has remained that way throughout.


15. Ayaka Usami (Gravitation)

Ayaka Usami cute

Ayaka is the “fiance” of Eiri Yuki who really doesn’t care. She has long, brown hair that goes all the way down and she wears a pink light headband on her hair.

Her hairstyle doesn’t change and so has remained that way within the series.


16. Kaoruko Usami (Junjou Romantica)

Kaoruko Usami anime

When you first see Kaoruko, you see her snobbishness even though she’s a beautiful girl with a pink hair ribbon tied to her long, brown hair as she wears a kimono. However, she acts like that because of her fiance who doesn’t care about her at all.

Her hair changes throughout the series and you’ll see it either straight down, with different coloured ribbons and she even wore a white flower on her hair on the left side.

She’s very stylish with her hair and tries to impress her fiance but doesn’t work out at all.


17. Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Jupiter green

When you see Sailor Jupiter, she’ll be wearing a small green pom pom on her hair to be able to put it in a ponytail before she puts the rest of her hair down.

She doesn’t change it at all even when she transforms from Makoto Kino to Sailor Jupiter, her hairstyle is still the same. It’s simple and stylish for Sailor Jupiter.


18. Emily (Glitter Force)

Emily Glitter Force cute

Emily has a pigtail hairstyle look on her reddish-pink hair. On either side of her hair, she wears a yellow bow shaped like a bun. However, when she becomes Glitter Lucky, Emily’s hair changes and her hair does become pigtails making it longer as she wears ponytails on each of her pigtails.

Her hair sticks out in some places. Besides her ponytail, she wears her tiara on top and there are white wings right on each side of it.


19. Mai Sakurajima (Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai)

Mai Sakurajima hair clip

Mai’s hair is straight down, she wears hairpins on the left side. It’s a cute hairpin with small bunnies at the end of the pin. Mai wears a bunny costume, and beside her hairpin, she wears bunny ears on top of her head to go along with the costume.

Her hairstyle doesn’t change at all and it is only the hairpins that are on top of her hair if she isn’t wearing the bunny costume.


20. Ako Udagawa (Bang Dream)

Ako Udagawa bang dream

Ako is part of a band called Roselia in the anime series called Bang Dream, she is the drummer for the group. She looks like a child but she really isn’t as she is in high school. Her hair is mostly in pigtails as it is tied with a black ponytail on each end.

She likes online gaming and she is a hard worker for her band.

Was it unexpected the list that you have read? Not a lot of girl characters change their hairstyle accessories in the anime series and they just leave the same hairstyle until the end.

It’s not really surprising but it is fun to think about which girl changes the most accessories. The accessories could be plain, simple and even complex. Check it out the next time you watch a new or old anime and see for yourself.

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