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Did You Know The Biggest Pokemon Fans In The World Are In These Top 25 Countries?

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Pokemon shot off like a rocket back in the 90’s.

In a way it was as if it was put into the barrel of a gun, and shot off at high speed. Because millions in sales later, with die hard fans worldwide, and it still hasn’t slowed down ever since.

We can thank Pokemon Go for that, as well as a constant continuation of video games like Sun and Moon.

But that’s not the point of this post.

According to Google Trends, there are 25 countries who love Pokemon more than anybody else. And seeing as Google is the #1 visited site on the internet, the data is trustworthy.

If your country comes up, leave your comments after the post!

Source: Google Trends Pokemon Data

Google Trends screenshot of Pokemon statistics


25 Countries With The Biggest Pokemon Fans By Popularity:


1. Vietnam

Vietnam flag

That’s right… Vietnam is EVEN HIGHER than Japan!

Surprising isn’t it?


2. Japan

Japan Flag

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Japan is the homeland of all things anime AND Pokemon. But even still Vietnam took the #1 spot this time.


3. Thailand

Thailand Flag
Thailand flag.

3rd place is Thailand, another south Asian country with the biggest Pokemon fans on the planet.


4. Chile

Chile Logo
Chile flag.

Chile comes in at 4th in terms of Pokemon popularity by country.


5. Peru

Peru logo

Peru’s a South American country, taken the 5th spot on this Pokemon list of top 25 countries.


6. Mexico

Mexican flag


7. Costa Rica

costa rica logo flag
Costa Rican flag, putting Pokemon fans 7th.


8. Pakistan

Pakistani flag
Pakistan has some big Pokemon fans.


9. China

Chinese flag

Even as big as China is, Pakistan still has a larger number of anime fans in comparison!


10. Ecuador

Ecuador flag
Ecuador flag.

Ecuador is basically in South America, with the US dollar being one of their currencies. South America is pretty big on Pokemon it seems!

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11. Hong Kong

hong kong flag
Hong Kong comes in at 11th for Pokemon Popularity.


12. Bolivia

Bolivian flag
Bolivia Pokemon fans come in 12th.


13. Taiwan

Taiwanese flag
Taiwan Pokemon fans make it 13th.


14. Spain

Spain logo


15. Bangladesh

Bangladesh flag


16. Poland

Poland flag logo


17. Argentina

Argentina flag


18. Singapore

singapore flag


19. Brazil

Brazil flag logo


20. India

Indian flag
India makes it 20th!


21. Finland

Pokemon Popularity By Country


22. Colombia

Pokemon Popularity By Country


23. Australia

Pokemon Popularity By Country

Australia made it 23rd, and still no sign of Americans or the British…


24. Portugal

Pokemon Popularity By Country
Portuguese fans come in 24th for Pokemon.


25. Philippines

Pokemon Popularity By Country

And finally the Philippines make it to the 25th spot!

Philippine’s seem to love anime a lot. So it’s no surprise Pokemon happens to be one of those anime and Iconic things in general.


Did your country make it on this list?

Tell the world where you’re from in the comments!


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