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19+ Demon Anime Series You Shouldn’t Miss Out On!

If you want to watch anime that have demon characters, there are so many anime out there.

Not all demon anime are safe for kids to watch as there are some that could be violent and even have profanity.

There’s different storylines to watch that have demon characters and not all of them are the same.

If you don’t know what anime series to watch that has a demon character, keep reading.

Here’s a list.


1. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

misfit of demon king academy animated series |

Anos (the demon king) didn’t want to fight humans and demons anymore. So he sacrificed himself hoping that he would be reincarnated in another life where it was more peaceful.

This is an awesome demon anime series that just started last year. There was a recent announcement that the staff of the series is going to continue with season two.

The characters are well designed and the animation is quite good. All the girls in the anime are actually fangirling for Anos.

If you like demon series, this is a bingeable series where it’s short and it is hilarious.


2. The Devil Is A Part-Timer

The Devil Is A Part Timer employees |

A demon Satan was close to conquering his plans until the hero decided to intervene and mess things up. Satan and his companion go to modern day Japan to escape.

From that point they’re disguised as humans as well as the hero.

The animation is quite good and even the storyline doesn’t get confusing as there’s action packed throughout the series.

It’s an awesome anime and better yet, the staff of “the devil is a part-timer” announced that a season 2 is coming and so it is an ongoing series!

It’s hilarious as well and this anime is quite good to watch now that there’s a season 2.

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3. Yashahime

yashahime e1632671094941 |

Yashahime is the sequel to the Inuyasha anime series. It follows two half-demon girls who are the daughters of Sesshoumaru (a demon) and Rin (a human).

The two girls got separated one day but years later, they reunited.

The anime is slow at first because there’s only one season so far, but the characters do get stronger and the animation is more beautiful than Inuyasha was before.

Both the background music and vocals are awesome to listen to and if you’ve watched Inuyasha before, Yashahime is something to look into.

It’s exciting because you don’t know what will happen next in each episode. The character’s are still developing as it is an ongoing series. 


4. The Promised Neverland

YouTube video

The anime is centered around an orphanage for kids. Soon enough a few kids realize that the orphanage has a sinister purpose involving demons.

The series isn’t for kids (ironically) as it has violence, it’s more like for young adults and above.

The animation of this series is just …. wow and it is a must-see anime for adults that likes horror.

There are two seasons available and season two is the most recent one with that being aired in 2021.

The opening and ending songs of the series are awesome to listen to and not skip it in each episode. 


5. Black Butler

Black Butler main characters ciel sebastian |

A boy lost his family due to a fire and he sells his soul to a demon. The demon protects the boy and is in disguise as a butler.

Ever since the release of the anime of Black Butler, it has become a popular series.

Many anime fans think that Black Butler could be considered as Boys Love (BL) but many others disagree because of the scenes that could be considered as romantic.

Besides the anime series, it has: Drama CD, video game, musical, films and manga.

Black Butler is one of those anime that you should watch even if you don’t like BL and you should consider watching it to see why it became so popular. 


6. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kimetsu no Yaiba tanjiro battle aftermath |

It’s about a brother and sister duo that are looking for a cure for the sister’s demon curse. Along the way, they joined the society called Demon Slayer Corps. A society that has a war between humans and demons.

The series became so popular that it will have a season two and the new movie of Demon Slayer was just released recently in 2021.

The animation is beautiful and the music is awesome to listen to. The series is fun to watch but the series is not for kids as there’s violence throughout the series along with demons and supernatural.


7. B: The Beginning

beginning |

A serial killer named “Killer B” makes havoc throughout the city where there might be a traitor within the RIS ranks.

The storyline is good and it is sort of like the anime Death Note, but it really isn’t.

It has beautiful animation throughout the series and the mystery of solving it will keep you guessing.

If you start watching this series, you might want to be wanting more of it. There’s demons within the series but you can’t really tell that they’re demons because they can look like humans.


8. Naruto

naruto |

Naruto is a young ninja in the hidden leaf village who is trying to make friends and be acknowledged by civilians and colleagues.

The reason the entire village hates him? He has the 9 tailed fox within him that destroyed the hidden leaf village many years ago.

This is a popular animewith spinoffs and even movies and one-shots. It’s a long series but it has everything that one anime fan would enjoy!

  • Romance
  • friendship
  • storyline
  • comedy
  • action


The story doesn’t focus on one character either as it focuses on the others as well. 


9. Devilman: Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby anime series characters |

The anime isn’t for kids as it has nudity and violence, but for older kids who have seen anime should be alright with it.

The storyline doesn’t let you get bored as it has action packed scenes throughout and the animation is great.

The series is kind of emotional as it is darker than regular anime, but it is intriguing.


10. Tactics

tactics e1632670902808 |

It’s about a young man who is able to see demons and mythical beasts, he is an exorcist and folklorist.

Ever since he was young, he wanted to meet the oni-eating tengu and he did one day and the two were able to work together throughout the series.

Demons could become humans and you don’t even know it. This anime series is underrated and it’s one of those series that is hard to find where you don’t know where to look to buy it cheaply.

Besides being underrated, there are some scenes that could be meant for boys’ love (BL) even though it doesn’t really mean anything.

It’s a good series and not many anime fans know about it.


11. Noragami

Noragami yato pink hair girl kawaii |

A god is looking for a shrine that is dedicated to him while saving a young human girl.

The series is tolerable to watch and you can’t get bored while watching it even if the anime isn’t perfect.

With that said, the anime is underrated in the supernatural genre.


12. Gabriel Dropout

Gabriel Dropout raphiel dog football e1632670857780 |

The angels from heaven go to Earth and they learn about humans to become true angels. Besides angels, other angels and demons have also gone to Earth.

It’s a cute and fun anime that even kids can watch. 

If you like school or demons, this may be something for you to but it isn’t for everyone.


13. Dororo 2019

Dororo 2019 anime characters |

A warrior rescues an orphan boy thief and together, they travel the countryside fighting demons and protecting humanity.

The animation is quite beautiful in some scenes as you watch the series.

Dororo 2019 is the remake of the Dororo 1969 anime which was in black and white. It’s a great series with the history of Japan as it is mixed with realism and folktale.


14. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

summon e1632670686432 |

It’s about a gamer who goes into his virtual video game as two girls are bonded to him by mistake. The gamer is the demon lord of the game and the group tries to find a way to undo the bond.

The anime series isn’t for kids as it has intimate scenes for adults but it is a fun anime to watch if you don’t mind Ecchi and fan service.

The storyline is somewhat different to other anime series, aside from the harem aspects. 

There’s even good fights in between occasionally.


15. Endro

Endro e1632670712502 |

A hero and her companions go after the demon lord but the spell went wrong and the girls have brought the demon into the past.

This series is more for kids that want to watch something cute while fighting a demon.

The series is tolerable for older anime fans but more enjoyable for younger ones and it has beautiful animation.

It can get a bit confusing on what is going on however it is explanatory once you get through a few episodes.

If you want to watch something cute and with the kids, this is one of the anime series that you should look into.     


16. Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

realist e1632670791745 |

A young boy accidentally summons a demon one day in England and meets Dantalion. William doesn’t believe in demons and refuses to get involved in what was going on between Hell and Heaven.

At first impression, there are anime fans that would say that this series is boys love (BL) but many would suggest that it isn’t.

The animation is good and the storyline could have possibly been better but it is watchable and intriguing. 


17. Berserk

Berserk guts sword looking down 1 |

A leader of the Band of Hawks sees a man named Guts one day who joins the group to be able to fulfill the leader’s dream.

There is a classic late 90s of Berserk that you can watch but if you want to watch the reboot then you have to watch the 2016 series.

Both anime series have the same amount of episodes if you want to watch what’s the difference between the two series.

Berserk is a horror anime where Guts would fight demons as they fight against the humans. It’s not for kids and the anime is for adults as it has mild nudity. 

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18. Legend of the Millennium Dragon

millenniium e1632670702663 |

A young boy goes back in time to end the war between humans and demons. The anime film is a fun film to watch as it has a good storyline for fans that are into anime or not.

The animation is quite nice as the movie goes back from modern into past. 

The movie isn’t long to watch and doesn’t get too confusing or boring in the long run.


19. Princess Mononoke 

mononoke e1632670730499 |

It’s about a young prince who gets in the middle of war between the gods of a forest and the humans about resources.

If you’re an anime fan, you must have heard about the popular Princess Mononoke movie. There is a demon within the movie that takes on the form of a boar but is actually a god.

Even if it’s an old movie, the animation is nice even if it’s in the late 90s.


Other anime:

  • Owari No Seraph.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen.
  • Shakugan No Shana.
  • Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun.
  • Chrono Crusade.


Many of the demon series are of course violent for kids but there are some series that are suitable for them.

Most of the series are short series but if you look, there might be some anime series that are quite long. Always check the ratings for each anime series if you have kids that are into anime.

Hope you find the right demon anime to watch for yo!


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