10 Lesser Known Anime Series That Are Too Good To Ignore

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We all know of the typical Anime shows like:

  • Dragon Ball Z.
  • Fairy Tail.
  • Naruto.
  • One Piece.
  • Clannad.
  • Bleach.
  • Sword Art Online.

Anime like those above are like the “Beyonce’s” of the Anime world. Because so many of us know of them.

But the Anime shows I’ll cover in this post are just as good as the ones above. And are enjoyable Anime shows in their own right.

Even if they’re not as popular or haven’t sold as many copies.

Are you ready? Here they are…


10 Lesser Known Anime Worth Watching:


1. Ultimate Otaku Teacher

10 Lesser Known Anime Series That Are Too Good To Ignore

Denpa Kyoushi, also known as – Ultimate Otaku Teacher. Released back in 2015.

It’s an Anime series in the genre of humor, school life and comedy. But almost every episode is packed with practical life lessons that are inspirational, motivational, and encouraging.

Lessons like – building your own self-worth. Or learning how to be confident and make friends. Among many other great life lessons.

The main characters are Junichirou Kagami and Suzune Kagami. Both brother and sister.

Junichirou is a lazy Otaku who has YD, which means – he can only do the things he yearns to do.

Suzune gets sick of his slack attitude, and finds him a job as a high school teacher. And that’s how the Anime show kicks off.

I’ve only ever heard one person recommend Denpa Kyoushi, and I’m glad I watched this as it’s refreshing. Regardless of not being the most popular Anime out there.

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2. Scrapped Princess

10 Lesser Known Anime Series That Are Too Good To Ignore

Scrapped Princess is a historical Anime series with mages and swordsman. Released back in 2003.

The main focus of the series is Pacifica Casull. A young 15 year old girl who everybody believes once she turns 16, she’ll bring chaos and destruction to the world.

The other two main characters are Pacifica’s older sister and brother – Shannon Casull and Raquel Casull.

I loved the pace of the show and the characters are memorable. And watching it makes you relate what’s happening to life.

Pacifica is an introverted character who likes to have her own space. But will light up and become talkative when she finds someone who interests her.

Raquel is the type of person who is intelligent, funny, and sometimes pretends to know less than she does. She’s the “fun” character of the group. And finally, Shannon is the big brother who is more of the serious type.

All three of their personalities go well together.

Scrapped Princess will appeal to you if you love fantasy Anime shows. Packed with magic, mystery, historical scenes and adventure.


3. Sunday Without God

10 Lesser Known Anime Series That Are Too Good To Ignore

Sunday Without God was released back in 2013. And is 12 episodes long.

The main characters:

  • Ai Aston.
  • Hambart Hampnie.
  • Scar.

The name of this Anime is what caught my attention, as it’s unique among Anime titles.

Sunday Without God tells a story about how the world changed once god abandoned the world on Sunday. Preventing people from being able to die. Among other problems and mysteries.

Ai Aston sets out on a mission to explore the world with the intention to make a difference. And help out where she can.

If fantasy/mystery is your thing, you’ll fall in love with this Anime series. And the music is amazing.

Plus the Anime is refreshing as it focuses on a topic that’s not typical or overused in the world of Anime.


4. You’re Under Arrest

10 Lesser Known Anime Series That Are Too Good To Ignore

The manga for this Anime was first made in 1986. The Anime series – You’re Under Arrest was released in 1996.

You’re Under Arrest focuses on the two Tokyo Police officers – Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa.

Each episode tells the stories and lives of Natsumi And Miyuki as they patrol the city of Tokyo, doing their job. And the lives and adventures they lead when they’re not on patrol.

You’re Under Arrest isn’t the most unusual Anime as far as the story. But compared to the typical genre of Anime these days, it’s one of the most unique genre’s out there.

And one of the oldest Anime shows ever created.

If you’re up for something different and don’t mind watching an old Anime series, you’ll love the slice of life style episodes, romance, high speed police chases and emotional moments seen throughout You’re Under Arrest.


5. Noir

10 Lesser Known Anime Series That Are Too Good To Ignore

Noir was released back in 2001. 16 years ago.

The story focuses on two assassins – Mireille Bouquet and Kirika Yuumura.

Mireille is the type of person who appears strong on the outside, which she is. But then has a more soft side to her that few get to see.

Kirika is the introvert of the group, who has lost her memory and seeks to find answers to her past life.

Unlike similar shows, Noir has no blood whatsoever. But the story is quite deep, sad, and full of emotions.

Noir almost makes you feel bad for the assassins, especially when you discover why and how they became assassins in the first place.

Noir’s far from popular, but the quality of the show is undeniable. And I’d recommend watching it. Especially if action, drama, and mystery Anime shows interest you.

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6. Witchblade


Witchblade released in 2006. And is an Anime show in the action/super power category.

Main characters:

  • Masane Amaha.
  • Rihoko Amaha.

The name “Witchblade” is based on a technological device created by scientists. A human-like device that has a mind of its own.

If you’re looking for an action packed Anime series, you won’t find it here. There is action in Witchblade, but what makes Witchblade so great is the character development throughout the series.

As the series progresses, so do the emotions the main characters experience.

There’s something about Witchblade I can’t describe, but it’s one of the more unique shows I’ve watched in the genre of action/super power/sci-fi.

Like other Anime’s on this list, Witchblade is unpopular. But it’s too good to ignore. So add this to your list of Anime’s to watch!


7. The Twelve Kingdoms

10 Lesser Known Anime Series That Are Too Good To Ignore

Main characters:

  • Youko Nakajima.
  • Keiki.

The Twelve Kingdoms was released back in 2002-2003. It’s a historical Anime series focused on kings and queens. With a touch of fantasy, and supernatural powers.

Like Witchblade, The Twelve Kingdoms has action, but that’s not what sets it apart. With the Twelve Kingdoms it’s the story behind the show and the characters.

Personally this Anime has some of the best story telling I’ve seen in an Anime show. There’s so much depth and mystery behind the stories that you’re left wondering after finishing the show.

I still have questions about the show that may never be answered. And that’s what makes the Twelve Kingdoms worthy of an Anime too good to ignore. Even if it’s not popular or “cool” in 2017.


8. The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna

10 Lesser Known Anime Series That Are Too Good To Ignore

Oda Nobuna was released back in 2012. And is one of my favorite Anime series.

Main characters:

  • Oda Nobuna.
  • Yoshiharu Sagara.

I’m a big fan of Anime series that are so good, they grab your attention within the first episode. Oda Nobuna happened to do that for me.

Yoshiharu is one day transported back in time to the historical period that takes place in this Anime. The Anime itself is based off the real version of Oda Nobunaga, a japanese man from the 16th century. 

Like Oda Nobuna in the anime series, Oda Nobunaga had a similar goal: to unify Japan.

If it’s humor you’re looking for, mixed in with history and romance, you’ll enjoy The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna. The graphics are crisp, and the character designs are interesting.

And it does a good job of avoiding too many cliches found in today’s modern Anime shows.

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9. Selector Infected WIXOSS

10 Lesser Known Anime Series That Are Too Good To Ignore

Selector Infected was released back in 2014. Some people compare it to Madoka Magica. I can see why, but Selector Infected is unique in its own right. And shouldn’t be compared.

Selector Infected Wixoss is a psychological Anime series. You could say it’s a darker, sinister, more violent version of Yu-Gi-Oh.

After watching the series I still remember the characters names. As well as a couple of scenes and episodes. So it’s quite memorable among Anime shows within the psychological category.

The main characters are:

  • Ruuko Kominato
  • Akira Aoi.
  • Yuzuki Kurebayashi.
  • Iona Urazoe.

I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun in watching Selector Infected, so i’ll leave it there. It’s not a popular Anime show, but it’s worth diving into.


10. Ghost Hunt

10 Lesser Known Anime Series That Are Too Good To Ignore

The Anime – Ghost Hunt was released back in 2006. And is part of the genre’s – horror, mystery, supernatural.

Main characters:

  • Mai Taniyama.
  • Kazuya Shibuya.
  • Houshou Takigawa
  • Lin Koujo.

Mai is a high school who gets dragged into ghost hunting in the beginning of the series. After finding herself in a haunted building.

Kazuya, known as “Naru” hires Mai to work for him part-time.

As the series progresses, the mystery gets thicker. The “scary” moments get spookier. And the heart-racing scenes become more frequent.

This is one of few Anime’s that have made me jump while watching. So that’s saying something. 😉

The way each scene is crafted is a work of art in of itself. And you won’t be disappointed if “spooky” is on your list of Anime’s you’d like to try out.

What lesser known Anime series would you add to this list?


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