9 Anime Shows Like Blood+ You Should Watch With Vampires And Demons

Blood wallpaper saya and haji
Written by Theo J Ellis

Blood+ is an anime about Saya Otonashi, and her partner: Haji (who is a demon of sorts).

The antagonist of the series is Saya’s sister: Diva who has a tragic upbringing.

Unlike Blood+, the similar anime below aren’t 50+ episodes long. With the exception of D. Gray Man. So keep that in mind.

But ALL of them share strong similarities in how they’re set up in terms of plot, characters and atmosphere.

So with that in mind, here are 9 of the most similar shows to watch if you’re a fan of Blood+.


Anime Like Blood+ (Blood Plus)


1. Chrono Crusade

chrono and rosette christopher together

Chrono Crusade focuses on demons, a female protagonist called Rosette Christopher. And the male protagonist: Chrono, who is a demon.

The two main characters are with each other almost 100% of the time like Blood+. Never leaving each others side unless they need to.

One thing about Chrono Crusade compared to Blood+ is: the romance is critical to the story. And plays a MAJOR role from beginning to end.

And of course, Chrono Crusade is more religious and focused on “guns” than it is on swords and weapons.

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2. D. Gray Man

picture of d gray man characters

D.Gray Man is about Allen Walker, a boy who’s been cursed with an eye able to see the undead. Or the spirits of demons to be exact.

This curse leads him down the road of becoming an exorcist. Who’s goal is to “save the souls of humans” who’ve been devoured by demons.

There a few other main characters like Lena Lee who fight as “exorcists” to destroy demons who’ve possessed humans, too. The dark atmosphere, backstories and story is what connects D.Gray Man to Blood+ the most.

As well as one of the main characters (Krory) who’s similar to a Vampire, no different to Saya or Diva from Blood+.


3. Owari No Seraph

picture of yuichiro hyakuya

Owari No Seraph is about the struggle for survival between humans vs vampires (that’s the basic story).

The first episode makes this fact crushingly obvious when the main character has his family stripped away from him. Ruthlessly murdered as Yuichiro watches helplessly. Unable to do a damn thing about it.

Throughout the 2 seasons of Owari No Seraph, you’ll witness an endless amount of battles between the last of the human race, and the overwhelming number of vampires intent in taking over.

This is the thing that connects Blood+ to Owari No Seraph more than any anime on this list.


4. Shikabane Hime: Aka

picture of Makina Hoshimura

Shikabane Hime is about Makina Hoshimura. A creature they call a “Shikabane” which is similar to a living corpse.

Unlike Blood+, Shikabane Hime focuses on the struggles of Makina Hoshimura. Seeing as she can’t die, she’s basically living in hell.

The male protagonist plays the role of an observer, but still plays an important role in the overall 2 season series. As it gets deeper and deeper the more you get into it.


5. Katana Maidens

Kanami Etou and Hiyori Juujou drawing their swords

Katana Maidens is an ongoing 2018 anime series. It’s about a type of demon/deity called: Aradama, which is born from creating Katana’s as a side effect.

This causes a global disaster until three Katana maidens (Toji) step in and prevent the impossible from happening.

Katana Maiden’s biggest similarity to Blood+ is the main female characters, sword fighting, and an element of “monsters”.

It’s a good transition from watching Blood+ (or even an anime like Bleach, which has some similarities too).


6. Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress

picture of Kabane and main character from Kabaneri

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress is made by WIT Studio. The same studio behind the famous Attack On Titan.

Like AOT, the story focuses on a type of threat to the human race called: Kabane. Though they’re more like zombies/monsters than they are titans.

And that’s the biggest similarity shared with Blood+. It’s extremely violent with a slightly dark (and horrific) undertone.

If you’ve watched both Blood+ and Attack on Titan, I enjoyed Kabaneri more than both.

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7. Black Bullet

enju aihara and rentaro satomi sitting down

Black Bullet is about a monster called: Gastrea that can grow to the size of a small mountain, or large building. Almost destroying Tokyo in the distant past.

A type of human is created with Gastrea blood as a way to fight back against the threat. These humans are called “the cursed children”.

Black Bullet is more violent than it looks, with some deep, ugly moments. And tons of action including guns, swords, martial arts and hand to hand combat.


8. Ga-Rei: Zero

Ga-Rei: Zero is about two girls more than anything else. Both of which can summon a type of ancient beast to fight alongside them (like Seryu from Akame Ga Kill).

Again, if it’s violence and action you’re looking for, expect to see plenty of it here.


9. Shiki

picture of shiki anime characters and blue haired vampire

Shiki is one of my favorite horror shows of ALL time. And for good reason.

The anime starts out like Higurashi, as a it throws you into the mysterious village of Sotoba. Unlike Blood+, Shiki starts off slow and takes its time. Which helps you learn about the characters.

But the deeper you get into this 24+ anime series, that’s when you’ll understand the wicked, sickening, disgusting nature of this anime.

DARK is an understatement, because it’s more like immoral and hard to stomach.

Shiki’s main similarity to Blood+ is the vampire element that becomes more prominent as you dive deeper.

All these anime are a shorter than Blood+ except D. Gray Man. But each one has their own unique flare that will either get you hooked (or not).

Which anime show will you watch first?

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