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32 Brown Haired Anime Characters You Absolutely MUST See

Brown hair, like black, is one of the more subtle hair colors in anime. it’s not something that “stands out”.

Unlike bright hair colors, there’s no defining factor, style or cliches for an anime character with brown hair. Making them unique to a degree.

This is true for both anime girls AND boys. Regardless of the anime’s genre.

Here are some of the BEST characters who fit the description.


Anime Characters With Brown Hair:


1. Holo The Wise Wolf (Spice And Wolf)

holo the wise wolf smile

Holo The Wise Wolf is a deity, a goddess, and a beautiful female character who’s designed to grab your attention.

The first episode makes that point clear, even if it’s not a common theme in this adventure/historical series.

Of all the brown-haired anime characters, Holo is memorable and striking for her appearance. Especially since she’s not designed like a regular “human” girl.

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2. Tatsumi (Akame Ga Kill)

tatsumi serious face

Tatsumi starts out naïve, even if relatively strong. Only to learn there’s a dark side to the corrupt government, the society he’s in, and the harsh truths of how people are being extorted and turned into modern day slaves.

That’s where his journey begins, filled with heartache and a smack in the face from reality.

tatsumi angry

Tatsumi is another brown-haired male character who’s recognized in the anime community.

Even with just one name and no second name, he’s famous in his own right. Just like other Akame Ga Kill characters.


3. Sun Seto (My Bride Is A Mermaid)

sun seto smiling

Sun Seto is a bride to be, who’s a mermaid with a Yakuza family background.

She’s not just part of the Yakuza, but she has special abilities as a mermaid that makes her a powerful bride in her own right.

And unlike her tough family background, Sun Seto’s a peaceful, airheaded but loyal female character. Who has no problem setting boundaries and letting you know when you’ve crossed the line.

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4. Shiori Shinomiya (Sakura Quest)

shiori shinomiya anime girl

Shiori Shinomiya works with Yoshino Koharu on the tourism board in Manoyama (a real life village).

She brings a gentle touch to the company with her empathetic style, and friendly approach when working in teams.

And let’s not forget she’s a gorgeous anime girl as well with reddish/brown hair.

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5. Belldandy (Ah My Goddess)

belldandy smile beautiful

Belldandy’s the type of woman who’s loyal from the start, and will stay loyal until the end in a relationship. Because of how loyal and gentle she is, sometimes she’ll beat herself up and worry about minor things.

But that doesn’t stop her from doing the best she can. And she’s too open-minded and genuine to let materialism or superficial things to stand in the way of what’s important.

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6. Seryu Ubiquitous (Akame Ga Kill)

seryu ubiquitous anime

Seryu Ubiquitous seems like a well-mannered girl who’s nice to everyone she meets. And even has manners when communicating with your everyday person.

But there’s a darker, more disturbing side to Seryu’s character that makes her swing between “Yin and Yang”, depending on the situation.

seryu ubiquitous sadist

She’s the type of character you either love with a passion, or HATE with even more passion. But one thing you can’t take away from Seryu is how memorable she is in the anime community.

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7.  Tetsudō Hisakawa (Anohana)

tetsudo anohana smile

Tetsudo Hisakawa is one of the main characters in Anohana. The goofy type who’s too easy-going to give a F about the small details.

Without Tetsudo, Anohana wouldn’t be as entertaining or full of laughs every now and then. Because that’s the kind of character Tetsudo is.

Taking him out the picture would make Anohana dull and less “fun”.


8. May (Pokemon)

may smile pokemon

May is one of the most popular anime girls from the Pokemon series. Aside from original characters like Misty.

May, unlike Misty, is smiling most of the time and doesn’t get angry too often. If at all. But when she does, she’ll stand her ground.

May’s role in the Pokemon series (and games) is one of the most iconic, because the Hoenn region has some of the best Pokemon we’ve seen in Pokémon’s history.


9. Isuzu Sento (Amagi Brilliant Park)

isuzu sento amagi brilliant park gif

Isuzu Sento isn’t one to talk too much. She’s all about getting the job done, and only talking if it’s absolutely necessary.

As someone who’s worked in the military, she’s a little uptight and not the most sociable character. But her “awkward” personality does open up and change over the course of Amagi Brilliant Park.

An anime about an amusement park that’s in danger of going out of business.


10. Priscilla Urzaiz (Asterisk War)

priscilla asterisk war

Priscilla is the younger sister of Irene in Asterisk War. She’s also the “weaker” sister of the two as far as supernatural strength.

But when she works together with Irene, both characters have a decent level of strength.

Priscilla shares some similarities with characters like Madoka Kaname, because of how gentle and fragile she seems.

They even have the same voice actresses!


11. Reiko Mikami (Another)

reiko mikami smile

Reiko Mikami’s the Auntie of Sakakibara in Another. She doesn’t get too much screen time, but during the early stages of the anime – she shares a lot of wisdom and quotes that are powerful.

“Not giving up on yourself is what’s truly important. That way you don’t end up pathetic.” – Reiko Mikami

She’s the type of character who’s gentle, but straightforward. IMaking Reiko comparable to Tami Nishimikado.


12. Yukio Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

yukio okumura younger brother

Yukio Okumura’s the annoying, goody-2-shoes younger brother of Rin Okumura. Both brothers are “annoying” in their own ways. But that’s not a bad thing.

Yukio’s so attached to the concept of “justice” that he tends to preach and isn’t good at looking at things from other people’s perspectives.

But on the plus side: he’s responsible and will always do whatever it takes when it comes to his duties.

And he has a strong work ethic.


13. Sōsuke Aizen (Bleach)

aizen bleach glasses

Sosuke Aizen is a beast in the Bleach universe. And when I say beast, I mean he’s a sheep in wolves clothing.

On the outside and especially early in the anime, he comes across as a gentleman who loves science and research.

Nobody has a bad thing to say about him.

aizen bleach arrancar arc

But as with anyone who appears too perfect, there’s a darker, more sinister side to his personality.

To me – Aizen is one of the BEST antagonists we’ll ever see in the anime industry.

Smart, diligent, careful and a strategist. With a calm-demeanour that gives people the wrong impression.


14. Osamu Dazai (Bungou Stray Dogs)

osamu dazai smile anime

Osamu Dazai is a weirdo. Plain and simple. He’s that kind of character.

Within the first episode he tries committing suicide by drowning himself, right in front of the protagonist: Atsushi Nakajima.

Bungou Stray Dogs has some of the strangest characters as it is, but that’s what makes characters like Osamu Dazai memorable.

osamu dazai bungo

He’s calm but hilarious. Sarcastic but efficient when it comes to “work” and doing what must be done in the name of justice. Which Dazai acknowledges isn’t everything it’s “cracked up” to be.


15. Kenichi Shirahama (Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple)

kenichi shirahama serious face

Kenichi Shirahama’s bullied, mistreated and abused in high school by one character in particular. But pretty much everyone mocks and takes advantage of Kenichi because he lacks the resolve to fight back and stand up for himself.

That changes when he meets Miu Furinji, the daughter of a martial artist who lives in a run-down Dojo.

kenichi shirahama fist

Once Kenichi is introduced to these martial artists, confidence finds its way into his life, and he builds the courage to fight his bullies and become a better person. Capable of helping others in need.

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16. Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad)

Nagisa furukawa cute gif

Nagisa Furukawa’s the fragile type of character who’s held back by her “lack” of strength. At least in some areas.

And the clichés of Nagisa being a sweet, gentle and innocent girl only adds to that “innocent” charm.

nagisa furukawa smile

But beyond the cliche’s and personality, Nagisa is one of the main reasons Clannad is so emotional, deep and powerful in terms of Clannad’s story telling.

The realism is what makes Clannad a romance anime unlike any other, even in 2019.


17. Irene Urzaiz (Asterisk War)

irene urzaiz grinning

Irene Urzaiz is the older sister of Priscilla from Asterisk War. Unlike Priscilla, she’s more aggressive, assertive, powerful and desperate.

This is obvious from the first season of Asterisk War when things start to get a little “deeper” in the story line.

As a character type, Irene is comparable to characters like Erza Scarlet for how brash and committed she is to seeing things through. And how blunt she is when dealing with people.

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18. Yuuri Wakasa (Gakkou Gurashi)

yuuri wakasa smile

Yuuri Wakasa is one of the four characters in School Live (Gakkou Gurashi).

She’s responsible for keeping everyone sane in this horror series, because of how positive and optimistic Yuuri is.

Not to mention she’s the character who cooks for everyone and leads the group in terms of survival. 

yuuri wakasa funny face

Yuuri Wakasa is kind until you cross the line, so most characters avoid crossing that line and staying on her “good” side. Giving this depressing anime a taste of “humor” where it’s needed.


19. Yuu Otosaka (Charlotte)

yuu otosaka hoodie

Yuu Otosaka is a delinquent who cheats people out of things to get what he wants. Most of this comes down to his misuse of his abilities.

Nao Tomori, the other main character is the reason Yuu makes a positive change during the anime. And that’s one of the biggest highlights of Charlotte you’ll appreciate after watching Yuu’s relationship bloom with Nao.

yuu otosaka blue shirt

He’s not the most flashy and flamboyant. Yuu just wants the best out of life and does whatever he can to treat people with respect. Especially his younger sister: Ayumi.

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20. Raphtalia (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

raphtalia cute

Raphtalia’s the latest Waifu on the scene since 2019, and I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t love some aspect of Raphtalia’s character.

As most good-natured people would, Raphtalia is grateful for being “saved” and given freedom for the first time in her life after being enslaved. For prejudice reasons.

YouTube video

I love loyalty in an anime character, and Raphtalia is high on the scale for loyalty and a likable personality.


21. Sieg (Fate Apocrypha)

sieg fate

Sieg is a homunculus. Nothing special. All homunculus in Fate Apocrypha are treated like sh*t and don’t even have their own names.

Sieg by coincidence ends up being the “runaway” Homunculus who goes on to do big things, inspiring other Homunculus along his journey.

sieg fate red eyes

Of all the male protagonists I’ve seen in Fate anime shows, Sieg is a personal favorite because he’s different. And his ideals aren’t the cliché type (like Shirou Emiya).


22. Houtarou Oreki (Hyouka)

houtarou oreki lazy

Houtarou Oreki is the introvert who won’t talk to you because he has nothing worth saying. The type of guy who most will judge from afar and say “he’s arrogant”.

The truth is though: Oreki doesn’t give a F about what people think. He lives his life for himself, without taking into consideration what other people will think.

houtarou oreki face

He’s smart enough to know none of that matters in the end, because the only person who cares about your life more than you… is yourself.

Oreki deserves more credit!


23. Miho Nishizumi (Girls Und Panzer)

miho nishizumi girls und panzer

Miho Nishizumi’s a natural-born leader. Maybe it’s because her older sister Maho Nishizumi is so prominent in the “Nishizumi” family.

Or maybe it’s genes. But when Miho is on the battlefield, she calls the shots and does it with confidence.

smug miho nishizumi

She’s the type of protagonist others can rely on without second guessing her ability to do the right thing.

She’s comparable to characters who are strategists like Teletha Testarossa from Full Metal Panic!


24. Mai Taniyama (Ghost Hunt)

mai taniyama surprised

Mai Taniyama is voiced by the same voice actress as Lucy Heartfilia and Asuna Yuuki.

In the Ghost Hunt series, Mai is a main character who sits in “the middle” as far as how important she is.

The same is true of her personality. She’s a teenager who’s ahead of her years when it comes to certain aspects of life.

mai taniyama smirk

She hates arrogance and won’t let “good looks” stand in the way of those feelings, unlike other typical teenagers of the same age group.


25. Sousuke Sagara (Full Metal Panic)

sousuke sagara grin

Sousuke Sagara is the OG of Full Metal Panic.

Born into war, the military, and raised as a child soldier, Sousuke has a terrifying level of talent, skill and understanding of weapons, terrorists and murder.

In the anime he’s only 17-18+ years old.

sousuke sagara sunglasses

Because of his militant background, he’s stiff, uptight and awkward in social situations. And has NO idea how to talk to girls or pick up on “que’s”.

That’s part of his charm though, and why seeing his relationship develop with Kaname Chidori is so special.


26. Yui Hirasawa (K-On)

yui hirasawa cute gif

Yui Hirasawa is one of the original “queens” of Moe anime AND Moe anime characters. Kyoto Animation is responsible for these types of anime shows and trends over the last 10+ years.

There’s not much to Yui’s personality aside from how bold, brave, cute and airheaded she is.

You have to love a character who has NO fear of doing things most people consider crazy or uncomfortable. That’s the kind of person Yui Hirasawa is in K-On.

She’s a big “highlight” in the K-On series.


27. Kongou (Kantai Collection)

kongou smile kantai collection

Kongou is one of the 3 Kongou sisters in Kantai Collection AND Kancolle. The original online browser game.

As the eldest sister in the group, she leads with confidence, shines with conviction, and has enough energy to compete with characters like Goku.

If you’ve ever met someone who’s so positive and optimistic that it feels “overbearing”, that describes Kongou. And I love that about her.

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28. Atsuko Kagari (Little Witch Academia)

akko little witch academia

Atsuko Kagari’s another energetic, lively character like Kongou. But she doesn’t have the confidence, conviction and maturity that Kongou shares.

Atsuko Kagari’s a teenager, so she naturally has insecurities to deal with that stand in the way of personal progress.

atsuko kagari funny

But because of how relentless and stubborn Atsuko is, she doesn’t let failure or other people’s negative opinions stop her.

She uses criticism as “fuel” to prove herself and work harder to get what she knows is achievable.


29. Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Scientific Railgun)

mikoto misaka school uniform

Mikoto Misaka, the famous Railgun is misjudged because of her power, prominence and status in Academy City.

In this society there are 5 levels used to measure an espers abilities and strengths. Mikoto Misaka is a level 5 at such a young age, not because of talent or luck, but hard work since childhood.

mikoto misaka subtitles

She’s seen as a snob for attending one of the richest schools in the city, but in reality she’s down to earth, genuine, modest and isn’t impressed by materialistic BS. While still having enough ambition and work ethic to inspire everyone around her.

Or cause animosity in people who are insecure and jealous.


30. Megumi Kato (How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend)

megumi kato best girl

Megumi Kato’s a stale, boring and lifeless character in the Saekano series (How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend). But that’s only because she’s portrayed like that in the beginning.

The more you watch Saekano, the more surprised you are by Megumi’s character development and personal progress.

megumi kato red outfit

She’s refreshingly honest, straightforward, and even talkative. Traits that are contrary to her appearance and reserved personality.


31. Kosaki Onodera (Nisekoi)

kosaki onodera blush

Kosaki Onodera’s a “nice” girl who’s too nice to her own detriment. She’s so kind, thoughtful and sensitive, that she’ll avoid speaking her mind because she’s afraid of the outcome.

You can’t help but wanna reach out to the screen and give her a helping hand while watching Nisekoi.

kosaki onodera waifu e1561478196509

Because of this – you’ll either grow to love her, or dislike her. There’s no in between.


32. Umiko Ahagon (New Game!)

umiko ahagon smirk

And then there’s Umiko Ahagon. An Okinawan from New Game!

This anime focuses on the gaming industry from a woman’s perspective at the company: Eagle Jump.

You don’t wanna mess with Umiko. She doesn’t tolerate disrespect, slacking off, or anyone who doesn’t take their job seriously.

As a lead programmer, she deals with the stress by playing FPS games, or games like Paintball. And anything involving guns, which she’s passionate about.

umiko ahagon smile e1561478146262

Umiko’s like a peanut. Tough on the outside, but only the best of the best will ever get to experience the soft, gentle inside she hides from day-to-day life.


Who else would you add to this list with brown hair?

Balsa Yonsa is another character worth mentioning!


Featured image source: Brown haired anime wallpaper



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