These Are The Cutest Anime Characters From My Hero Academia |
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These Are The Cutest Anime Characters From My Hero Academia!

My Hero Academia season 7 is now airing, and at some point in the future it may be season 8.

One thing My Hero Acadmeia is known for is its:

  • Characters.
  • Their designs.
  • Outfits.
  • Aesthetics.

And of course, how attractive my hero academia girls are.

Let’s focus this time around on the more “cuter” aspects of characters.

We’ll be covering both genders as well.

Here’s a list.


1. Eri

eri mha kid |

You can’t start a list off on this list without ERI from My Hero Academia.

She was first introduced in the 4th season of My Hero Academia. When she was seen, she was with Overhaul as we discover afterwards.

Overhaul is a major villain in the 4th season with one of the most dangerous quirks that even Shigaraki (and Eri) was scared of.

Despite being manipulated by Overhaul, Eri maintained a strong will and this changed forever after DEKU rescued Eri.

Eri is not just a cute character, but one who brings a lot of meaning, depth, and purpose to the 4th season of My Hero Academia because of the significant role she (and others) plays.

Especially when considering Eri’s QUIRK which helps Deku fight overhaul and ultimately win his battle, which wouldn’t have been possible without Eri’s ability to heal in so many words.


2. Bubble Girl

bubble girl mha |

Bubble Girl is also known as Kaoruko Awata. Fans will know her from Sir Night Eye’s association (and affiliation).

Similar to the Mina Ashido’s of the world, Bubble Girl is like a blue alien type of female character. And one with an ability that matches her hero name of course.

Her sense of humour, characteristics, and of course, aesthetics make Bubble Gilr a cute character by design.

From her clothing to her whole design, she’s a stand-out character and one of the more memorable in the story.



3. Ochako Uraraka

Ochako Uraraka cute |

It goes without saying to include a character like Ochako Uraraka. I mean, she’s not just one of the introduction characters in the first season, but she has that aesthetic as well.

Cute, charming, rosy cheeks – I feel like these design choices are deliberate to create this side effect.

It’s cartoonish in a way.

With a goal to make a lot of money so she can help her family out of poverty, Ochako might be the most genuine and down-to-earth, pragmatic character in the MHA universe.

Her goals aren’t built on bullshit ideals someone else gave her, and they’re not based on selfish desires like conquering the world, or getting gratification for saving people.

She happens to be a character who has the heart, the will, and the drive to do hero work, but that’s a side effect of her likeable personality on top of the fact she became a hero for family reasons.

Everyone’s reaction in season 1 says it all when they hear about her goals.

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4. Kid Deku

deku kid |

Deku in his childhood is a lot different to let’s say, Bakugo Akatsuki as a kid. Regardless of gender, nobody would deny that Deku is obviously the cute kid, while Bakugo is the bastard kid with a big ego that his “fanboys” overfed.

Deku as a kid had high aspirations, dreams, goals, and desires. It was all best on his hero All Might who inspired him.

His goals were pure, genuine, and unwavering. Those goals never changed even after he matured, became a teenager, and experienced trials and tribulations no other kid would have experienced (even in the universe of MHA).

I’d say this plays into the reasons why fans love DEKU so much, especially female fans. And I’m not talking about the ridiculous shippers of the community who turn everything into an argument or a downright “pedo” fest.

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5. Kota Izumi

kota mha |

Kota is the nephew of Shino Sosaki.

When Kota is first introduced to the MHA series, he seems like a little shit who refuses to give any respect to characters like DEKU.

I believe this is the 3rd season of My Hero Academia.

But we get to see Kota’s true nature in a dramatic fashion. Muscular shows up and Deku protects Kota in a struggle for survival.

After pushing the limits of his power, f*cking up his hands as usual, Dekud defeats Muscular and Kota’s admiration is set in stone from that moment forward.

“I’m sorry! I was… too scared… to run over here! Sorry! So sorry! But then! That lady stood up and said that stuff! I… I had to try because I wanna be like you! That’s why… I am here! Get it? You don’t gotta cry anymore! You’ll be okay!” – Kota Izumi


6. Kazuho Haneyama (Pop Step)

Not included in the original timeline of MHA anime (not yet), Kazuho is an idol who is also one of a couple of Vigilantes in My Hero Academia.

More accurately, she’s from the series My Hero Academia Vigilantes, which is a spin off series (like how Railgun is a spin off from Index).

There are two sides to Kazuho. First is her normal personality and design.

You could say she’s more “cute”, introverted, and less dramatic in a sense.

When using her quirk she changes and so does her outer appearance, and her level of cuteness (not literally).


7. Toru Hagakure (Invisible Girl)

Toru Hagakur school uniform mha |

The funny thing is we can’t even SEE what this girl looks like for obvious reasons. But down the line in the manga, there have been reveals of what invisible girl looks like.

If we ignore the reveal of what she looks like, her actions and the way she speaks, acts, interacts, reacts, and so on can be seen as cute without a doubt.

But when we add in her looks (which started a controversy on Twitter of course), it only adds to the mystery of what she ever looked like because of her obvious ability.

It only made the pieces to the puzzle fit much more perfectly for those who have seen the aftermath and have been watching/reading from the very beginning.


8. Nejire Hado

nejire hado cute |

One of the BIG 3 characters, and the only female character out of the Big 3 in My Hero Academia.

The big 3 were hyped up a lot before their official reveal, and relatively speaking, the hype matched up to their strength and standing in UA (aside from their personality and what characters expected).

Nejire is an airheaded type of female character, or at least that’s how she appears to be. In the DUB, this makes it more apparent given the voice actress in my view.

She’s able to fly using the motion of waves, and she can use this ability in multiple ways and has enough strength to match and surpass some PRO heroes despite her age.

Her kindness, curiosity, gentle attitude, talkative personality, and how nice she is in general only enhances her cuteness in all aspects.


9. Camie

camie mha cute |

Camie is the true airhead of My Hero Academia. Not in a ditzy kind of way where they fall over every 5 minutes. But the type who just seems to be in their own world and far away from planet Earth.

Of course, other characters don’t care because Camie is not only a hottie but one of the cutest characters simultaneously and it shows.

Contrary to her personality and how she seems, she’s more than capable compared to what would be expected and is more than just a good looking ornament so to speak.

The amount of times TOGA uses Camie’s body for stealth somewhat made Camie as a character confusing (meaning you didn’t know where the real one was, etc).


10. Ryuko Tsuchikawa

Ryuko Tsuchikawa cute girl |

Ryuko is one of the PRO heroes of the Wild Wild Pussycats. True to the group’s name, she and other characters have a personality to match their group.

With the somewhat wacky outfit, cat hands, tale, flashy looks, and the stances that are cat-like, it’s easy for Ryuko to catch the eye in more ways than one.

She’s one of the cuter, and more attractive women of the My Hero Academia universe.

She does have an angry side.


11. Ibara Shiozaki (Vine Girl)

Ibara Shiozaki Vine Girl |

Ibara is a girl whose hair looks like Vines. Same colour and all. She’s seen mostly during tournaments between UA students, with the first time being maybe season 2 in the tournament where Ochaco fought Bakugo.

True to her look and her quirk, she can use her vines to grab people, lift things, protect herself, create a shield, and anything you can imagine from such a power that has a lot of diversity.

Personality-wise wise Ibara seems like a holy type of woman. A woman who uses prayer and worship, and wishes others well.

She doesn’t seem to have any bad blood in her or any malice of the sort in a general sense.


12. Itsuka Kendo (Battle Fist)

itsuka kendo mha |

Itsuka Kendo is one of the strongest UA fighters in My Hero Academia and is more than a competent fighter not just for her team, but in general.

She’s the one we see going up against Momo, and also in season 5, we see them go all out in a fight where she clearly puts the pressure on the opposing team.

Cute, and attractive, but her ability to make her fists grow in size, hence her hero name Battle Fist, makes her potentially dangerous up close and personal in a fight.


13. Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido cute |

The pink alien girl might be one of the cutest characters on this list. Some may view her as “hot” but that all depends on interpretation.

As a character, Mina isn’t just extroverted and energetic, but she’s also surprisingly empathetic, understanding, calm, and in a battle scenario, calculated.

She’s not as stupid as she may appear to be and she’s not a weak opponent despite her abilities not being as “flashy” or overwhelmingly powerful like other characters (Bakugo or Deku for example).

She likes to tease Ochaco a lot because of her romantic feelings towards Deku, but she’s also one of those good friends a person could trust with a high expectation of loyalty.

She’s a My Hero Academia favourite.


14. Pony Tsunotori

Pony Tsunotori student ua |

And lastly, there is Pony Tsunotori who is a UA student training to become a pro hero, like most of everyone in UA High.

We get to see her in action during the 5th season of MHA when they again have a tournament of sorts but more like a battle royal between two teams.

As her horns suggest, she can use them not just to attack, but she can launch them like daggers, projectiles, and more.

While she might seem like a little kid, she’s actually 16 (at first) but is currently 17 years old in the timeline of MHA.

She might be a little scared and nervous, but she is competent and more than just “cute”.