15+ Anime Girls Who Would NEVER Choose The Bear Over A Man (They’re Smart)

The joke has run its course it seems, but the meme continues. That meme is about the famous video of an American woman saying she’d choose the bear over the man if the situation called for it.

Now everyone’s debating it.

Let’s put this into an anime context instead and highlight something else.

Female anime characters who’d NEVER choose the bear over a man.

Simply because these female characters aren’t trying to stir up controversy in order to feel validated based on their personalities in their various anime.

Here’s a list.


1. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)

Hinata Hyuga is the first person I pictured for a post like this. She’s the epitome of a female character who would never choose a man over a bear if the situation called for it (no matter how serious).

She’s also the type of girl who would be labelled a “pick me” in this sometimes backwards society we see in the West.

Hinata pursued Naruto from the beginning, but not aggressively and not to the extent that she was a nuisance or a stalker like some strangely emotional fans might claim.

She’s famous for a reason, and as a character, it’s clear why so many like her.


2. Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad)

Nagisa might be one of the most respected anime waifus and female characters in all of anime (especially if you’ve watched the OG anime Clannad).

She’s slightly sickly, but not in a harmful way in the first season. Despite this she makes an effort to do her best with the support of her various friends and of course, Tomoya her love interest.

This evolves in the 2nd season where things get emotional.

Nagisa’s parents might be odd at times, but it shows how well they raised her and how they are as people. They’re an idealistic example of a so-called happy, perfect family, with Nagisa being an idealistic woman who might not be the brightest but scores highly in all other aspects.


3. Isla (Plastic Memories)

Isla is about as realistic as it gets for an Android. While she appears cold and aloof, she opens up a lot with Tsukasa, both of who ends up in a relationship very quickly.

She’s the representation of a person who’s aware of their limited time and makes the most of it while choosing to be happy and find ways to be positive instead of getting dragged down by the negative.

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4. Miyuki Kobayakawa (You’re Under Arrest)

Miyuki is the black haired police officer and main female character from this series. She is an intelligent character who uses her brain to catch criminals and solve crimes in the city of Tokyo.

This makes her the opposite of her friend who uses her martial arts skills to catch and apprehend criminals.

Miyuki and Ken who are both in the same department have a clear romantic interest.

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5. Lum (Urusei Yatsura)

Lum is an alien that comes to Earth, and while there, has a competition with Ataru. Marriage is on the line, and Lum claims to be married or at least in a relationship with Ataru afterwards.

This is the basis of the anime’s comedy, parody, romance, and drama between the main characters.

Lum is a sensible character who’s much more intelligent than she lets on, being able to invent things and even create devices that can travel through time.

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6. Bulma (Dragon Ball Z)

Bulma was raised by her “genius” father in the Breifs family. They’re billionaires because of their technology and what they’ve developed for the world of DB.

Flying cars, spaceships that could travel to Jupiter 5 times over if they were in real life, capsules that turn into fully constructed mini houses, and more.

Bulma is intelligent and is one of the most intelligent anime characters. It goes without saying why she’s on this list.


7. Tohka Yatogami (Date A Live)

Tohka is the first girl to show up in Date A Live, and she also goes on a date with Shido after all the drama pretty much in season 1 of this franchise.

Long purple hair, non-Tsundere, fairly straightforward, and easygoing. Tohka treats people as they are, and isn’t what you’d call a hypocrite in general or someone nefarious.

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8. Priestess (Goblin Slayer)

Priestess (Onna Shinjan) is almost famously killed in the first episode by Goblins after watching her friend get attacked by one.

Saved by Goblin Slayer, she becomes his ally and they work together on adventurer jobs along with other deliberately nameless characters like the elven girl.

Angelic, forgiving, somewhat naive, but open minded and loyal down to the letter describes her personality.


9. Fuuko Izumo (Undead Unluck)


The introverted girl who used to have long hair until she famously cut it off in a cliche way, is one of 2024’s latest Shounen female anime girls who are likeable.

The first few episodes are understandably extreme with cliches and “comedy” that is unnecessary, but what blossoms from there has become a favourite in the Shounen world (underrated more so).

Her optimism is her strength, and so is her willingness to do whatever it takes.


10. Marika Tachibana (Nisekoi)

Marika Tachibana is the orange haired girl who has a thing for the main character Ichijou. She shows up in the 2nd season of Nisekoi.

Unlike other girls, she’s forward, honest, doesn’t hesitate, and has the drive to go after the things she wants despite the challenges or difficulties.

She doesn’t allow herself to be guilty because someone else “might” not get what they want if it happens to be the same thing she wants. But she’s also fair about it, more so in the game of love and war.


11. Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)

Juvia Lockser was all evil and stoic when she first came on the scene. But when Gray Fullbuster shows up, love literally changes her perspective and changes her ways drastically.

Her love for Gray is also genuine and pure, if not sometimes extreme and overbearing for the male introvert.

With Juvia’s mind opening up as a result of romance, she would never be foolish enough to exclude a gender in a life or death situation when needing help.


12. Mitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer)

Mitsuri Kanroji is the airhead of this list and one of the biggest airheaded anime girls of all time.

Unlike other Hashira, her backstory isn’t as dramatic and cliche, which only adds to the comical nature of her role and character.

She has the same voice actress as Sato Matsuzaka from Happy Sugar Life and also shares the same pink hair colour. But unlike Sato, she’s cheerful, fun, kind, and generous without the facade.


13. Belldandy (Oh My Goddess)

Belldandy is one of the standard waifus in the romance space. The OG waifu and one who is literally an angel (one of 3 angel sisters) in the anime series from the 1990s.

True to her angelic ways, she tries not to judge on appearance and always goes out of her way to at least give people a chance.

She believes in people and their ability to change. She sees the best in others but could sometimes stand to see the best in herself as well.


14. Eleonora (Villainess Level 99)

Eleonora is the blonde girl who is in love with a prince. She obsesses over him, and has a genuine interest in the guy, if not naive.

Still, she has pure intentions and an even better character that would make a person like this in real life attractive if the right person came into their life.

She may be naive in some ways, but she’s also sensible, playful, and has her morals in the right place.


15. Emilia (Re:Zero)

Emilia is criticized as a naive girl in the Re:Zero series, and this was especially true during the first season.

Why? Because of the beef between Rem fans and Emilia fans (Rem was rejected by Subaru Natsuki).

But Emiila is actually intuitive, has emotional intelligence, and most of all, she’s not stupid. In a precarious situation, she’s not about to choose politics over common sense.

She has a healthy mindset towards gender as it stands, and she sees people for who or how they are, rather than the exclusionary game of double standards we see with certain characters.

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