26 Akame Ga Kill Quotes That Will Make You Emotional All Over Again

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This quote post includes the following characters from Akame Ga Kill:

  • Lubbock.
  • Akame.
  • Bulat.
  • Sheele.
  • Esdeath.
  • Mine.
  • Tatsumi.
  • Leone.
  • Kurome.

Akame Ga Kill is a masterpiece in its own right. With a fresh approach to the Shounen genre that’s a little more true to life and realistic.

Regardless of who your favorite characters are from Akame Ga Kill, you’ll find a quote that will bring back memories. Or a quote that’ll make you think about life in ways you never considered.

Let’s get started.


26 Akame Ga Kill Quotes:


Esdeath Quotes

Anime Motivation Quotes 1

“The weak are destined to lie beneath the boots of the strong. If that angers you, overcome your deficits.” – Esdeath


Esdeath Quotes Akame Ga Kill 2

“I don’t understand the feelings of the weak. The law of the world is survival of the fittest. It’s how the weak are weeded out. It just means those people that died were too weak. It’s only natural for the weak to perish.” – Esdeath


Esdeath Quotes Akame Ga Kill 1

“Panicking leads to an early grave.” – Esdeath


Lubbock Quotes

5 Akame Ga Kill Quotes That Will Make You Think

“There is no way to train your heart to be invulnerable.” – Lubbock


Sheele Quotes

Sheele Quotes 2

“I had a friend who was very kind to me. No matter what happened or how badly I messed up, she never once made fun of me. The time I spent with her was the only ray of happiness in my entire life.” – Sheele


Sheele Quotes 1 1

Sheele Quotes 1 1

“I’ve never been able to do anything right. I couldn’t take pride in a single thing I did. People would always make mean comments about me, like maybe I was crazy or something.” – Sheele


5 Akame Ga Kill Quotes That Will Make You Think

“No matter how many good deeds you perform, your past sins cannot be erased.” – Sheele


Sheele Quotes 4

“Night raid, you are always home to me.” – Sheele


Sheele Quotes 3

“I’m glad I could be useful in the end.” – Sheele


Bulat Quotes

3 Bulat Quotes From Akame Ga Kill That Prove He's A Warrior

“You won’t survive if you just let your boiling blood dictate your actions.” – Bulat, Akame Ga Kill


Bulat Quotes 2

“You’ll have some painful, despair-ridden experiences. In fact, most of them will be tragic. But we chose to walk this path.” – Bulat


Bulat Quotes

“The hot blood that flows through my body… is not something that can be suppressed by other people!” – Bulat


Akame Quotes

6 Of The Best Akame Quotes From Akame Ga Kill

“As the living it is our responsibility to carry out the wishes of the ones who are gone.” – Akame


Akame Quotes 1

“If you can’t find a reason to fight, then you shouldn’t be fighting.” – Akame


Akame Quotes 2

“Only those who comprehend the implications of war can be capable of bearing arms.” – Akame


Akame Quotes 3

I’ll always be there to save you, because you’re my friend.” – Akame


Akame Quotes 4

“I chose night raid because my heart told me it was the right thing to do. I simply decided to follow the path in which I believe.” – Akame


Akame Quotes

“If you begin with overconfidence and arrogance, you’ll die.” – Akame


Mine Quotes

mine quotes

“No one would help me. And that’s when I understood… That only I could help myself.” – Mine


Mine Quotes Akame Ga Kill 1

“Only I can help myself, and in the future, I can make up for all my misfortunes and change the world into a place where there’s no irrational discrimination and that’s why there’s no way in hell that I can die here!” – Mine


Mine Quotes Akame Ga Kill 4

“People who abuse power they were born into piss me off more than anything else.” – Mine


Mine Quotes Akame Ga Kill 2

“Wrong or not, I’ll follow my own path!” – Mine


Tatsumi Quotes

2 Tatsumi Quotes From Akame Ga Kill That Are Inspiring

“Everyone has their own reasons to fight! Sometimes, you have to settle it yourself or there’s no way forward!” – Tatsumi, Akame Ga Kill


Tatsumi Quotes Akame Ga Kill

“The reason doesn’t matter. As long as a tiny bit of hope exists, that’s all that matters.” – Tatsumi


Kurome Quotes

26 Akame Ga Kill Quotes That Will Make You Emotional All Over Again 1


Leone Quotes

8 Akame Ga Kill Quotes That Will Make You Think

“If we quit now, then all the dead would have died for nothing.” – Leone

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