9 Of The Greatest Anime Leaders You Can Learn From

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“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence, and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” – Unknown

All leaders are different. But a few things define them all:

  1. They’re both selfish AND selfless.
  2. They work hard to develop those around them. Even If unintentional.
  3. They have a purpose, and understand WHY they do what they do.
  4. They work hard on themselves and aren’t afraid to make mistakes.
  5. They think things through with logic and aren’t ruled by their emotions.

In the world of anime – these facts are no different. Because anime characters have human characteristics anyway.

Here are 9 of the most motivational, influential and inspiring anime leaders you can learn from…


1. Marika Kato (Bodacious Space Pirates)

9 Of The Greatest Anime Leaders You Can Learn From
Marika’s an easy-going character with strong communication skills, and a healthy appetite for risk.

Marika Kato’s main strengths as a leader:

  • Quick decision maker, and quick on her feet.
  • A little unconventional.
  • Works well under-pressure, never being overwhelmed by it.
  • Keeps a cool head in intense situations, which inspires others to do the same.


2. Koro Sensei (Assassination Classroom)

9 Of The Greatest Anime Leaders You Can Learn From
He looks weird because he is weird. And in a weird way – this is one of Koro Sensei’s perks as a leader.

In a nutshell, here are Koro’s strengths as a leader:

  • Constantly analyses the situation and stays grounded.
  • Plans so far into the future that any setbacks are minimal at best, should any ever come up.
  • Constantly thinks “what if” to prevent making unnecessary mistakes.
  • Nurtures his students and focuses on their core strengths to bring out the best in others.

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3. Miho Nishizumi (Girls Und Panzer)

9 Of The Greatest Anime Leaders You Can Learn From

Miho’s not a special looking character in terms of design. And it’s easy to assume she doesn’t “look the part” in terms of being a leader.

But that’s irrelevant, because the reality is: a leader is determined by their actions, never their looks.

Miho’s strengths as a leader:

  • Strategic.
  • Plans things out well ahead of time.
  • Unconventional and creative in her methods.
  • Cool calm and collected.
  • Logical.


4. Kanie Seiya (Amagi Brilliant Park)

9 Of The Greatest Anime Leaders You Can Learn From
Kanie is a flipping clown when you first see him on-screen. Meaning: he’s arrogant, full of himself, and seems like he’s full of sh**.

But that’s because Kanie is the type of leader who shines under the right circumstances.

Strengths for Kanie as a leader:

  • Pure logic.
  • Able to filter out the nonsense, and focus on what matters.
  • Motivational towards his team, and is able to push them.
  • Laughs at the problems he faces instead of getting stressed.
  • Extremely hard-working.


5. Najenda (Akame Ga Kill)

9 Of The Greatest Anime Leaders You Can Learn From
Other than being what you’d call a tom-boy, Najenda is a natural leader by virtue of her personality and upbringing.

Unlike other leaders, she’s tough on others, and doesn’t tolerate any BS when it comes to getting the job done.

Najenda’s leadership strengths:

  • Cool calm and collected.
  • Tons of experience and wisdom.
  • Able to use logic in emotional situations to push forward.
  • Approachable and comfortable to be around.
  • Able to defend herself in a fight, and lead by example.

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6. Junichirou Kagami (Denpa Kyoushi)

9 Of The Greatest Anime Leaders You Can Learn From
Junichirou is an Otaku who runs his own popular blog, while collecting figurines as a hobby.

His one mantra which I love is: I can only do what I yearn to do.

Leadership strengths:

  • Unconventional, controversial and unorthodox more than anything else.
  • Unique perspective from that of a video gamer.
  • Easy going, laid back personality.
  • Able to motivate and inspire others.
  • Sharp, witty and intelligent.
  • Care free.


7. Shiroe (Log Horizon)

9 Of The Greatest Anime Leaders You Can Learn From
Shiroe is the introspective type. Always looking within himself for the answers, and thinking things through before making decisions.

His leadership style is: leading behind the scenes, as opposed to being the centre of attention.

Shiroe’s leadership strengths:

  • Laid back and easy-going.
  • Easy to get along with, and approachable.
  • Hardly loses his temper, and handles things diligently.
  • Master strategist.
  • Uses his intelligence to settle things, instead of using his fists.
  • Thinks of the well-being of others.


8. Umiko Ahagon (New Game!)

9 Of The Greatest Anime Leaders You Can Learn From
If you can imagine what it’s like to meet a veteran soldier, Umiko has a similar presence. Probably because she’s into that kind of stuff (it’s her passion).

That aside, she’s the more “serious” type of leader who values results and hard work more than anything else.

Leadership strengths:

  • Knows how to “get down to business” without any excuses.
  • Holds herself to a high standard, and does the same with others.
  • Intuitive and extremely perceptive, and is able to detect when others are lying.
  • Hard worker.
  • Expects everyone around her to work hard.
  • Surprisingly considerate, even though she appears intimidating and sometimes unapproachable.


9. All Might (My Hero Academia)

9 Of The Greatest Anime Leaders You Can Learn From
When you run into someone with a ridiculous, exaggerated personality, it’s hard to take them seriously. Or at least that’s how some people perceive it.

All Might is that kind of guy. Until you realize just how much you can learn from him.

Leadership strengths of All Might:

  • Positive attitude.
  • Contagious personality.
  • Able to uplift, inspire, and motivate others.
  • Leads by his actions, not just his words.
  • Surprisingly empathetic and thoughtful of other people.
  • Patient with others, especially people who are difficult to deal with.


Honorable mentions:

  1. Heine Wittgenstein.
  2. Kou Yagami.
  3. Piccolo.
  4. Glenn Radars.

Which anime leaders do you love?

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