6 Relaxing Anime’s You Should Watch After A Hard Days Work

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Written by Theo J Ellis

According to studies in the UK and USA:

  • 77% of people experience physical malfunctions caused by stress.
  • 73% are dealing with psychological issues that are caused by stress.
  • 54% said stress has caused them to fight with people close to them.

And this is true whether we’re talking about work, jobs, college, school or University.

A hard days work can take its toll on you. Especially when it gets too stressful. And depending on who you are you’ll deal with it differently.

For me I find things like Anime work wonders for keeping you relaxed, calm, at ease and happy. Or just taking your mind of things which helps you feel at ease.

Since it does that for me, I figure it can do the same for you too.

So here are some relaxing anime‘s to consider after a long hard day. And you’ll start to feel better and more relaxed in no time.


1. Tamako Market

6 Anime's You Should Watch After A Long Hard Days Work

Tamako Market is the #1 anime I’d recommend when it comes to relaxation. For me it’s a perfect 10/10 in that department.

Tamako Market is based in a small town that specializes in the dish: Mochi.

And the main star of the show is Tamako, the daughter of the Mochi-shop owner.

Throughout the short 12-episode series you’ll find lots of comedy. Silly moments. And overall relaxing vibes focused on the daily lives of 3 girls and a talking bird.

Along with “very” lightweight romance thrown into the mix.

I think the chilled music makes the anime so much more relaxing as well.


2. Spice And Wolf

6 Anime's You Should Watch After A Long Hard Days Work

Spice and Wolf is a historical anime series focused on a merchant and a deity. Who both go on an adventure together and explore all kinds of places.

Experiencing so many different things on their journey.

There’s lightweight action within this series, but that’s about it.

Most of the show focuses on adventure aspects, business, slice of life moments and minimal romance.

Watching Spice And Wolf will make you feel at ease.

And will wash away any stress or anxiety with every new episode you dive into.

It’s such a nice. heart-warming anime to watch.

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3. Kanon 

Anime's You Should Watch After A Long Hard Days Work

Made by the same creators behind anime series: Clannad.

Kanon is also a slice of life/romance series with supernatural elements thrown into it.

While Clannad is a heart-breaking anime series in the second half of the show… Kanon is only 1 season long, and is packed with mellow scenes and chilled moments.

With some lightweight comedy and emotional episodes.

For the most part I loved this show and it’s so relaxing to watch.

One of it’s strongest points is the fact it doesn’t take itself too seriously. And I like that about it.

It doesn’t “try” too hard either, which makes a big difference.


4. A Certain Scientific Railgun

Anime's You Should Watch After A Long Hard Days Work

I’m surprised Railgun isn’t classed as a slice of life anime series. Because it has strong slice of life elements to it.

Railgun’s story focuses on the Academy city. A place designed for those with powers and special abilities.

Known as Espers.

You’ll find action-packed scenes here and there throughout Railgun.

But in between all of that you’ll enjoy the relaxed, chilled, hilarious and laid back episodes.

A lot of which focuses on the lives of 4 girls: Ruiko, Misaka, Kuroko and Uiharu.

This is still and will always be one of my favorite “supernatural” anime shows. For reasons beyond how relaxing it is to watch it.

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5. Best Student Council

Anime's You Should Watch After A Long Hard Days Work

This is an anime you’re unlikely to hear fans shouting about. I know I didn’t before discovering it.

Best Student Council focuses on a large group of girls all part of the student council.

It’s not the most original story, but the way it plays out is on point and fun to watch.

Each character is memorable in their own way, similar to the anime: Love Live.

And the heart-warming scenes along with a great mix of personalities makes the “feel” of the show perfect.

The graphics are old school, so as long as that’s not an issue you should give it a try.


6. Interviews With Monster Girls

Anime's You Should Watch After A Long Hard Days Work

Interviews With Monster Girls, also known as Demi-Chan starts off with a slow-ish pace.

At first I was unsure of this unique anime series. With characters that seemed interesting enough.

But after watching the whole series I realized what a great show it turned out to be.

The 4 main characters are easy to warm to once you get into it. And overall the pacing of Demi-chan is spot on.

Which is one of the reasons I feel the anime is so relaxing to watch. And even funny too with some lightweight drama.


Other relaxing anime shows worth watching:

  • Fruits Basket.
  • Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.
  • Nodame Cantabile.
  • Lucky Star.
  • Barakamon.
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia.
  • K-On.
  • Nozaki-Kun.
  • Tsuki Ga Kirei (The Moon, So Beautiful).
  • Shirayukihime.


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