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How The Anime Community Has “Evolved” Over The Years (For Better Or Worse)

The anime community has gone through a TON of changes over the years.

I didn’t get to see the earliest days of the anime industry, simply because I’m from the 1990’s. So what I did see was how the industry “blew up” and became a big deal across the globe.

Especially in the USA, UK And Europe. anime in that time period.

But from that point forward – I do know how the anime industry has evolved in terms of:

  • The community
  • how we treat each other
  • how we interact
  • and how the internet has changed that.


The anime community’s evolution is a mixture of good and bad

meh anime face shirobako |

I’m not gonna sit here like a Grandpa and be like “this new generation is bullsh**” or whatever it is those type of people say.

I’m part of this generation as it is. And in fact – the anime community has become positive over the years.

Like the dozens of anime publishers online who promote the industry everyday. Or the effort “some” ublishers make when it comes to improving the industry.

And so much more that’s happened over the years.

But on the dark side there’s another truth.

That truth shows the anime community’s gone from:


1. Hey! Anime isn’t known, so let’s band together and promote what we love

The 90’s and VERY early 2000’s started this in a “big” way.

Anime before then had similar vibes when you look at history, but the eventual internet in the 1990’s and early 2000’s is what made anime fans “band together” and promote an industry that’s underappreciated.

Not to mention underrepresented.

During this time – the anime community “evolved” faster than ever… As did the majority of the world. And the community wasn’t toxic.

But now? It’s more like:


2. Hey! You don’t like Death Note? Well f*ck you for having an opinion that’s “different”

Because “some” fans are insecure little b*tches who think the world shines out their A-hole.

if people cant control their own emotions quote |

“If people can’t control their OWN emotions, then they have to start trying to control other people’s behavior.”

THIS is what the anime community has evolved into these days. I’m talking more about anime fans OUTSIDE of Japan.

More so in the western parts of the world in general (where SJW and political correctness is common).


I see it everyday

naruto hater comment |

anime haters |


These kinds of comments (some which are so “offensive” they don’t make it through) happen all the time.

There’s not a day I don’t see people leaving hateful, spiteful comments. Or elsewhere online just because their feelings are hurt and my opinion is different.

The “community” aspect’s been thrown out the window, in favor of putting you down for not conforming to political correctness.

“Some people don’t like you because your spirit aggravates their demons.” – Unknown


Blame it on this soft, politically correct, SJW filled society we live in today. Where saying the word “black” implies racism.

Or saying “cute… implies you’re a CREEP.

main qimg 527273b11f22cc38964c7b1f272f54c5 |

Perfect example, even if it’s”just” a meme.

Let’s use an example of what I mean by the anime community evolving into something “toxic”.

Courtesy of the politically correct bullsh*t.

greatest anime ever |

As you can blatantly see, this article is about a list of anime shows I love and feel deserve the title of “greatest”.

So that’s what I did – I shared anime that were so good to me, they deserve a mention.

This isn’t the only comment, but there’s more like the one below. Driven by insecurity (because their feelings are hurt), hence why they’re attacking me.

anime comment upset |
Not to mention this comment from Quora.
rezero hater |

Can you see the patterns here between all these screenshots and comments?

As you can tell – they’re both “bashing” my opinions because of how it makes them “feel” about themselves.

It’s as if they’re getting all insecure and offended because my opinion differs from theirs.

Which leads to the question: why? 

Why can’t you share your opinion without someone being so arrogant, that they believe you’re out to hurt them, personally?

Why can’t sharing an opinion spark discussion among anime fans, instead of hatred, spite, insecurity and pettiness?

And then we wonder why some people are “scared” to join the anime community…


The answer comes down to this:

how dare you have an opinion |

The anime community’s full of sheep who are too weak to accept people who are different. 

And being offended by someone else’s opinion (that’s not directed at you) speaks volumes.

dragon ball z naruto one piece and bleach characters |

If I say something conventional like “NARUTO” I guarantee everyone would be kissing my you know what and saying how great I am.

Or telling me how much “taste” I have (because it agrees with their socialized way of thinking).


That’s the kind of community the anime industry has become

The green text from website: “The Messiah Complex” proves my point:

anime community toxic fans 1 |


“the anime community feels this more than these other communities purely because people in the community always want to feel superior than other, and put others down.”

The author THEN goes on to say:

anime community toxic fans 2 |

“People get scrutinized on everything in the anime community: from their PERSONAL favorite’s; what they hate; how they rate anime; which characters they like; what they recommend and even what is considered anime. Most of the people in this community are not even Japanese and have never stepped foot in Japan, but feel the need to preach on a culture they do not even fully understand and set up their own rules for anime, which is a foreign concept to them.”

Source: The Toxic Anime Community – Messiah Complex

Hate and brainless criticism is a byproduct of insecurity.

And even though the anime community hasn’t “completely” evolved into a piece of sh*t on the pavement, there’s a surprising amount of “toxic” people who ruin it for everyone (including NEW fans who WANT to be a part of the community).


I’ve even had conversations with people who’ve told me that themselves

anime really face |

It’s so easy to “hate” than it is to praise. I’m astonished at this fact.

And while I personally don’t give a F (which seems to bother some fans in particular), it’s an issue in the grand scheme of things.

It reminds me of this article: On gatekeeping in the anime community

How can we expect to grow as an anime community if people behave this way?

That’s the last question I’ll leave you with.

The minority ruin it for the majority, and I’m dumbfounded by it. And that “minority” seems to be on the rise.



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