15+ Anime Characters Who Could Be TikTok Influencers In Real Life

TikTok influencers make people cringe, but they also entertain millions of us across social media.

While some TikTok, like social media in general, is a façade and anything but real, its relevance in the culture is undeniable.

There are anime characters who if they were in real life, would or could make great TikTok influencers.

Some of the reasons aren’t obvious either, while other reasons based on the type of character makes sense.

Let’s talk about it.


1. Miku Nakano (Quintessential Quintuplets)

Miku might not be the first choice when thinking about characters who would use TikTok, but there is a relevant point here.

The introverted headphone wearing girl from Quintessential Quintuplets loves history and is a major fanatic of history.

If she could overcome her shyness, which she definitely is shy, and she did make progress in the anime, she could passionately talk about historical topics and share her other passions.

All the things she is able to get lost in while talking about could make her a unique TikTok creator, and an unlikely one given her personality on the surface.


2. Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

In a separate world from the village he grew up in, Naruto has the perfect personality and characteristics to become a relevant TikTok influencer and creator.

He’s the type to mess around, do things for attention, and has a lot of energy and charisma (as a kid, and beyond).

He might be more relaxed and less dramatic these days now that he’s an older character, but he still has that flair that would work.

His energy alone would attract all the attention he needs, rather than the substance, but then again, his philosophy and ideals would hit.


3. Ai Hoshino (Oshi No Ko)

Being the musician that she is and an idol, Ai Hoshino would have made the perfect TikTok creator and would have become a major influencer if she were real.

Not only is she attractive, but her eyes are different, and her energy is different to top it all off.

Then you have the fact she is obsessed with her work and putting on the best show possible.

Similar to what we see in the anime, she would burn out and begin to dislike the fakeness, but she would be successful without a doubt.

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4. Kamina (Gurren Lagann)

Imagine Kamina picking up the camera and recording for the world to see what he’s getting up to, or recording him fight, or recording him talking his shit in general?

There is no doubt Kamina would do well, and would probably enjoy himself while doing it as well.

He’s naturally energetic, inspired, interested, curious, and has a do or die attitude and never lets anything stand in his way or slow him down.

This is why he’s an important figure in the Gurren Lagann series, and that would spill over into the world of TikTok.


5. Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)

Maka Albarn is a meister who wields a weapon called Soul. She’s skilled at twisting, bending, and using her staff and could easily put on a show when it comes to TikTok.

In fact those skills would give her the opportunity to pay the bills with relative ease.

Plus, she does have a personality that others could warm to, and her interactions with soul if on camera would create some entertaining moments non stop.


6. Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane is a model in the anime Fairy Tail, so she is already comfortable with the camera and with being the star of the show so to speak.

She’s cool, level headed, kind, sweet, and understanding of others. But she also draws the line, sets boundaries, and people respect that knowing the consequences if they cross her.

She could easily do her “Model” style shots and videos for TikTok in drips, and her personality when in conversation would attract an audience by itself.


7. Megumin (Konosuba)

We all know how hyper Megumin is in the Konosuba series. She can’t help herself sometimes.

Imagine all of this energy from Megumin on camera, and more importantly, knowing that Megumin loves to be the center of attention would make this an easy win with TikTok.

Megumin in the mountains, recording on camera with a selfie stick, showing the world her power as she demonstrates by completely obliterating everything in sight.

Or Megumin recording on camera talking about either herself, her goals, and sharing her optimism which would keep people engaged and entertained.


8. Mr Satan (DBZ)

This guy just can’t help himself. We see this in DBZ many times. He should have died long ago with the insane stunts and risks he took thinking he was a big man against people like CELL and so on.

But the parody aspect of his character allows him to slip through and survive, and most of all, show us how much he love attention and the spotlight.

It’s these traits and characteristics that would make him entertaining even on a platform like TikTok where the majority of people are half his age or simply a lot younger in general.

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9. Black Star (Soul Eater)

Black Star might be the most ridiculous but entertaining character there is. He LOVES attention. He thrives off attention.

He loves attention so much that it may annoy a lot of people, but that would be the reason why he’d get a lot of views on TikTok’s platform.

Being the guy he is who can’t help but show off and tell the world about his lofty goals while being inspired to achieve them, he’d have no issue succeeding.


10. Chika Fujiwara (Kaguya Sama Love Is War)

Chika is one of the most playful anime characters there is. She seems airheaded, oblivious, innocent, cute, and plus she likes to dance and has no problem doing so in public.

These playful, fun, and easygoing traits would make it easy for her to attract attention on camera, and for her to easily warm to a wide range of people on TikTok.

Plus if that pink hair translates to the real world and looks just as good, the results would speak for itself.


11. Kirishima (My Hero Academia)

Kirishima, the red headed guy from MHA is the type to always be in high spirits, or at least he aims to be and doesn’t easily give up or mope around.

He likes to encourage people and himself and has more guts than the average person can speak of.

His tone is the motivational kind but without the BS and the snake oil that comes with it.

I think this and other traits would help someone like Kirishima stand out on video, especially with the way he looks in general.


12. Shino Amakusa (Seitokai Yakunidomo)

Shino can’t help herself from telling dirty jokes in the most out of context way possible. And then she acts like she’s naïve to the context when she knows what she’s doing.

As a student council member and one of the main characters of the show, she’s sarcastic but well put together, organized but inappropriate, stern but fun to be around.

She’d have a lot of fun recording and playing around on video, more so than those watching.


13. Goddess Aqua (Konosuba)

While Megumin would be entertaining for her personality, Aqua would be entertaining for other reasons.

She’s a drinker and she’d do this while being on camera, talking shit as she does when she’s drunk. Maybe complaining about Kazuma or something other.

This by itself would make for entertainment, regardless of its longevity.

Aqua has her “party tricks” as well, and with her list of spells and other things she’s able to do, while just being her usual self, she’d attract a unique audience on TikTok.


14. Nasa and Tsukasa (Tonikaku KAWAII)

Both Nasa and Tsukasa are married, which happens pretty fast after the first episode onwards.

Being the so called perfect couple that they are, despite being a new couple, if this was recorded and they decided to use TikTok together, it would break the internet.

Their wholesomeness, cute moments, Tsukasa’s wifey traits, willingness to take care of her husband, and Nasa’s wit and smarts, etc, would make for a unique TikTok combo.

It would piss off a lot of those who say things like “Pick me” and “submissive women are bad” but that would be drowned out by the sane audience who respect and recognize loving, healthy relationships.


15. Ram And Rom (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

The twin combo of both Ram and Rom who are sisters would be the perfect duo. In a TikTok sense, their being cute would be enough to get them in the door.

Recording their activities, what they’re up to, things they talk about or are interested in, and everything in between would make for a unique TikTok done by TWINS making it especially unique.

Their ability to transform could also add another element to their dynamic duo.

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