Kyoani’s Animators ACCUSED Of Being Pedophiles, Tweet Received 176K LIKES

Trolls Accuse Kyoani’s Animators Of Being Pedophiles, Tweet Received 70k Likes (1)

Twitter is a cesspool when it comes to all kinds of:

  • controversy
  • hatred
  • cancel culture
  • attention seeking
  • toxicity
  • racism

And the long list that’s associated with the platform. It’s negative more than it is positive.

The latest drama is not just insensitive, but it’s inaccurate and shows you how easy it is to gain traction for making accusations.


Original Tweet that started drama

As pointed out by the images, someone took a scene from S2 of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid….

They then switched and edited the subtitles for it to say “Wow! Why do you have such big breasts?”, Which is followed by “My animators are pedophiles.”

This innocent conversation between two characters in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid was manipulated to be malicious for some attention.

Well it worked. 176K likes, 1.1K replies and 17K retweets is how it played out.


Why it’s insensitive

YouTube video

Kyoto Animation, as many know, have been going through a lot in the past few years. Since their studio was burned down by a named man, that ended in dozens of people dying in the fire.

Many more were injured, and Kyoto Animation spent the majority of their time mourning, and dealing with the situation, putting anime on hold for good reason.

One of the animators of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (Yasuhiro Takemoto) lost their life in that incident, and so comments like this gloss over and ignore it, making it insensitive. People are pointing this out on Twitter.

kobayashi controversy pedophile tweet author mute

When the original author got what they asked for, they chose to MUTE the conversation and turn the other way when the heat was a little too much to take.

Perfect example of the whole “actions have consequences”.

Tweet responses

ilulu fanart tiddies do these scare you

asuna yuuki message anime tweet

The original TWEET is still being quoted tweeted, retweeted, and more as we speak.

How do you feel about the controversy and the accusations?



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