5 Positive Life Lessons From Yuuki Konno To Be Inspired By

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Yuuki Konno is a late comer in the second season of Sword Art Online. And yet she’s had a big impact on the Sword Art Online community regardless.

She’s loved by many SAO fans, and her story (and how it turns out) is so emotional.

All in all, Yuuki is a character that’s both inspirational and motivational. With a cool personality.

And there’s plenty we can all learn from her. Whether you’re a fan of Yuuki Konno or not.

Let’s get started.

5 Positive Life Lessons From Yuuki Konno To Be Inspired By:

1. Don’t be afraid to fight for what you want

“Sometimes you have to fight to get your point across.” – Yuuki Konno

Yuuki Konno wants something bad enough that she’s willing to fight for it. And so that’s what she does.

And she succeeds in doing the thing she wanted, with the help of her friends.

In life we like to kid ourselves, thinking that everything can be achieved without putting up a fight. Or without doing something that’s risky.

The truth is though – If no other options will work, fighting may be your only choice. And if you want it bad enough, you’ll have to.

And even if you don’t have to, you should never be afraid to fight for what you want.


2. Have fun while you still can

5 Positive Life Lessons From Yuuki Konno To Be Inspired By

You never know what could happen in terms of your physical health. Life is fragile after all.

And all it takes is a car crash, a road accident, terrorism, or something related to bring life to an end.

Yuuki Konno is the best example of an Anime character who lives life to the fullest. And does everything she can to have fun for as long as it’s possible.

And that’s the life lesson here. Have fun while you still can.

Life is too fragile to be worried and miserable 24/7.


3. Be grateful for the life you’ve been given

5 Positive Life Lessons From Yuuki Konno To Be Inspired By

This is similar to the last point. Life is fragile. People die everyday all over the world.

Some of it comes naturally, and some of it ends horribly.

If there’s anyone that understands this well, it’s Yuuki Konno!

She’s full of gratitude, and that’s why it’s easier for her to be happy and cheerful. Even if things in life don’t seem happy or cheerful at all.

And that’s the 3rd life lesson from Yuuki Konno…


4. It’s better to smile than it is to frown

5 Positive Life Lessons From Yuuki Konno To Be Inspired By

Yuuki Konno is seen smiling a lot throughout the series. Even at times when she’s hurting on the inside because of troubles she’s dealing with.

When you frown, you cause others around you to feel sad, uncomfortable or moody.

But when you smile, you lift up everybody’s spirits, and it helps those around you to feel more comfortable.

That’s the lesson here. 

It takes just as much energy to frown as it does to smile. But one action has a bigger impact than the other.


5. Focus on the positive, not the negative

5 Positive Life Lessons From Yuuki Konno To Be Inspired By

No matter what your life is like, we all have a choice to either focus on the positive or the negative.

If you focus on the negative, then that’s all you’ll see. When you focus on the positive, then that’s what you’ll be focused on.

Yuuki Konno is the type of person who finds something positive even in a negative situation. And that’s why her personality is strong, bright and cheerful.

That’s the last life lesson from Yuuki Konno.

Focus on the positive and your outlook on life will be better.

No matter how negative things become, there’s always something positive to focus on.

And that’s what makes it easier to overcome difficult situations.



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Which life lesson did you love the most?

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