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11 GREAT Anime Videos On YouTube You Need To Start Watching

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Avatar of Theo J Ellis

I’ll be the first to say: I don’t watch many anime videos But then again – I don’t follow much of anyone in the first place, because I’m busy creating.

But with that said, there are dozens of anime YouTube videos I’ve come across when looking for references.

Not to mention by “accident” that I’ve had people recommend for me.

Videos that:

  • I agree with.
  • Are controversial.
  • Thought provoking.
  • And make similar points that I’ve made here.

So I’ll share some of those videos. You should get some value out of at least a few of them.


The Best Anime Videos On YouTube:


1. Anime Elitists – Cancer Of The Anime Community

YouTube video

Lost Pause has some good videos I’ve spotted on YouTube by accident.

This video is self-explanatory. Elitists in the anime community who RUIN things for everyone.

Especially because of their toxic bullsh** and disgusting attitude towards other people’s differing opinions.

It’s a well thought-out video with some good content worth listening to.

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2. I Just Found The STUPIDEST Anime Elitist On The Internet

YouTube video

So you’ve heard me talk about “sub elitists” before on Anime Motivation. And elsewhere online.

This video grills one anime blogger in particular about their “elitist” views on anime.

And what’s respectable about this video is: he goes into the nonsense of their elitist views, without “bullying” the person in question.

It’s so easy to fight fire with fire, and act like an immature cu** just because of someone else’s B.S views that are damaging.

So I think the anime man handles it pretty well from where I’m standing.

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3. Satella The Witch of Envy’s True Goal – Re:ZERO Starting Life in Another World

YouTube video

This applies to only fans of Re:Zero, but it’s still worth mentioning.

The video goes into “theories” about Satella the witch from Re:Zero, what her goal is, why she exists and so many other unanswered questions from Re:Zero.

The comments themselves go into even more detail as well.

It’s a thought-provoking video for anyone who loves Re:Zero.


4. DESTROYING Anime Traps with FACTS and LOGIC

YouTube video

It’s all in the name. Destroying anime traps with facts and logic.

Anime traps are a mystery in the anime community, meaning there’s so many theories, ideas and what not you can think about. As to why they exist in the first place.

To me the reason is: Japan doesn’t give a F, that’s why they do it.

But Nux Taku takes a different approach. Using nothing but sarcasm and humor to describe anime traps, without taking things too seriously.



YouTube video

I covered this one back in January (I’m sure) and that’s kind of how I found this video.

Outside of the obvious negative definitions of what it means to be an Otaku (In Japan), we define it different across the world.

Outsiders believe a weeb and Otaku are the same thing, like two IPhone’s of the same model.

But the reality is very different. And Lost Pause explains it pretty well.

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6. Real DOCTOR reacts to CELLS AT WORK! Anime review

YouTube video

Cells at Work is an impressive anime series. And it’s one of the more “recent” shows that brings a lot of creativity and something refreshing to the industry,

To see a REAL doctor react to this kind of thing, and even break down parts of it while giving it the “cosign” is special.

It might not be a video from an anime channel in general, but it’s still legit enough to share.


7. What Is Bloom Into You? | First Reaction

YouTube video

The “what is” type of video is common by Glass Reflection. Focusing on his “first reaction” to a new series that’s airing.

It’s not anything like the cringe, immature, emotional garbage some anime fans tend to puke online. Usually in a way that’s aggressive, overly dramatic or too childish to take seriously.

Glass Reflection gives his “professional” overview of the anime’s he reviews. And that’s uncommon since a lot of reviews have hidden agendas.


8. You SHOULD Pirate Anime

YouTube video

With over 1.3 million views, Uniquenameosaurus has obviously caught the attention of YouTube with this 1 video.

It’s the controversial type, as you can tell by the title. And it’s not like it’s a childish video by a kid screaming at the computer about how “anime should be free”.

No, it’s more thoughtful than that. And meaningful. It’s “the voice of reason” you don’t see too often on topics like this.

And as “triggering” as it is… I have to agree.

He makes some solid points.

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9. What Your Favorite Anime Says About You

YouTube video

Nothing beats pure sarcasm. And as a guy who’s all about it, I appreciate videos like this.

If you want a good laugh and you’re not the type to take things too seriously… Watch this video.

And then watch some more videos by OtakuVs. It’s worth it.


10. Darling in the FranXX IN 10 MINUTES

YouTube video

Everyone has their opinion of Darling In The Franxx. 

And in the beginning – no one loved the anime more than I did.

I wrote so many good things about it… only for it to fall in the toilet and flush itself into the dark abyss of failure.

Gigguk takes the whole series, and squeezes it into a hilarious 10 minute video. And he does it without being an elitist or asshole about it (if you’re a fan of the series, that is).


11. Why Good Anime Is Hard To Make

YouTube video

I’ve shared a lot on the same topic, too.

I’ve come to the conclusion after seeing so many anime, and having so much context… that anime is hard to make, for good reason.

Digibro makes some solid points that I agree with about why this is the case. Broken down into a 7+ minute video.

If you want more on the topic, read this:

5 Reasons Why It’s Hard To Make “Good” Anime


Anime Videos in this post, created by:

  • The Anime Man.
  • Digibro.
  • Gigguk.
  • Uniquenameosaurus.
  • Lost Pause.
  • Doctor Hopes Sick Notes.
  • Nux Taku.
  • Chibi Reviews.
  • Otaku Vs.
  • Glass Reflection.


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