26 Of The Most Popular Anime Couples Of All Time

anime couples cute wallpaper

“Popular” means exactly what it sounds like: popular, famous.

  • Not what I think is popular.
  • Not what characters and couples I like.
  • But only anime couples that are first and foremost, the most popular in general.
  • Not to mention: anime characters that are “perceived” as couples.

The reason I say that is because a lot of people in the anime community can be bias when it comes to these things. Straying from the point instead of staying on track.

So I’ll keep it as “factual” as possible.

With that said – let’s get into these popular anime couples!


26 Popular Anime Couples:


1. Goku And Chichi (Dragon Ball Franchise)

goku and chichi married

Goku And Chi Chi have to the most popular anime couples, no questions asked.

They might not be the best and most admired couple, but it doesn’t change how popular they are in the DBZ universe.


2. Naruto And Hinata (Naruto Series)

naruto and hinata

I haven’t even watched Naruto Shippuden. Or the first Naruto series. Or even the Boruto series.

And yet… I know how popular Hinata and Naruto are as a couple in the anime world. It’s hard to ignore their fame, or even deny the facts when it’s “in your face” no matter where you go.

At least to some degree.

Thank Naruto’s popularity for that. And their relationship is one of the “best” subjectively, as well.


3. Rikka And Yuuta (Chuunibyou)

yuuta and rikka cute

Chuunibyou is an anime series created by Kyoto Animation. And as with many of their anime shows, especially romance or slice of life, this one is well-known.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Yutua and Rikka are on this list.

Their relationship is wacky and weird, because of their “chuunibyou” ways. And the weirdness Rikka Takanashi gets up to.

Their unlike any other partner on this list.


4. Zero Two And Hiro (Darling In The Franxx)

zero two and hiro gif

I’m not gonna lie. anime series in 2018, until it went downhill and took a u-turn on the original plot.

And made a mess of everything.

But that doesn’t change the popularity of Zero Two in particular, and especially Zero Two with Hiro as a couple.

There are wallpapers everywhere on the internet that showcase it. And not to mention – Darling In The Franxx is extremely popular, despite the controversial ending and anime in general.


5. Sousuke And Kaname (Full Metal Panic)

kaname and sousuke holding hands

Sousuke And Kaname’s relationship is one of the most official on this list. It’s been building up since the first season of FMP. And made lots of progress since FMP season 3.

As far as popularity – Full Metal Panic is one of the most known and consistent anime shows to date.

The same goes for the protagonists!


6. Sakura And Sasuke (Naruto Series)

sasuke and sakura

Sakura gets abused in the anime community a little too much from my point of view, But I’ve never watched Naruto.

And Sasuke is well-known for his behavior in the anime series, and I know that despite not watching a single episode.

Even still  – while their relationship as a couple isn’t anything to sing about, they’re still insanely popular so it’s only right I include them.

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7. Vegeta And Bulma (Dragon Ball Franchise)

vegeta and bulma

Vegeta and Bulma are individually popular in the anime world.

There’s probably not a  person who hasn’t seen or heard of either character in some way or another.

And as a couple? They’re a power couple who make things happen in the world of Dragon Ball Z and DB Super.

They’re one of my favorites!


8. Taichi And Inaba (Kokoro Connect)

taichi and inaba kokoro connect

Taichi and Inaba are known because of the popularity of Kokoro Connect. It’s what I call a “middle ground” series because while it’s not super famous, it’s still quite popular.

Inaba is the typical Tsundere girl who calms down later on into the series. Where as Taichi is used as “fodder” for Inaba’s Tsundere tendencies.


9. Taiga And Ryuuji (Toradora)

taiga and ryuuji toradora

Taiga is another girl who’s a typical Tsundere in the anime community. Because of the constant verbal and even physical abuse in the form of “comedy”.

I’d even go as far as saying she’s one of the most famous. And for that reason – their relationship, the dramatics, and how it turns out makes them popular as anime couples.


10. Lucy And Natsu (Fairy Tail)

natsu and lucy fairy tail e1554974363709

They’re not official like other couples on this list. And the author of Fairy Tail probably won’t take it in that direction. But that doesn’t change how they’re perceived as “couples”.

Nalu (as anime fans call them) has become a big thing in the anime community for romance and anime couples.

And these guys are already as popular as it is in the Shounen world anyway.


11. Subaru And Emilia (Re:Zero)

subaru and emilia re zero

Subaru And Emilia will become official someday in the future of Re:Zero’s franchise. But as for now – it’s still in “standby”.

With that said – the obvious signs, clues and plot paints a clear picture of Emilia and Subaru being the perfect couple.

Alongside their popularity, it’s only natural I’d add them to this list.

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12. Mikasa And Eren (Attack On Titan)

mikasa and eren attack on titan

Mikasa And Eren are a strange bunch. Mikasa treats Eren more like a kid at times, but then again – with the way he behaves that’s not surprising.

And then Eren despite growing up with Mikasa, hasn’t really made a move like that.

As far as they see it – they’re couples. It’s what anime fans want, but who knows if it’ll happen.


13. Kirito And Asuna (Sword Art Online)

asuna and kirito

I’d argue that in the modern-day of the anime industry, Kirito And Asuna are one of the biggest anime couples ever created.

If we’re talking about anime couples, Kirito And Asuna are likely to come up in conversation. Or even images when you search for related things on the internet.

Plus SAO is a powerhouse in the anime industry as it is!


14. Light And Misa (Death Note)

light and misa

Light And Misa’s relationship reminds me of Sasuke’s and Sakura’s from Naruto: it’s nothing to get excited about.

Their relationship is more of a convenience, and somewhat broken. But the popularity of these 2 characters can’t be ignored, even if they’re a bad example of “anime couples”.


15. Lelouch And Kallen (Code Geass)

lelouch and kallen

Lelouch And Kallen’s relationship isn’t the most official either. Just like Light And Misa.

Because the protagonists are similar from Death note And Code Geass, their relationships are more about convenience and achieving their goals.

But even still – people still ship it. And both characters are popular when talking about anime couples and relationships.


16. Gray And Juvia (Fairy Tail)

gray and juvia fairy tail

Gray And Juvia, or as people say: “Gruvia” isn’t official just like most anime doesn’t focus purely on romance, even if it has a lot of subtle hints.

But even still – Juvia loves Gray, and even though Gray is hesitant in sharing the same feelings, it’s clear he has “something” for Juvia.

And they’re both popular as F.


17. Krillin And Android 18 (Dragon Ball Franchise)

krillin and android 18 db super

Krillin And Android 18’s relationship is one of the most curious because of the back story and how it came about.

It’s one of the more relaxed, sweet and legit relationships I’ve seen in an anime.

They’re like a real family, and underrated in my eyes (regardless of popularity).


18. Ichigo And Orihime (Bleach)

ichigo and orihime bleach

I would have rather Ichigo end up with Rukia Kuchiki in the Bleach series. It’s clear from the beginning that Rukia and Ichigo were meant for each other.

But it was never meant to be.

And either way – Ichigo with either Orihime or Rukia still makes it a “power” couple with tons of popularity among anime characters.

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19. Edward And Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist)

edward and winry fma e1554975230248

Edward is only small in the beginning of FMA. And apparently Winry isn’t interested in “small” guys in the plot-line. But all that changes.

Fullmetal Alchemist is legendary for its philosophical plot and deep story.

And together – Edward And Winry, the mechanic, are well-recognized.


20. Misaki And Usui (Maid Sama)

misaki and usui maid sama

Misaki And Usui make an unusual and hilarious pair together. Usui somewhat “calms” her down, because she initially hates men after her father runs off and leaves the family in debt.

Considering Maid Sama is a Shoujo anime, they’re a popular couple in the world of romance and anime in general.


21. Tatsumi And Mine (Akame Ga Kill)

tatsumi and mine akame ga kill e1554975698847

Tatsumi And Mine end up married in the Manga. So that seals the deal in terms of their relationship and the Manga’s crazy popularity. On top of the anime itself.

Akame Ga Kill is an action series, but similar to DBZ: It still manages to reel you into the characters romance and relationships.

And hits you in the feels!


22. Renton And Eureka (Eureka Seven)

renton and eureka

Eureka Seven is a high rated Mecha series with a touch of mystery and sci-fi.

Made by studio bones, the characters as you’d expect from this studio – are on point, with lots of depth and personality.

Renton And Eureka’s relationship is one you’ll either love or hate because of Renton’s personality in general.

But their popularity is undeniable.


23. Izuku And Ochako (My Hero Academia)

ochako and deku mha

Izuku Midoriya has always been interested in Ochako Uraraka, to some extent. And the same is true for Ochako as well.

The anime is obviously not too focused on romance, but it’s clear how flustered they get from being around each other… That at some point in MHA, they’ll be an official couple.

I don’t need to speak of the popularity because it’s obvious!


24. Tomoya And Nagisa (Clannad)

clannad tomoya and nagisa

Clannad is a classic romance series produced by Kyoto Animation. One of the best studios in the industry.

It’s an original anime that started the trend of “romance gone bad” where something awful happens to the protagonist.

Tomoya And Nagisa’s relationship is a cruel reminder of what can happen to people in real life. It’s the reason Clannad (and this couple) are popular at all.


25. Erza And Jellal (Fairy Tail)

erza and jellal fairy tail

Erza And Jellal are at least a little more official than Lucy and Natsu or Gray and Juvia. But they’re still unofficial regardless of how popular they are.

Fairy Tail is that kind of anime, and none of the main characters popularity can be denied without being delusional to the facts.


26. Inuyasha And Kagome (Inuyasha)

inuyasha and kagome

To end this post – we’ll go with Inuyasha and Kagome. One of the most loved anime series.

The deeper you get into this popular, but classic series, the more their love “blossoms” for each other.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Miyamizu And Taki (Your Name).
  • Gajeel and Levy (Fairy Tail).
  • Shana And Yuji (Shakugan No Shana).
  • Sun Seto And Nagasumi (My Bride Is A Mermaid).
  • Takaki And Akari (5 Centimeters Per Second).
  • Naho And Kakeru (Orange).


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