23 Of The BEST Eureka Seven Quotes Anime Fans Will Love

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Eureka Seven is a Mecha series with a touch of mystery and thought-provoking themes. So it’s different to other Mecha like Code Geass or Full Metal Panic.

And let’s not forget the romance that drives the series from beginning to end, making each quote sweeter (and more painful) as the story progresses.

To remember the series (made by Studio Bones), I’ve gathered some of the best quotes Eureka Seven has to offer.

Quotes that will inspire, get you thinking, and make you feel something.


Eureka Seven Quotes Worth Sharing:


1. Renton Thurston Quotes

Renton Thurston Quotes 4

“It all sucks. This town sucks, my life sucks, but as long as I got waves, everything’s okay. As long as I can lift, it’s no problem. so you see, I’m okay, Sis! I got my lifting and as long as I can keep lifting, no matter where I am, everything’s okay.” – Renton Thurston


Renton Thurston Quotes 3

“Whoever said one’s first love is bittersweet, is a liar. It is only bitter.” – Renton Thurston


Renton Thurston Quotes 2

“Don’t beg for it, earn it. Do it, and you’ll be rewarded.” – Renton Thurston


Renton Thurston Quotes 1

“This city completely sucks. It’s a hopeless city that’s like the definition of sucks. Even if I wanna lift, you don’t get any decent waves here. If you want any kind of life, you gotta join the military. But then, I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to get out of this city. I’m too young to know that. I mean, I’ve only been alive for 14 years. So all I can do is stay here in the city that’s totally sucks.” – Renton Thurston


2. Axel Thurston Quotes

Axel Thurston Quotes

“Don’t beg for things, do it yourself. Or you won’t get anything.” – Axel Thurston


2. Eureka Quotes

Eureka Quotes

“It’s not like something is going to happen because I believe in it. Sometimes you end up worse off because you believed in something too much. There are times it’s tough to believe in something.” – Eureka


Eureka Quotes 2

“If you don’t believe in anything, it no longer has the power to hurt.” – Eureka


Eureka Quotes

“It’s all right. You see, I believe in you, Renton. I believe in you with all my heart, no matter what happens, so please, Renton, talk to me about everything. I want to know all there is to know about you.” – Eureka


3. Charles Beams Quotes

Charles Beams Quotes 3

“Freedom is something that you need to actively acquire. It’s not something that’s given with no strings attached. To be free means to take responsibility, and to prepare yourself for what’s to come.” – Charles Beams


Charles Beams Quotes 2

“Don’t worry about being so considerate of adults. You can only be a kid for so long, so you might as well enjoy it.” – Charles Beams


Charles Beams Quotes 1

“Freedom is something you have to fight for, rather than something you’re given. Being free means being prepared to carry that burden.” – Charles Beams


4. Anemone Quotes

Anemone Quotes 3

“I’m still very very young. I want to go shopping, and I want to eats lots more of all kinds of yummy foods, you know? And of course… Of course… have a wonderful romance too. If I could have something like that, it would be the best. Yeah… That really would be the best.” – Anemone


Anemone Quotes 2

“Did you know? The world is full of hate and there isn’t any reason for it?” – Anemone

Ain’t that the truth though?


Anemone Quotes 1

“If, even after this battle, they tell me I can live on. I’ll go and buy a small mirror somewhere and practice smiling. I’ll practice over and over so that I can live without hurting anyone else. I’ll let my hair sway into the wind, take a giant step onto the earth and go see him. I want to live, to say my thanks. I want to live, to give so many feelings to people. I want to live! I wish I didn’t realize I had feelings like this! But I’m in so much pain! He’s nowhere where I can see him! And, that’s…and that’s why!” – Anemone


5. Holland Novak Quotes

Holland Novak Quotes 1

“Hundreds of gallons of blood from all the people I’ve killed in the past, have seeped into this body.” – Holland Novak


Holland Novak Quotes 2

“You don’t believe in any of what you’re saying, do you? No, you’ve been just fooling yourself as to what you really believe.” – Holland Novak


Holland Novak Quotes 3

“That’s something you have to decide. What it is you believe in, and what you decide to do with that belief is all your own responsibility. It’s up to you whether to ride the waves or to let’em die. That is the motto that all lifters live by, isn’t it?” – Holland Novak

Something you have to decide for yourself…


Holland Novak Quotes 4

“He’s had no adults to supervise him. And there were no adults who’ll really punish him. So, that’s why we’re gonna have to do it! as the adults in his life, we have to make sure that Renton is properly punished.” – Holland Novak


6. Talho Yuuki Quotes

Talho Yuuki Quotes

“Is this God’s punishment for falling in love with an angel? As the gossamer floats ever eluding my grasp, it weighs heavily upon my heart.” – Talho Yuuki


7. Stoner Quotes

Stoner Quotes

“When you think of music or movies, instead of remembering what they are about, you’re more likely to be reminded of the memories you have of that time and the people you knew then.” – Stoner


8. Dominic Sorel Quotes

Dominic Sorel Quotes 1

“To save the people of this planet, I first need to face the truth.” – Dominic Sorel


Dominic Sorel Quotes 2

“Looks like we both fell for troublesome ladies.” – Dominic Sorel


9. Diane Thurston Quotes

Diane Thurston Quotes

“If you can truly believe in something, then the power of your belief will make it real.” – Diane Thurston

That’s what makes human beings so different… We have the power of belief on our side. 😉

Share your favorite Eureka Seven quotes in the comments.


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