10 Of My BEST Anime Characters From Bleach (Who’s Your Favorite?)

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Bleach is a massive Shounen series, no different to DBZ, One Piece or Naruto for how long the anime is.

Not to mention the insane number of characters it has.

So that leaves the question – how do you choose the best bleach characters, knowing there are so many?

I’m not here to debate that. And everyone’s opinions and reasons are different.

But here are 10 characters I feel are worth mentioning, because of their role in the Bleach universe.


Some Of The Best Bleach Characters:


1. Rukia Kuchiki

rukia kuchiki sad

To this day, Rukia is one of my #1 favorite female characters.

She’s not painted with the boring “damsel in distress” trope, and she’s not used as fan-service or drawn with stupid body proportions either.

She’s original in the anime industry, and always has been from day 1.


She has a real story with depth, character, and personality behind it.

rukia kuchiki crying

The unlikely story of how Rukia became a member of the “Kuchiki” family is a meaningful one.

And her back and forth with Ichigo, not to mention how each one of them grows individually will always be the reason I love this anime.

It’s hard to make characters like that these days (without throwing romance in the picture).

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2. Byakuya Kuchiki

byakuya kuchiki calm

Byakuya’s just the coolest Bleach character.

Laid back, keeps to himself, self-assured, confident and astute. 

He comes across as arrogant, but he knows what he’s doing and thinks things through. With a facade of arrogance that throws off his enemies.

His style of fighting is like an art in itself. Despite having some of the most ruthless abilities of any Soul Reaper (or anime swordsman in general).

Similar to Rukia – I think his role in Bleach makes things more entertaining. And his fight scenes breathe life into the series.


3. Gin Ichimaru

gin ichimaru vs ichigo

Gin’s the kind of character you can only understand, if you’ve watched the whole show.

I have to say – his reveal later into the series was a big deal and it made an impact on how I viewed his character.

From the start – he’s two sides of one coin:

  • The “bad” guy who’s too mysterious to understand what his motives are.
  • And the “good” guy through the eyes of Rangiku (as it’s implied).

Even though Aizen is the obvious antagonist in Bleach, Gin’s role when it all comes down to it, is more interesting because of everything that happens.

He’s the kind of character who’s too curious to ignore or pass-up as anything less than “worthy”.

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4. Barragan Luisenbarn

barrragan espada

Barragan is also one of my favorite anime villains AND characters of all time.

I feel the way they ended his role in Bleach was a load of B.S, considering he’s logically (and obviously) the most HAX character in Bleach.

And the strongest Espada.

Even Yamamoto basically says so at the end of Bleach (when speaking to Soifon about her arm).

He makes the Espada arc (Karakura Town) more frightening with his chilling demeanor and terrifying abilities.


5. Grimmjow

grimmjow espada 6

The way I think about Grimmjow is similar to Vegeta before the Android Saga.

Ruthless, brutal, unforgiving and relentless in his actions. He’s a rebel.

His intro into Bleach was devastating (and overwhelming). It’s a shock to the system.

And the way Ichigo struggled against Grimmjow was a tough pill to swallow at first glance.

Too bad his role was short-lived.

6. Soifon

soifon bleach arrancar arc

Tough, confident, self-assured and observant.

Soifon does whatever it takes in a battle, and never wavers. Even in the face of death (like how she gets the lieutenant to cut her arm off without hesitation).

Even though she has a “prickly” personality, Soifon has standards and principles she stands by. And that to me is what makes her character unique and one of the most original.

Alongside Rukia, she’s a personal favorite in the anime community for female characters.


7. Sosuke Aizen

sosuke aizen glasses

Sosuke Aizen is one of the my top 10 villains, ever. So cunning, uncomfortably smart, witty and with no F’s given.

His role from the beginning of Bleach was a shock to the system, once his “true” nature is revealed in the Soul Society.

aizen drawing sword

From that point forward, Aizen’s elaborate plan and ability to think 10 steps ahead is why Bleach is so masterful.

There aren’t many antagonists (Light Yagami is a great one) that genuinely make the story more compelling and fulfilling.


8. Kenpachi Zaraki

kenpachi zaraki fight

Kenpachi Zaraki is the kind of character you love… because of how stupidly strong he is.

I mean – the guy carries a girl around on his shoulder because he’s that F’in tall. And he still looks like a “bad-ass” in spite of it.

kenpachi and yachiru

And you can’t get away from the fact he makes the fight scenes and action sequences in Bleach so much more worth it.

Bleach wouldn’t be the same anime without Kenpachi Zaraki.


9. Ulquiorra Cifer

ulquiorra cifer bleach

Ulquiorra is the “favorite” among the Espada in Bleach. Everyone has their own reasons, and you might even disagree.

But to me – Ulquiorra’s different to every other Espada for a couple reasons.

ulquiorra cifer transformed

His strange, almost introverted and aloof behavior is part of what makes him a mystery.

Add that to his cold demeanor in the beginning, not to mention his insane power, plus his connection to the main characters, and it starts to make sense why he’s a memorable character.

The ending to his “role” is also a killer moment in Bleach, with one of the most classic fights that made Bleach what it is today.


10. Ichigo Kurosaki

ichigo kurosaki face

Can’t forget about Ichigo Kurosaki, the main reason Bleach can even exist at all.

The thing with these types of Shounen’s – the main character is never the only star of the show.

Or at least never the only one worth getting invested in.

ichigo kurosaki and rukia kuchiki soul society

From the beginning you have this kid who’s lost his mother to a hollow. And his crazy father and younger sisters, who he fights to protect.

And unlike other protagonists in Shounen, Ichigo isn’t driven by an exaggerated sense of justice.

To him – it’s more about protecting as many people as he’s able. Knowing full-well he’s only one person, so he can’t save everybody.

I love this about Ichigo. And his relationship with Rukia (plus his outfits and abilities) make Bleach a masterpiece in my eyes.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Uryyuu Ishida.
  • Toshiro Hitsugaya.
  • Momo.
  • Shusuke Amagai.



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