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17 Popular Anime Trends That Will Never Disappear

Popular Anime Trends That Will Never Disappear
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

The anime industry has been pumping out anime trends ever since the beginning, but like a lot of things, many died out.

I can talk about that in another post.

In this post, we’ll talk about anime trends that are:

  • Popular.
  • Will likely never fade out or go away.
  • Will continue being used in different and creative ways.

And trends that have been ongoing for a while but have evolved over time, etc. Everything connected to this will be explained in this post.

Here’s a list.



1. The general idea of being reincarnated into another world

eminence in shadow clip alexia cid

The Isekai genre took off years ago, all thanks to anime like:

  • Sword Art Online.
  • No Game No Life.

These two were critical to Isekai being revered and promoted the way it is today. But the “reincarnation” trend came after that.

Now it’s something almost every Isekai loves doing, to the point of it being cliche and a trope.

This trend won’t die though, they’ll find new ways to make it interesting.


2. Female anime characters who are some type of animal or creature

hitamu futoku no guild animal cute

I spotted this trend way back in 2017. During that year you had anime like:

  • Restaraunt to Another World.
  • A Centaur’s Life.
  • Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

Though before this anime you also had:

  • Fairy Tail.
  • Akame Ga Kill.
  • Spice And Wolf.

And other anime that featured girls with animal characteristics, but it wasn’t a trend until later.

This trend is popular and still ongoing with anime shows like Futoku No Guild.



3. Characters being reborn as children

ruby and aqua hoshino babies

The latest anime series airing now, Oshi No Ko has anime characters who are reborn as children to the Idol they both adore called Ai Hoshino.

This is in effect Isekai, but in a completely different way since they’re reborn into the same world they died in.

You also see this trend with anime like Ascendance Of A Bookworm, Mushoku Tensei, and other anime series.

They’ll find new ways to make this relevant, regardless of whether it’s seen in Isekai or not.


4. Anime shows that look cute but are tragic in nature

Akiba Maid War blondie

Before 2022 came to an end, you had anime like Akiba Maid War that showed this perfectly. The anime looks cute on the surface.

You have maid girls who run Oinky Doink Cafe, along with many others in the town, plus Nagomi Wahira is a pleasant girl who becomes a maid because of how inspired she is from the outside looking in.

Then it turns out that these maids are gangsters who fight over turf, will kill each other, and things get bloody when necessary.

This trend won’t stop. Even the anime Oshi No Kois doing this with its long first episode, proving the trend won’t stop.


5. Furry waifus

Raphtalia furry waifu

From anime characters like Raphtalia in 2019’s Shield Hero, to characters like Tohru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid which has 2 seasons so far like Shield Hero.

Female anime characters with waifu qualities who happen to be furry animals like foxes, cats, racoons, or dragons have become more common over the years.

It’s an ongoing trend that can be adapted in many ways.


6. Main protagonists who start out weak and get strong later

Izuku Midoriya deku

This has been going on for so long that some will call this a trope and a cliche rather than a trend, but it’s both in this case.

Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia, Yuji Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen, Tanjiro from Demon Slayer, and even Nagomi Wahira from Akiba Maid War which is not a shounen unlike the others mentioned.

There are always ways to make this relevant because at its core it’s relatable, easy to identify with, and makes for good, entertaining content.

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7. Cutting out filler content


Over the years we’ve lost anime shows that are so known for filler content. Meaning newer anime don’t follow this lead anymore, and are more likely to cut out filler content than ever before.

One of the main reasons for this is because of:

  • Time restraints.
  • Changes in behaviour with the internet.
  • People prioritise their time differently.
  • Studios not having the big budgets of OG studios to make 100+ anime shows.
  • Businesses testing the waters with shorter series.

And fans enjoying the bite-sized content trend with 12 episodes per season, instead of the 1000+ episode shows people refuse to dedicate their life to watching.


8. Remaking old school anime series

urusei yatsura 2022 lum chan

Rurouni Kenshin has a remake anime either out right now, or soon coming out in 2023. Urusei Yatsura had a remake anime that started in the Winter time 2022 and finished sometime in 2023.

That anime was a hit and did well.

This seems to be an ongoing popular trend where old anime from the 90s, 80s, or even the 2000s are being adapted more often with new seasons or remastered content all together.


9. Studios pumping out 100’s of anime per year (collectively)


Have you not noticed how these days there are 100s of anime shows made each year? Back in the 80s, 90s, and even very early 2000s this was never the case.

It was more focused, disciplined, and simple as far as schedules, how many anime were put out per year, per season, and things of that nature.

Technology and online content changed that since we’re not in a microwave society where content, including films, is only new for maybe a week, a month, and not long after that once it’s finished.


10. Anime shows stirring up controversy

Middle School BANS Assassination Classroom Manga Because We dont want students to think its OK to kill their teachers

This trend has been going on since the late 2000s in small doses, but it picked up dramatically since maybe 2014.

With platforms like Twitter being responsible for controversy of all kinds, it’s only right that anime ends up at the center of it because it’s so politically incorrect, and people, in general, have a bias and tend to stereotype it (unfairly).

The last controversy was related to a middle school in the USA banning Assassination Classroom because it could motivate school shooters.

Let that sink in.


11. Isekai anime with predominantly female leads

The Magical Revolution Of The Reincarnated Princess blondie protagonist

The Executioner And Her Way Of Life is one example from 2022. This anime was not only different with its savage approach to the Isekai genre but with its female main character called Menou.

The other one is called Akari.

In 2023 there’s also The Magical Revolution Of The Reincarnated Princess. This anime Isekai series has female leads and was received well by some fans.

This trend will continue.


12. Yuri couples (or at least implied)

menou chan and akari the executioner isekai

This is implied in anime shows like The Executioner And Her Way Of Lifebut it’s mostly unrequited. Either way, this trend won’t stop as it’s been gaining steam over the years.

Even the new anime called Heavenly Delusion, which has no connection to Yuri, still manages to feature a dose of Yuri content. Even if temporary.


13. Wholesome manga adaptations

kubo wont let me be invisible

Ice Guy And The Cool Female Colleague is a good example from 2022. This anime beat all expectations and was as wholesome as manga fans expected it to be.

The same is true for the anime The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten, which finished its first season in 2023.

Now you have anime airing like A Galaxy Next Door, Tonikaku KAWAII S2, and others which will keep being adapted from wholesome manga series.

People are starting to appreciate these slice of life, relaxed-style anime more often.


14. More original anime series being produced

Lycoris Recoil takina fish pose

Lycoris Recoil is an original anime series, and so is Akiba Maid War. Both anime were received well, aired during the same time, and put a lot of effort into making their series worth their salt.

Lycoris Recoil in particular may end up with a 2nd season but only after enough new material is made, which is one flaw of original anime.

Still, this trend seems to be becoming more popular and is appreciated.


15. Light novel adaptations

konosuba an explosion on this wonderful world adaptation

Mushoku Tensei is one of the most famous examples because of how popular the Isekai series is, and its role and influence in the Isekai genre.

Light Novels have been adapted for years at this point so it’s nothing new. But it’s a trend that won’t stop even for a few months.

It seems even more light novels are being adapted faster than before.


16. Shounen remaining the number #1 anime genre

Shounen demon slayer

This won’t change. Shounen is the reason the anime and manga industry is so:

  • Popular.
  • Revered.
  • Respected.
  • Why it makes so much money.
  • Why people know about anime at all.

And a ton more.

Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball, Fist Of The North Star, JOJO, and so many other anime have played a role in shaping and influencing the entire industry for decades.

Now you have MHA, Black Clover, and others who are doing the same thing.

Not even Isekai is more popular than Shounen and this won’t change individually.


17. Hentai‘s dominance in the “porn” sector

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Hentai is popular to a fault. It’s a sub-anime genre so it’s not fair to say it’s more popular than anime since it’s aimed at different people entirely.

That said, Hentai is even more popular than:

  • A Star Celebrities.
  • The porn industry in any country.
  • The video games industry.
  • Hollywood.

And any other comparison you can make.

Pornhub says it’s their most popular search term (2022), surpassing even terms like “Asian”, “BBC”, “creampie”, and so on.

Hentai’s main advantage is the fantasy, and imagination aspect of it that makes it infinite as far as possibilities.


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